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Bring On The Florals of Spring: YSL Libre Perfume Reviewed

As the name suggests, the Yves Saint Laurent Libre Perfume embraces freedom with a bright, elegant scent that hints at promise and possibility. Designed for the modern woman, it boasts a balance of warm fruity, floral, and musky notes to create a truly one-of-a-kind fragrance. 

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This sophisticated fragrance evokes the same feelings of elegance and decadence as other popular floral perfumes for women, including Addict by Christian Dior, Mademoiselle by Chanel Coco, and Romance for Women by Ralph Lauren.


Who Makes It?

Libre is one of the newest scents to join the YSL lineup, first launching in 2019. It’s an impressive addition to blockbuster scents such as Black Opium. The fragrance was created as a collaboration between master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim. 

Growing up in the French countryside, Flipo has a passion for natural scents, including floral and herbal notes. Legendary master perfumer Michel Almairac was her mentor, teaching her everything she needed to know to create hundreds of perfumes for luxury brands such as Armani, Lancome, and more. 

ysl perfume

Benaim, having grown up in Tangiers, Morocco, is known to favor more exotic scents. He prefers a more robust, spicier approach to perfumery. Thanks to a chemical engineering background, he has a firm grasp of scent profiles that lends a certain precision to his work. 

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Libre combines Flipo’s passion for light florals with Benaim’s love of bold, musky scents to create a sultry yet subtle fragrance for the modern woman. 

Scent Notes

With the first spritz of Libre, you open with floral top notes of jasmine and French lavender inspired by the country lifestyle of master perfumer Flipo. The bold initial scent quickly gives way to energetic middle notes of Moroccan orange blossom, paying homage to Benaim’s origins as well. 

Base notes of musk accord and cedar give the perfume a long-lasting crisp, clean scent that sets Libre apart from other florals. It’s more balanced than sweeter scents, giving it more versatility for wear. Even subtle notes remain strong throughout the day.


Who Would Like It?

Like most YSL perfume women and men can both make an impression wearing Libre. According to the brand, Libre YSL perfume is made for those who play by their own rules. It evokes feelings of confidence and sophistication while still maintaining light, flirty, floral notes of lavender. 

While it can be considered unisex, the perfume is marketed mainly towards women thanks to its floral top notes. It makes a bold statement for the woman in her prime. Thanks to its youthful, fruity scent, Libre perfume YSL also makes a good choice for teens searching for their signature scent. 

Where Should You Wear It? 

Libre is Gentle enough for a professional setting yet bold enough for a night out on the town. The scent isn’t overpowering, and yet, its lingering sillage manages to make a lasting impression. A light, clean profile makes Libre perfume a go-to for any occasion, from a day out shopping to a formal evening. 

Libre is also a good perfume for year-round wear. Thanks to its crisp floral scent, it evokes feelings of springtime, while the fruity orange blossom brings forth feelings of summertime. These notes are balanced by a subtle musk that won’t smell out of place alongside fall and winter spices.

orange blossom libre perfume

Packaging and Presentation

The YSL Libre perfume’s packaging is just as sophisticated as the scent, making a stunning addition to any collection. The haute couture bottle is designed to showcase the liquid within, highlighting its amber color with bright gold accents. 

Thick, clear sides and smooth edges make the bottle look almost as if it’s carved of crystal. It captures the light perfectly to make the entire flacon seem to glow.

The sleek, asymmetrical black cap is decorated with textured gold chains, while a golden YSL logo adorns the base of the bottle. The chic packaging is meant to mimic the iconic look of Yves Saint Laurent bags, which boast similar gold chains and logos in their design. 

Personal Impressions

Libre perfume offers a bold first impression that eases into a more subtle, elegant scent. While it can be a bit sharp to start with, it’s suitable for wearing in small spaces such as elevators or offices once it settles.

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Libre is well-balanced for a floral perfume, toning down sweeter notes with hints of fruit and musk. While it offers a traditional feminine scent, it also has a more modern edge than other classics. 

The perfume is sophisticated enough for daily wear for professional woman. It evokes a greater sense of maturity than bolder perfumes and body sprays, such as those from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works. 

While it’s clean and light enough for the office, Libre perfume isn’t without its more sultry charms. Thanks to its unique combination of fruity, floral, and musk, this perfume is versatile enough for special occasions or everyday wear, no matter which you’re looking for in a fragrance. 


Libre perfume from YSL starts off strong, giving bold fruity and floral notes right from the first spritz. It may take a moment or two to settle, making it best to apply well before leaving the house. The initial projection may be overpowering for some. 

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

This bold beginning quickly tapers off to a lighter, more gentle sillage. According to Libre perfume reviews, the scent can last all day long without reapplication. Unlike other perfumes, the various notes won’t fade, keeping the fragrance balanced until you go to bed in the evening. 

Where Can You Buy It?

You can find Libre perfume by YSL sold at most major department stores and specialty perfumeries. You can also save by going online to Here, you can find a wide selection of designer fragrances at a discount. You can even contact a customer service representative for more information on a specific product or order. 

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