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Ralph Lauren Romance For Women: A Review

Ralph Lauren Romance for Women is a sophisticated scent that makes women feel feminine and bold yet delicate and playful. You get the best of both worlds in one bottle. 

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Established and launched in 1998 by the design house of Ralph Lauren, Romance lives up to its name and has captured the hearts of men and women around the world.

Should you be interested in purchasing the affordable Ralph Lauren Romance For Women fragrance, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect and all this delightful scent has to offer.

ralph lauren romance

Who Makes It?

Thanks to the dedicated work of the perfumers from the Ralph Lauren house, Romance was born via the imagination of Harry Fremont. Fremont is a master perfumer that has created some genuinely timeless fragrances that continue to be a hit amongst the masses. 

Each scent that’s created for Lauren portrays a distinct personality from the Ralph Lauren traditions, values, and overall brand. This beautiful floral scent certainly rises to the occasion, being rated as one of the top two best perfumes for women from the Ralph Lauren line. 

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Ralph Lauren Romance For Women: A Review

Scent Notes

There are so many layers to this fragrance, but it’s mostly described as a deep floral scent with a musky hint.

This is illustrated by the top notes that embrace you upon application, consisting of Ginger, Chamomile, Lychee, Marigold, Rose, and Yellow Freesia. The heart notes of Romance are Lotus flower, White Violet, Violet absolute, and Night-blooming Daylily. 

Being reinforced by more gorgeous floral scents, you get an intense fairy tale experience throughout the day. Finish off the night with elegant undertones of Oakmoss, Patchouli, Musk, and Exotic wood. 

You really can’t go wrong with Romance; these scents work so well together to give you a fragrance that many users report literally smells like true love.

lotus ralph lauren

Packaging and Presentation

The presentation of this bottle is simple, but it’s stylish and classic. The box is a cute light pink color that has a silver trimming, and the name of the perfume, Ralph Lauren Romance, is printed across in silver letters. The bottle itself is clear, square-shaped, and has a cubed top. 

The actual perfume is also transparent and stops just short of the top of the bottle. An excellent gift idea for a special woman in your life. The box is so tasteful that you can actually just pop a bow on top, and it really adds to the sensual effect. 

Personal Impressions 

My first impression of this perfume is that it gives you intimacy, daintiness, and all things girly-girl. You won’t be hard-pressed to find many women who say this is their signature scent. It’s a unique melody of flowers and citrus that comes together in such a graceful manner. 

You can tell that a lot of thought and patience was put into creating this fragrance because it truly is unlike any scent I’ve worn before. I’ve had many perfumes that I’ve tried, and this one always stays in my rotation. I love its versatility, and it’s fitting for various events. 

ralph lauren romance


Based on reviews and experience, Romance for Women is definitely an all-day occasion. No worries that you’ll apply the perfume, and then it’s gone within a few hours. This stuff really sticks to you!

You get that burst of flowery heaven the first 15 minutes which is so pleasant but not too strong. The scent starts to fade after that into another floral arrangement, not quite like the first layer but equally satisfying. Patchouli and Musk hints go perfectly with the Rose and Marigold notes and bring the whole bottle together, described in one word: romantic. 

Ralph Lauren Romance For Women: A Review

Who Would Like it?

Perfect for the businesswoman who wants to go out for brunch with friends, have a cocktail in the evening, or attend a business meeting during the day, this Ralph Lauren favorite pleases the crowds. 

Typically favored by the 18-25 age group, women ages 30 and up are also falling in love with Romance. It’s soft, refined, and gives you that extra twinkle in your step. There’s no particular profession or lifestyle that suits this fragrance best – if you love to be loved, this scent is for you. 

Where Should You Wear it? 

Romance is recommended for evening wear, but I’ve found it to be an excellent addition for special occasions in general. This is perfect for a date or an elegant function, but it’s also a beautiful touch to wear to work or for an afternoon with friends. 

You kind of feel it out when you like it best, but you’ll undoubtedly receive compliments because this scent draws people in. It’s a conversation starter for sure, and it’s not too loud or heavy of a fragrance.

Where Can You Buy It? 

You can purchase Ralph Lauren Romance for Women perfume from which offers fast shipping, excellent customer service, and a plethora of beautiful fragrances for both men and women alike. 

Honorable Mentions 

It’s worth noting that the Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance perfume, created in 2014 is also a close comparison to its predecessor. In the Ralph Lauren Romance vs Midnight Romance debate, there are some significant differences. 

The Midnight Romance scent is more oriental than Romance, and its top notes are Raspberry, Bergamot, and Litchi. The two fragrances share heart notes of Freesia, but the Midnight Romance takes on Peony and Jasmine Sambac as well for a delightfully light powdery scent. 

Finishing off with base notes is Iris, Vanilla, and Ambroxan. You may want to grab a sample to try for yourself, as the battle of the Romances is on!

iris ralph lauren romance

Other fragrances similar to Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume for Women:

  • Dazzling Gold by Estee Lauder (A tad bit lighter with the Rose notes)
  • Feminin Pluriel (Close dupe with more of a powdery finish but more expensive)
  • Very Irresistible by Givenchy (A more floral alternative that’s priced about the same but doesn’t have the same fruity highlights)

Remember that life is just better when you smell good.

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