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Lineup of the 10 Best Guess Perfumes

Lineup of the 10 Best Guess Perfumes

What is the best perfume of 2021? Many people are wondering what will rise to the top. But a surprise winner year over year is the fragrance lines by Guess.

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We’ve extensively explored fragrances by Guess and have a conclusive lineup of the ten best Guess perfumes. 

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Most of us know of Guess as a design house for trendy jeans and sexy clothing and accessories. You might be wondering, is Guess a good perfume brand? The answer is yes. Guess released its first women’s fragrance in 1990 and has a successful long line of diverse fragrances. 

Our Top 10 Guess Perfumes

Guess Marciano EDP for Women

1. **Guess Marciano EDP*

The 2007 creation of perfumer Barbara Zoebelein, Guess Marciano is a cocktail of classic feminine scent with a twist of rich, decadent, melting warmth. 

Exotic fruits suggest warm climates, with notes of star fruit, Curacao orange liqueur, cardamom, and sparkling grapefruit. Middle notes bring heavy, gorgeous peony, pink honeysuckle, and jasmine. Next, melt into a warm, malty finish with base notes of vanilla, musk, and woody accords.

Guess Marciano is perfect for women who enjoy a flirty, feminine fragrance. Because of the reasonable price point, you can wear it daily – from work to running errands, to an evening date

Guess Girl Belle EDP

2. *Guess Girl Belle EDP* 

Guess Girl Belle comes from the imagination of actress Amber Heard, and like her, portrays a bold, sexy, mysterious vibe

Girl Belle arrived in 2013 as a flanker of the 2012 Guess fragrance Guess Girl. 

The top notes make a bold entrance of berries dipped in champagne – a flirtatious start. The perfume’s heart carries notes of seductive jasmine, peony, and violet, followed by a strong base of Australian sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.  

This new scent can be almost overpowering, so use lightly or for evening wear. Perfect for a date, or might we even say the third date. 

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Guess (New) EDP for Women

3. *Guess EDP*

Concocted in 2006 by perfumer Maurice Roucel, Guess for Women is fruit-forward, floral, and sweet. As the perfume dries, it mellows into gentle vanilla, making it an ideal choice for evening wear.

The fragrances lead with a cornucopia of fruits – green apple, strawberry, bergamot, and tangerine. The heart bursts with florals with middle notes of freesia, magnolia, peony, lily-of-the-valley, red berries, peach, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Base notes bring a more mature, seductive tone with musk, cedar, amber, and oakmoss. 

A reasonable price point makes this an excellent gift for a friend or a not-too-splurgy gift for yourself. 

Guess Seductive Noir EDP

4. *Guess Seductive Noir EDP*

From the name to the packaging, Guess Seductive Noir is all about sensual confidence. 

The packaging goes for a nostalgic glamor, reflecting an old Hollywood Art Deco style with black and gold simplicity. As the bottle suggests, this fragrance is ideal for romantic evening wear and an elegant night out. A surprisingly peppery, crisp opening leads to warm, heavy florals.

Formulated in 2019 by Laurent Le Guernec, the fragrance leads with a unique blend of sage, bergamot, and peony. The middle notes provide sweetness with iris, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes round out the sensual experience with sultry vanilla, Haitian vetiver, and velvet.

Guess 1981 Indigo EDP

5. *Guess 1981 Indigo EDP*

Guess released 1981 Indigo for Women in 2018. The scent immediately became a favorite for its laid-back, female-friendly feel—one of our favorites among Guess perfumes. 

The top notes are breezy and aquatic with sea salt, fig, and gentle lilac. Middle notes emphasize the feminine touch with iris, blue lotus, and narcissus. The base notes are grounding but with a flair for fun – red wine, pinot noir grapes, Atlas Cedar, and Haitian vetiver. 

This fragrance is perfect for a summer or autumn day spent with friends. It’s the aromatic equivalent of cutoff jeans, a soft graphic tee, and road trips with girlfriends.

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Guess Gold EDP

6. *Guess Gold EDP*

Guess Gold for Women was launched in 2007, and though the brand discontinued it, the fragrance continues to be a fan favorite. This guess perfume is for the bold type – not overly feminine, but subtle and mature.

Designed by perfumer Claudette Belnavis, the fragrance’s opening notes provide citrus, apple, and pineapple touched with pink pepper. The heart brings subtle femininity with hyacinth, clarifying and sensual jasmine, lotus, and rose. The base is strong with sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vetiver, and musk.

A robust and bold finish is perfect for important outings or a big night out.

Guess Dare EDP for Women

7. *Guess Dare EDP*

Guess Dare, designed by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, wants you to feel sexy, modern, and provocative. 

Top notes of kumquat, pear blossom, and lemon blossom set the vibe as sharp and sweet. Middle notes of cactus flower, jasmine, and wild rose suggest a sensual desert night, while the base notes build with musk, woody notes, and coconut. 

Guess Dare is not for the faint of heart, with a bold and robust scent that will last for hours. Ideal for a night out or a romantic date, spritz on this Guess perfume when you want to feel like a provocateur.

Guess 1981 Los Angeles EDP

8. *Guess 1981 Los Angeles EDP*

Guess 1981 Los Angeles was created by perfumer Clement Gavarry. While not as popular as the 1981 Indigo reviewed above, Los Angeles has sparklingly complex notes and surprising succulence. The fragrance channels the warm, floral joy of an LA beach at sunset.

Top notes of red currant, mandarin orange, and pear start with a relaxed vibe. Middle notes bring bursting feminine fragrance with peony, orange blossom, seductive jasmine, and orange. Base notes bring spice and warmth with musk, ambroxan, praline, vanilla, and cedar. 

This fragrance is long-lasting and marvelous for all-day wear if you like a vibrant, complex aroma.  


Guess Seductive EDP

9. *Guess Seductive EDP*

Created by perfumer Veronique Nyberg, Guess Seductive is an experience of sensual, feminine mystique. The scent can come on strong at first but mellows into a soft feminine touch that many wearers love.

Guess Seductive is a fruity floral with top notes of calming pear, sharp bergamot, and black currant. Middle notes bring a strong, earthy floral with jasmine, African orange flower, and Orris root. The base notes mellow it out with vanilla, cashmere wood, and olibanum. 

With an elegant and sophisticated bottle, this fragrance belongs to your evening wear. Spritz it on for a romantic date or an evening event. 

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