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Versace Crystal Noir EDT Reviewed: Spellbinding & Simply Gorgeous

What an honor it is to share this Versace Crystal Noir review, an eau de toilette that is perhaps one of the most beloved of Versace’s scent collection

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As a member of the line of crystal perfumes, Crystal Noir occupies the dark and sensual niche and is crafted with depth.

Versace Crystal Noir EDT

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If you’re looking for something individualistic, multi-layered, and adaptable, this Versace Crystal Noir review will help you find your signature scent.

Who Makes It?

This luxurious scent is a product of the great minds of Gianni Versace and perfumer Antoine Lie. Hailing from Strasbourg, France, Antoine Lie is known for his visionary concoctions and supreme nose.

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His background in chemistry and study of fragrance at Givaudan give him a distinct edge, and it is no wonder he is the mastermind behind such a popular scent as Versace Crystal Noir.


And there is much heart behind his creations, Antoine Lie stated in an interview for Eris Parfums: “An ingredient always gives a sort of emotion. It’s more like a coloration, texture, and then, it’s personal how I put together all these ingredients to convey this emotion.”

Versace’s Crystal perfume line also includes Versace Bright Crystal and Yellow Diamond, and Crystal Noir stands out as the deepest and most sensual. It was introduced in 2004 and has since become an immensely popular scent. 

However, the EDT versions have now been formulated twice, in 2018 and 2021, and the EDP once in 2021 much to the disappointment of many of its loyal fans.

Scent Notes

In 2018, gone is the ginger and coconut that featured in the eau de toilette. The 2021 version is now 78% alcohol instead of 77% and many loyalists have complained that it bares a similar scent to the previous version of the eau de parfum.

Which ever side of the fence you sit on the notes of the current version of Versace Crystal Noir notes are multi-layered and complex yet refrain from being overwhelming.

At the forefront are warm and spicy blackcurrant and black fig, bringing fruit scents that tie into the middle notes of frangipani and delicate jasmine. 

There is a solid, heady base of sandalwood and vanilla pod. While Crystal Noir is floral on the surface, it is deeply complex. 

Who Would Like It?

Although Crystal Noir is designed for women, it is versatile enough to suit men with preferences for weighted fruity scents.

Versace Crystal Noir EDT Stacked

This is a perfume for those who are self-motivated and ready to build something new and fresh, whether in their career or personal life. Sexy yet practical, Crystal Noir is suitable for anyone looking for a personal, adaptable scent. 

The set is a great gift option for an important woman in your life. The scent also comes in a body lotion and a shower gel to accompany this eau de toilette. This luxurious set will make anyone feel wrapped in love and success.

When To Wear It

Don’t settle for a Versace Crystal Noir dupe to make your statement. This carefully crafted scent will guide you through a romantic Spring and Summer. The orange blossom and frangipani elements of this perfume match warmer seasons. 

Versace Crystal Noir EDT Front View

However, we’d be wrong if we didn’t say this scent can work for Winter, too. The heavier notes of pepper and cardamom will warm you up just as well as the fire in the hearth and stick to your scarf for a sweet aromatic escape hours later. 

Where To Wear It

The beautiful thing about Versace Crystal Noir is its balance of floral and woody scents, making it appropriate for many occasions.

Wear this perfume for a day out on the town with a friend or romantic partner, when you want to state confidence without overdoing it. 

Crystal Noir will set the mood for an evening play or low-key musical performance. Crystal Noir’s loving floral notes are also suitable for family occasions, or to wear to your next charity fundraiser. 

Packaging and Presentation

The visual aspects of Versace Crystal Noir 90ml gently reflect the personality of the perfume itself.

While its shape and presentation are similar to fellow Crystal scents Versace Bright Crystal and Versace Yellow Diamond, Crystal Noir sports a darker color palette.

Versace Crystal Noir EDT Top View

This simple, lovely bottle has a dark-faceted topper that reflects its namesake. The bottle itself is a desaturated rose, dark yet inviting, subtle, and understated in its elegant simplicity. 

The 2018 version was packaged beautifully in a black box but Versace opted for a black to gold color gradient for the 2021 version.

Personal Impressions

This wonderful scent emerges with strength, but in a pleasant, satisfying way, like when a woman in an eye-catching dress walks into the room.

The wafts of fig and pepper dominate to start, but we love how this gorgeous scent changes throughout the day. Warm and creamy notes with a hint of powdery florals linger into the later hours. 

Versace Crystal Noir EDT Bottle

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Wearing Versace Crystal Noir brings a sense of elegance without pomp. This scent is preferable for social outings and significant events rather than daily activities. Versace Crystal Noir is a special perfume meant for meaningful purposes. 

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Versace Crystal Noir is a winner in the categories of sillage, longevity, and versatility. The eau de toilette shares its scent, and makes itself known, just as you deserve to make yourself known!

Versace Crystal Noir is a fantastic option if you love a scent that stays with you throughout the day. Not only does it have lasting power, but Versace Crystal Noir also offers satisfying and stimulating variations on itself as time goes on.

Waves of creamy and woody scent will ease you through to the end of your day, wherever you are spending it. 

Pros + Cons

While Versace Crystal Noir works for many situations, it also may not be the top choice for daily office use or any events that involve being in very close contact with people, as it does lean towards the stronger end.

But let’s review all the wonderful pros of this scent. Because of the many unique layers that went into the design of this fragrance, it will be your friend through all seasons and in any situation where you want a powerful, sensual edge.

Since this fragrance is available in a lotion and body wash, you can enjoy Versace Crystal Noir throughout the evening as well. 


Have you tried and loved Versace Crystal Noir EDT? We’re confident that this spellbinding scent will suit your fragrance needs, whether you’re attending an important function or spending a special day with someone close to you. 


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.