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11 Top Boucheron Perfumes You Can’t Miss

There are at least 57 Boucheron perfumes specifically created, but we’ve found 11 excellent perfumes that are begging your attention and stand out from the rest. Keep reading because we’ve listed our favorite Boucheron perfume reviews below.

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Every woman is special, unique, and deserves attention. Invest in yourself, and you won’t regret adding some (or all) of these scents to your collection.

Our Top Rated Boucheron Perfume for Her

Flowery, oriental, woodsy, or chock-full of spice, keep reading about Bucheron perfume and how the following scents will rock your world.


Best Feminine Jaipur Bouquet

Released in 2019, this scent is perfect whether to add flair to your spring morning or softness to your summer evening. Rose is also part of this beautiful bouquet.

This scent is for those of us who want to feel relaxed and feminine.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Scent Notes

This oriental, floral scent is rich with mango, grapefruit, and cedar.

Where Should You Wear It?

Wear this playful scent to work or special events, like a wedding, and enjoy the compliments you’ll be certain to receive.


Best Chic Jaipur Bracelet

Lemon verbena, basil, leaf, and violet make this scent classy and soulful. This perfume was released in 2012 and designed by Carlos Benaim. 

Those whose style is chic and elegant will wear this with ease, and it’s sure to be a head-turner as well.

Scent Notes

Lily of the valley and hyacinth also make their way into this wearable bouquet. Carnation adds depth to this lovely fragrance as well.

Where Should You Wear It?

Perfect for your day at work, it also transitions well for a night on the town.


Best Versatile Santal De Kandy 

Making its debut in 2018, Santal De Kandy is sophisticated as well as elegant. If you’re in the mood for a dramatic scent, this perfume is for you.

Scent Notes

Whether you’re strolling through a park on an autumn day or saying hello to the first hints of spring, cardamom and black pepper make this Boucheron perfume for her just about perfect.  

Where Should You Wear It?

Sophisticated and elegant, you can wear this to a formal event or just a casual date. Santal De Kandy is perfect for every occasion and great to use day-to-day.


Best Unique Boucheron

Created in 1988 by perfumers Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Francis Deleamont, its scent was intended to make a creative statement.

If you’re feeling creative and unique, this was made for you in mind.

Scent Notes

This perfume delivers ylang-ylang, tuberose, daffodil, pelargonium, and orange blossom from Morocco, making it spicy, deep, and playful. Subtle scents of oakmoss, Indian vanilla, and musk carry us away to other lands.   

Where Should You Wear It?

Wherever you are in life, you’ll find this goes perfectly with a winter’s outing with friends, making you feel sexy, alive, and confident. This scent would work well for a special event, as well.


Best Longevity Boucheron Eau Legere

Created in 1988, “Legere” means feathery, and this scent will take you to new heights with its light hints of mandarin, bergamot, and lily-of-the-valley.

Those feeling a tad rebellious and playful will revel in this scent.

Scent Notes

Hints of orange blossom and bergamot add delight to special occasions such as weddings.  

Where Should You Wear It?

Long-lasting, Boucheron Eau Legere will take you from morning to night with just one application. For a casual or formal evening out, this fragrance will add color to your world. 


Best Formal Oud De Carthage

Take us to this ancient city! Oud De Carthage is timeless, like the city it was named after. This Boucheron perfume for her was released in 2017, inspired by the trade city in Tunisia called Carthage.  

If autumn or winter is your favorite season, you will bask and feel at home in this scent.

Scent Notes

If you want to be surrounded by honey and incense, consider adding this to your collection. You won’t regret it.

Where Should You Wear It?

Oud De Carthage would pair well with a formal evening out with friends.


Best Sexy Miss Boucheron

This scent is sexy – what else can we say? Playful with pomegranate, pink pepper, bergamot, and rose, this was introduced in 2007 and is soft and feminine.  

If you love the sultry South and enjoy flowers, you will wear Miss Boucheron quite well!

Scent Notes

With middle notes of violet and cyclamen and base notes of Virginian cedar and white suede, this scent is woodsy yet sultry and perfect for all seasons. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

Where Should You Wear It?

Light enough for work, it also transitions into a casual date night seamlessly.


Best for Date Night Quatre En Rose Florale

In 2018, Boucheron released this Oriental-inspired scent. This fragrance brings out summer fruit.

If you love summer and fall, you’ll love this perfume because the scents of these seasons are paired perfectly.

Scent Notes

Breathe in the summer fruits of mandar in orange and black currant, while rich tones of musk and vanilla touch your emotions with flair.

Layered with rose, peach blossoms, and vetiver, this scent also includes rich tones of patchouli.  

Where Should You Wear It?

This perfume is rich and dramatic, perfect for a special event or a date night out.


Best for Day and Night Quatre

When you wear Quatre, you’ll think of lemon, orange, and tangerine groves. This delightful scent made its debut in 2015.

If spring is one of your favorite seasons, you can’t go wrong wearing this, no matter what the month might be.

Scent Notes

Light scents of apples and grapefruit add to this playful scent.

Where Should You Wear It?

Great for the workplace or an evening out, this scent goes from morning to night seamlessly.


Best Sweet Scent Place Vendome Eau de Toilette

This scent was created in 2013, and its verdant, magical notes make wearing this creation a dream.

Try this perfume if you love being surrounded by nature and mountains. Its creative scent will take you far.

Scent Notes

Sweet and carefree, this scent also delivers rich wood tones marked with floral peonies and jasmine, making an excellent addition to your Boucheron perfume collection. 

Where Should You Wear It?

Wear it during the day, adding energy and spirit to whatever you’re doing with flair.

Boucheren Fleurs

Best Floral Boucheron Fleurs

This new fragrance, created by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Quentin Bisch, was born in 2019. This scent captivates.

With its relaxed and creative notes, this scent will appeal to anyone seeking a bit of play and adventure.

Scent Notes

When you think of Boucheron Fleurs, you’ll think it’s deep summer with juicy oranges, pears, and lemons piled high in a basket. It’s also brimming with orange blossoms and vanilla.  

Mandarin Orange, Pear, and Lemon will mesmerize you, and you’ll be taken in with hints of Petalia and Frangipani as well.

Where Should You Wear It?

Whether you’re out for a fun weekend or at work, this scent goes well with any activity.

About Boucheron Perfume

Before creating perfume, Boucheron was a French jewelry house founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. Known for unusual and beautiful high-end jewelry, Boucheron evolved into the modern era, and in 1988, they introduced their first women’s perfume.

Today, like the jewelry, Boucheron Perfume is a gem to wear and experience.  

Who Makes Boucheron Perfume?

Perfumers make and perfect the Boucheron line in France. 

Creating Boucheron Perfumes involves collecting ingredients, blending, aging, and quality control. An art form in itself, time and commitment are poured into every fragrance of this magnificent line. 

11 Top Boucheron Perfumes You Can’t Miss

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