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Ralph Lauren Perfume – Popular Perfume Thats Classic and Classy

Ralph Lauren Perfume – Popular Perfume Thats Classic and Classy

Not only does the design house of Ralph Lauren offer mid to high end clothing, they also have a wide range of perfumes for you to choose from. Since the beginning, Ralph Lauren designs have been the epitome of class and understated glamor. From classic, well fitting sweaters, to denim, to a dress line that will have you swooning, whether you’re looking for a special occasion, or just shopping for clothes that will look clean, fresh and well tailored, you will find what you’re looking for in the Ralph Lauren line of clothing. The same can be said of Ralph Lauren perfumes, with a wide range of options, you might be amazed to find that some of their most popular fragrances seem nothing like what you would expect from Ralph Lauren.

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One of the newest and most popular is Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume. This fragrance is reminiscent of the tropics. It is fresh and tropical with a hint of exotic. This perfume is great for you if you love to be reminded of the ocean and warm sunny days, no matter what the weather outside your door is saying. Ralph Lauren Ralph perfume, on the other hand, has a more sparkly fragrance, with green apple, citrus and a touch of musk to make it warm and sexy. The two most recent fragrances in the Ralph Lauren line of perfumes have been wildly popular, even if you aren’t a fan of Ralph Lauren perfumes.

Now, while you might think that the newer Ralph Lauren perfumes are the most popular, you might be surprised to find that one of their older fragrances, Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume, which was launched in 1998 still holds strong as one of the more classically romantic fragrances out there. This particular Ralph Lauren perfume contains notes of rose, ginger, marigold, and violet, with oak moss and musk to round it out and add a bit of seductiveness.

In fact, Ralph Lauren Romance was so popular that in 2008, the perfumers of Ralph Lauren decided to make a lighter version of this popular fragrance for daytime wear. So became Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours Perfume. This scent contains notes of freesia, ginger, lotus flower, day lily, white violet, patchouli and musk for a soft, clean fragrance that is original and lovely no matter what occasion you choose this fragrance for.

Ralph Lauren Perfume – Popular Perfume Thats Classic and Classy

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As with all fragrances, it’s a good idea to test any Ralph Lauren perfume before you buy it by spraying a little on your wrist and wearing it for a while. Often, different fragrances react differently with the chemistry of one’s body, so it’s a good idea to make sure you love the way it smells on you. After you’ve tested it, though, you should know that you can find Ralph Lauren perfumes at most higher end retailers, such as department and designer fragrance stores. You can also find Ralph Lauren perfumes online at designer discount fragrance websites. If you are looking for fragrances that are classic and classy, without being too simple or understated, then you are bound to find a Ralph Lauren perfume that suits your style and personality perfectly.