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Dior Addict Perfume By Christian Dior Review

Few of us would turn our noses up at a Christian Dior perfume – and Dior Addict is no exception.

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Christian Dior loved flowers – so much so that his holiday home, the Château de la Colle Noire, is nestled amongst the beautiful rose and jasmine in Grasse, France. 

Dior has come a long way since the launch of his first perfume Miss Dior in 1947.

He’s collaborated with some of the world’s finest perfumes and now has his own perfumer, François Demachy.

Below is our short Dior addict perfume review.

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Dior Addict Perfume Review

All Dior perfumes carry the mark of unique, timeless quality.

Like any addiction, the Dior Addict will excite your senses. It’s both uplifting and irresistible.

It’ll have you longing for fun and adventure while spurring your confidence.


François Demachy is a French perfumer who trained at Charabot, France.

Besides Christian Dior, he is the Director of Research and Development at Chanel and collaborates with Ungaro, Bourjois and Tiffany.

In 2006 he became Director of Development for the LVMH cosmetics and perfumes division and Christian Dior’s main nose.

If you love all things floral, you’ll love Dior Addict. This lively and invigorating fragrance harbors a heart of jasmine sambac absolute, the perfect blend of sultry femininity.

Dior Addict Perfume Packaging/Presentation

The stunning bottle is inspired by moody nights and seductive mystery.

Presented in a slim black bottle with blue cap and smooth edges, it exudes sophistication and iconic Dior.

Scent Notes

Bourbon vanilla creates a lingering base of deep and daring warmth. It follows with a blend of Mandarin Leaf and Tunisian Orange Blossom.

The overall impression is a full, soothing statement without overbearing. This fragrance will turn heads with its opulence and charm.


A Dior perfume is not one to be taken lightly. As one of the highest-ranking perfume brands of all time, one must choose their words carefully.

When I apply Dior Addict, my immediate thoughts are of flowers on a sunny hillside in France.

The stirring heart of jasmine sambac evokes a sense of womanly tenderness, while also encouraging individuality.

I feel both delicate and bold, ready to step out – whether that be out for the evening in a little black dress, or out to work in a suave suit.

There’s also a warmth and intimacy about Addict, which becomes more distinctive in the dry down.

You’ll feel top notes of neroli, which will appeal to your feminine senses.

There is indeed something very addictive about this fragrance.

It’s sensual without being overwhelming – and there’s something about it that keeps you wanting more.

Wear this with your favorite heels and you’ll make them weak at the knees.

No wonder Dior claims it will create a soft and seductive trail tinged with light.

Who would like it?

Floral yet modern, sweet yet stern, Dior Addict will appeal to those who love a diverse but pretty fragrance.

When you want to add a touch of soft femininity to the occasion or dress up for a ladies’ night out.

Perfect for a romantic dinner or a special evening with your loved one.

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I hope this short but detailed Dior addict perfume review will help you choose the right scent!

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Dior Addict Perfume By Christian Dior Review

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