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Fresh New Spring and Summer Fragrances for Men to Try

As the weather warms up, it’s time to put away the heavy scents and break out the lighter colognes. In general aquatics and citrus tends to run summer and warm weather.

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These light fragrances tend not to age as well as the heavier ambers and orientals but fortunately there’s always a crop of summer flankers and new releases to explore. I love finding a new signature summer fragrance – the kind where even a whiff years later brings you straight back to the memory of a specific summer.

Here are some of the  new releases I’m excited about. 

hugo boss cologne

Calvin Klein Eternity Air Eau De Toilette for Men*

Eternity Air smells like a great daily-wear cologne for the summer. Even if you’ve started to feel like the summer flankers all smell the same, give this one a chance. It doesn’t have the generic aquatic / blue scent that seems to be ubiquitous among summer fragrances currently. Instead it smells more similar to Dylan Blue or Sauvage. Great cologne for a guy who wants a warm weather cologne that smells unique.

summer cologne men

HUGO Urban Journey Limited Edition*

A new flanker from HUGO with a fresh scent that falls squarely in what you’ve come to expect from HUGO fragrances. HUGO Urban Journey starts with strong tea and green notes that evolve into black tea and later a sandalwood and Guaiac wood base. Longevity and sillage are both surprisingly good. Unlike Eternity Air, it’s very much got the HUGO DNA so if you like HUGO or previous flankers, you’ll probably enjoy this as well. Perfect for guys who want a solid cologne for casual wear or the gym.


Twig by Rain Africa

If you’re looking for a handcrafted cologne, try Twig from Rain Africa. They specialize in natural ingredients from African origins. This perfume opens with a breeze from a Fynbos mountain in South Africa fringed with citrus and lavender. The basenotes include Namibian omumbiri resin used by the Himba people as well as smoky muhuhu from East Africa. Great for guys who want to get off the beaten path and try an artisanal fragrance made with love.

kenneth cole

Kenneth Cole for Him + The Personalization Fragrances (4-Piece Set)

In the spirit of personalization, Kenneth Cole for Him (their first new fragrance in 15 years) has added a trio of layering fragrances for you to create your own unique scent. Kenneth Cole for Him is by itself a safe fragrance which is pleasant enough if not particularly memorable. On top of this you can layer the personalized fragrances of Serenity (calming vanilla and tonka bean), Energy (sporty floral and citrus) and Intensity (sensual ginger and woods) which loosely translate to casual, sports and dress clothing. Perfect for the guy who likes having a signature scent but wants to mix it up from time to time.

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Spring and Summer Fragnances for Men

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