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Versace Man Eau De Toilette for Men: Cologne Review

Versace Man Eau De Toilette for Men: Cologne Review

Versace Man Cologne by Versace, is a fragrance that suits guys that would like a signature scent, but don’t want to smell like famous athletes too. 

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So if you’re a man searching for a great cologne or you’re a woman searching for a fabulous smelling cologne for a guy, it can feel as if the designer fragrances available to you are either too trendy or too stuffy.

This cologne is for the grown up guy, you know, the one who’s a professional and mature, but still likes to have a good time? This is Versace Man Cologne in a nutshell. Reviews say this fragrance is unique with a mature smell, but one that is always commented on. Described as crisp, refreshing and lemony, if you love to be a little bit different and a whole lot sophisticated, this is the cologne for you.

Want to stand apart at the office? Wear this fragrance to a big meeting and even your male colleagues will notice how you smell. Give it a try for a night out and watch your date get closer and closer to you!

Versace Man Cologne Notes

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Versace Man Cologne contains notes of tarragon, white lemon, cedar leaves, a little bit of floral, and black pepper. Middle notes of cardamom and saffron layer nicely atop base notes of tobacco leaves and amber. This cologne smells masculine and clean without being too fruity or flowery. Although this fragrance is often recommended for wear in the evening, it is versatile enough to be worn at the office, at a baseball game or for a night out.

In 1988 Gianni Versace won the Cutty Sark Award for being the most “innovative and creative designer in the world” and for his vision for luxury fashion and fragrances. Since then, his sister, Donatella Versace has carried on her brother’s vision even after his death. For her, the Versace line is all about luxury and she intends to keep it going strong, stronger and strongest for years to come. Versace colognes and perfumes are more popular than ever.

Versace Man Cologne by Versace

If you are looking for a truly unique fragrance that doesn’t smell too feminine, then you should try Versace Man Cologne. This is no typical fruity or floral men’s fragrance smothered in manly base notes, this fragrance is all man.

Forget the manly version of a girly scent or the men’s colognes that smell the same as all the others, this is an original scent that has been going strong since 2003.

This Cologne Will Become Your Signature Scent.

Fresh, clean, crisp and as attractive as you want to be, this cologne smells a little like you just stepped out of the shower, only better. No need to look for others, you are bound to find Versace colognes that suit your needs.

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