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Gucci Guilty Black Perfume: A Force to be Reckoned With?

Gucci Guilty Black is a fragrance for women that works to inspire and allure. With a complex mix of bold scents, Black is a force to be reckoned with.

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In this review, we’ll discuss just what it is that makes this fragrance stand out against the rest.

gucci guilty black

Who Makes It?

Guilty Black is an award winning-fragrance from the world-famous Italian fashion icon Gucci, who introduced their famous signature scent Gucci no. 1 in 1974. With a long line of bold and unique fragrances, Gucci has been a top name in designer perfume for more than forty years. 

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme and Pour Femme were both launched back in 2013 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. The creative director at Ruini e Mariotti, Riccardo Ruini, was responsible for creating the iconic ad campaign. Director Frank Miller, the hand behind films such as Sin City, lent his signature edge to adverts featuring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood.

The nose behind the scent is senior perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Guichard is also responsible for the original Gucci Guilty scent and Gucci Guilty Intense, though not Gucci Guilty Absolute. He’s also worked for a wide range of other names to create almost 150 world-renowned perfumes.

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Scent Notes

Gucci Guilty Black for him is similar to Gucci Guilty for her, which offers a clean, aromatic fragrance that takes inspiration from nature, evoking memories of open fields and pine forests. A green fougère scent combines lively notes of herbs and flower blossoms with more grounded earthen tones.


The initial top note contains soothing lavender and bright, vibrant coriander that capture the attention and invigorate the spirits. Decadent middle notes of orange blossom and neroli add a more seductive quality to the scent. Finally, woody base notes of cedar and patchouli create an earthy, masculine undertone.

Gucci Guilty Black perfume for women is an amber floral fragrance that’s bright and playful. Top notes of succulent red berries and pink pepper create a bright, fruity tone that paves the way for more sensual scents. Middle notes of raspberry and peach combine with floral lilac and violet to add a feminine touch, while base notes of patchouli bring forth a lavish yet dignified sillage.

Who Would Like It?

Gucci Guilty Black is a scent designed for the ambitious professional. This scent works to intrigue with a bold, provocative scent that’s sure to turn some heads. According to Creative Director Frida Giannini, this perfume tells a tale of passion and pleasure.

While there are two different versions of Guilty Black, many people still wonder: is the perfume unisex?

Black is not unisex, but it does come in two varieties – Guilty Black Pour Homme, and of course Pour Femme.

Where Should You Wear It? 

You can wear Gucci Guilty Black anywhere that you’re looking to catch some eyes. It’s elegant enough for both office wear and formal occasions, yet bold enough for a night out on the town. You can even wear the perfume as an everyday scent thanks to its bright, clean sillage.

Guilty Black may not be the best choice for occasions where you want to tone things down. The scent is sure to catch some eyes, and so if you’re not looking to become the center of attention, you may want to choose something a little less striking.

Packaging and Presentation

Gucci Guilty Black boasts a clean, elegant design that’s reminiscent of the scent itself. The flacon is bold and black, with a glossy finish. The Gucci logo entwines itself as an homage to the dual nature of this scent.

The fragrance pays tribute to Gucci’s Italian heritage by including the iconic red and green stripes adorning the fashion icon’s signature products. 

It also embraces a bright, energetic red reminiscent of its fruity and floral notes. The cap and flacon are both a deep black, decorated with a glowing crimson logo embedded on the front. 

gucci black

Personal Impressions

Gucci Guilty Black perfume posits itself as a “scent of 21st Century Seduction,” but does it hold up to the hype?

The perfume boasts complex and decadent notes that leave a lasting sillage. We found the scent to be elegant enough to attract attention and subtle enough not to overpower. With a lasting sillage, just a little bit of perfume can go a long way. 

We love that Guilty Black is versatile enough to be used for just about any occasion. It has a bright, clean scent that you can wear to just about any nice occasion. Gucci Black also works for everyday wear, though it can be too provocative for some situations. 

Energetic green and floral notes make this scent better for younger adults, though we found that it was elegant enough for more mature styles, too, thanks to its woody and earthy tones. 


It is a bright, bold fragrance that holds up well over time. It can project across a room without overwhelming and doesn’t lose much in performance throughout the day.

We found that the fragrance can last up to 12 hours without showing signs of fading under ideal conditions. Though Guilty Black still outperforms many other similar scents, factors such as humidity and sweat can shorten this time. 

gucci guilty black

Where Can You Buy It?

Gucci Guilty Black is easy to find through online perfume suppliers. You can also try visiting your local perfumery to see if they have any in stock. Many department stores also have their own perfume section, though these tend to have a smaller selection than specialty shops.

Gucci Guilty Black Perfume: A Force to be Reckoned With?

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