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Acqua Di Gio for Men Review: A Mediterranean Classic Cologne

Acqua Di Gio Review – A cologne by Giorgio Armani is undoubtedly a fruity fragrance with a woody finish designed by the sensitive nose of Alberto Morillas in 1996.

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Acqua Di Gio Review

Since it was created and launched, this fragrance has taken on the mantle of being a timeless classic beloved by men around the world.

Inspiration Behind the Scent

The overall impression of the fragrance is a reflection of the town of Pantelleria where Giorgio Armani himself spends his summer’s basking in the Mediterranean sunshine.

The slight odor of saltiness intertwined with the citrus fragrances of Acqua Di Gio call to mind the sunshine and hopefulness of vacation time spent in a warm and welcoming area.

Fragrance Notes

The makeup of the Acqua Di Gio fragrance begins with top notes that can be felt from the moment it is first sprayed in an application.

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The top notes are subtle and fruity with citrus forming the dominant notes we smell first.

Both citruses such as lime and lemon combine with mandarin oranges and jasmine to bring to mind the classic ingredients of the Mediterranean.

Beneath the top layer of the fragrance, the heart brings to mind the floral nature of the Mediterranean with the scent which add to the timeless nature of Acqua Di Gio such as:

  • roses
  • violets
  • hyacinth

The heart of this timeless fragrance is based on more than just floral arrangements and includes various scents would associate with the luxury vacation locations found along the Mediterranean Coast.

The combination of perfumer Albert Morillas and designer Giorgio Armani has come up with a fragrance which has at its base the musk and wood one associates with some of the world’s best-known masculine fragrances.

Along with white musk and amber, the fragrance includes a combination of cedar and oakmoss bringing a sense of masculinity which marks this fragrance out as one for confident men looking for a fragrance perfect for work or attending any event.

Where to Wear It

The sea notes at the heart of Acqua Di Gio add a light touch to this fragrance which lasts for over six hours with the general use of the spray.

The crisp, clean lines of the Acqua Di Gio packaging are rounded and make it simpler than ever for every wearer to feel they are returned to the sunny skies and stunning blue oceans of the Mediterranean.

The packaging makes this the perfect gift for a professional man looking to smell fresh and masculine when they head to work or enjoy an evening event.

The Armani brand has always been known for its sense of timeless luxury and opulence which the packaging of this bottle also reflects with a brushed metal effect sprayer and bottle top.

The clean, clear lines of the graphics on the bottle are stylish without being dated despite being designed in the 1990s.

This stylish fragrance has become a top seller for over two decades and remains a fresh scent to be enjoyed in all environments.

The main problem with this cologne is its own popularity. If you’re looking for something unique, no one has smelled before, you probably need to look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a solid classic that you can wear nearly everywhere, try it out.

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This short Acqua Di Gio Review will assist you in finding the right scent for you!



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