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Vera Wang Ultimate Men’s Cologne Review (with Video)

Vera Wang EDT for men was launched in 2004 by the famous design house of Vera Wang. It’s a warm, inviting, and seductive fragrance created specifically for men. It’s composed of a set of unique and distinct ingredients bound to leave an impression wherever it goes.

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Seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring

Usage: The fragrance was designed to be used both during the day and during evening hours.

Top: Green Mandarin Leaf, Yuzu
Heart: Nutmeg, Leather, Anise
Base: Sandalwood, Tobacco


Initially, Vera Wang for Men was created and promoted as a scent for men soon to be married. Since its initial release its grown more into a prime example of an excellent woody-aromatic fragrance that impresses for a number of different uses. 

Vera Wang launched its first fragrance for men in 2004 with Vera Wang EDT for men. It was created by the high-profile design house at Vera Wang. 

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Packaging and Presentation

The special men’s fragrance comes in a simple and sleek white carton. Its color and subtle textured outside is a pleasant surprise. The box displays the logo and fragrance name on the center of the box

Vera Wang typically has colorful fragrances and this one is no exception. It’s got a vivid amber that glows next to its white carton. The solid brown top provides an interesting contrast to its bright body.

The glass bottle has a rounded square outline and is heavier than expected. Despite its weight, the top is relatively light and slides off easily. The pump is responsive and the distribution reaches out wide and far. The fragrance applies well and easily onto the skin. Much like the scent, its texture is soft and warm when worn.

Vera Wang Ultimate Men's Cologne Review (with Video)

Regardless of how you come by this wonderful fragrance, it’s presentation is sure to surprise and please with its excellent attention to detail.

How Does It Smell?

Notes: Green Mandarin Leaf, Yuzu (top notes); Nutmeg, Leather, Anise (middle notes); Sandalwood, Tobacco (base notes).

Upon first applying, the top notes come out as a burst of fresh sweet citrus that comes from the synthetic Yuzu. It’s not overwhelming and actually mixes well with the rest of the composition to create a distinct scent for a large portion of its life cycle.

The top notes last a surprisingly amount of time. Apart from the top, the fragrance has a number of distinct scents mixed in. The leather and nutmeg mix well with the sandalwood and tobacco to create a woody smell that lingers underneath the citrus top. 

The sillage on the fragrance was not too overpowering. There was a noticeable trail that the fragrance left behind, but it never lingered for too long.

The fragrance in its entirety lasts for a solid part of the day. Eventually, the top layer peels back to reveal the woody undertones, which are much more relaxed than the fresh citrus.

Even though the heart and the base are not as outspoken, they are not weaker than their fruity counterparts. If anything, the fresh scent transforms into a sturdy and reliable woody aroma. It’s a perfect closing act for Vera Wang’s first created men’s fragrance.

Where to Wear it

Even though it was designed for a specific occasion, its grown to become a versatile fragrance. It’s great for the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.

It can be confident and seductive so its great to wear during the day for working hours, or at night for a casual hangout/evening date night.

Either way it’s sure to make a stylish impression. If you’re going to be wearing it for a romantic occasion, spray just a hint more than you normally would, and its seductive qualities will really start to show. 

Who Would Like It

Anyone looking for a reliable all-around men’s EDT will appreciate this scent. It can work for you in any situation and maintain a pleasant aroma for a number of hours.

Even though it’s got a relaxed fruity top, anyone that enjoys sweet scents will admire the degree of softness this fragrance manages to keep on its fresh citrus.


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