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Baldessarini Del Mar Cologne by Hugo Boss Review

Launched in 2005 with nose Alberto Morillas, Baldessarini del Mar by Hugo Boss is a classy spicy and sweet wood fragrance. It’s a men’s cologne in a long line of pleasant and well-balanced if not particularly ground-breaking aquatic scents.

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How It Smells

Baldessarini del Mar cologne is fresh and clean scent with a balance of citrus and marine notes. Top notes include a citrus combination of mandarin and bergamot while black pepper adds spice.

The middle notes are warm and sensual with cinnamon, cedar, and cardamom. At the base is amber, patchouli, and vetiver creating a classic men’s fragrance trio.

Top notes include a heavy dose of black pepper.

Who Should Wear It

From the brand’s own marketing campaign, Baldessarini “Separates the men from the boys.” This brand is aimed at a mature audience.

That said, it’s not a heavy classic fragrance that you need to be pushing 50 to feel comfortable wearing. It’s more of an elegant, grown-up fragrance that’s neither youthful or playful.

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Woody cedar dominates the heart notes.

How & Where to Wear It

Like most aquatics, Baldessarini del Mar cologne is best worn in the spring or summer. It’s a likable, versatile and classy fragrance that could be worn during the day casually or for work. It’s got moderate sillage and longevity is 3-4 hours.

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