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Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate Cologne Review (with Video)

This 2013 release from Kenneth Cole and partner Lux Par exemplifies smooth. Mankind was carefully designed to take you from the boardroom, to the dinner table, and even out to the dance floor without missing a beat.

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It’s warm cardamom and tarragon leaves mix profoundly with spicy ginger and sweet pineapple. The fragrance was developed by Claude Dir to be aromatic and bold. Use this charming scent to inject swagger in your step and stimulate your soul.

Fragrance Overview

Seasons: Spring/Summer/Fall

Usage: This fragrance was designed for day time wear, but carries enough charisma to suit all your evening needs. 


  • Top: cardamom, tarragon leaf, ginger, and pineapple
  • Heart: cedar, vetiver, and cinnamon
  • Base: sandalwood, oak moss, tonka bean, and skin musk


 In 2013, Kenneth Cole launched Mankind, developed by perfumer Claude Dir, to be a necessity for the modern man. The fragrance was designed to be aromatic and woody- a distinct and durable scent.

Packaging and Presentation

Mankind’s packaging represents its fragrance cleverly. Its cleverly crafted carton and sleek glass bottle shows a clever and elegant appearance.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

The prominent bottle was designed by packaging and design expert Chad Lavigne, who has played a major role in fragrance design for twenty years. The bottle wastes no space with its simple yet bold title of “Mankind” depicted on the front. 

It’s slim box is patterned and colored to look solid and feel like luxurious leather. The bottle comes with the matching design that starts on the cap and runs around the edges of the bottle. The bottle also has two studs on the shoulders of the bottle that add a nice touch. The carton and bottle are a lot lighter than they appear. The texture on the design is smooth with a matte finish. 

Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate Cologne Review (with Video)

The bottle is a lot lighter than it looks. The designs texture is smooth with a matte finish. The spray on the bottle is a little short, but it applies well with its wide-spread. It sits well on the skin and has a cool and refreshing texture when worn. 

How Does It Smell?

Top: cardamom, tarragon leaf, ginger, and pineapple

Heart: cedar, vetiver, and cinnamon

Base: sandalwood, oakmoss, tonka bean, and skin musk

Upon first applying, the scent is fresh and crisp. It borders on a strong aquatic smell that comes from the citrus top notes. The woody base and heart layers mix with its top notes to create a confident smell that is bound to impress.

After some time wearing the scent, the crisp citrus scents from the pineapple become less apparent and the scent develops into more of a calm and relaxing aromatic-woody smell. Don’t worry about the top layer eventually dimming, the progression into the woody base and heart notes is still just as delightful. 

Since it’s not too “tropical” to start or too dull after its transition, it maintains an important balance that keeps the fragrance smelling fresh. It’s easy to see why this one is a fan favorite among those who prefer woody-aromatics. 


The lifespan of the fragrance overall is decent. I found it lasting throughout the entire day each time I applied it. Each layer seems to have its own lifespan and so it might seem like it changes throughout the day, but it should keep you smelling great the whole way through.


The aroma on this fragrance seems like it’s just in the sweet spot. It’s never overpowering or invasive. Yet due to the comments I’ve gotten wearing it, it is clearly noticeable. 

Where to Wear It

This all-in-one scent has become nearly that. It’s great for almost year-round, although mostly Spring, Summer, and Fall. It’s both professional and bold so it’s great for using for anything during working hours and evening hours.

Wear it to work, a casual hangout with friends, maybe even a date or two. Regardless of your adventure, one spray from Mankind will have you smelling elegant for the entire time.

Who Would Like It

Anyone that’s a fan of woody-aromatics would be sure to be surprised by this one. It’s top layer really creates an impressive kick to the whole scent. Anyone looking for an outstanding all-in-one fragrance would be sure to enjoy this one and get amazing results from it. 

Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate Cologne Review (with Video)

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