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Best Tommy Bahama Cologne For You

You may know Tommy Bahama as a lifestyle brand that sells casual sports items for both men and women, but the company also launched its popular Tommy Bahama cologne line in 2005.

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The inspiration for these scents is based on the brand’s Caribbean name, which features a range of maritime-themed casual scents that make the perfect addition to warm vacation nights.  


But even if you’re not on vacation, you can be reminded of summer with most of the colognes in this range, which feature sea, orange, and lemon notes perfect for everyday wear.

Before we dive in, we do have to mention that many reviewers complain that the longevity of these colognes could be improved, though we wouldn’t call this issue a deal-breaker.

So which is the best fragrance for you? In this Tommy Bahama cologne review, we’re going to explore some of the best colognes from this line. Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut.

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St. Barts


The first scent we’re going to talk about is one of Tommy Bahama’s most popular fragrances: St. Barts. This fragrance was one of the first that the brand debuted, and it has become a favorite over the years for its ability to epitomize that carefree feeling you have when you’re on vacation.

You get all kinds of tropical notes from Tommy Bahama St. Barts, including lime, sea vine, guava nectar, tequila, and palm leaf. The scent is a lovely citrusy and aquatic combination that is noticeable without being overpowering.

St. Barts is ideal for casual wear, and it works exceptionally well in the warmer months, although users say that it can be worn just fine in winter.

St. Kitts

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Men

Another highly popular fragrance from the Tommy Bahama cologne line is St. Kitts, known for its fruity and aquatic profile. It comes in a beautiful glass spray bottle, and some of its notes include lime, mandarin, starfruit, driftwood, and ambergris.

The combination of these aromas will make you feel like you’re on a tropical beach somewhere, even if you’re nowhere near one. And although the cologne is fruity and aquatic, it is musky at the same time, which makes it more interesting.

St. Kitts is light enough for various uses, most particularly daily wear, though it’s classy enough to wear in the evening on a date. Many users say that it’s a refreshing scent in warmer climates, but you can wear it anywhere.

St. Kitts is often compared to St. Barts, and we would say that’s a fair comparison. However, the smell of St. Kitts is slightly less intoxicating than that of St. Bartsit’s just a bit sweeter and fruitier overall. This fragrance is often available for cheaper during seasonal sales on the Tommy Bahamas website, as well as at discount retailers.

Maritime Deep Blue

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

The Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue is an updated version of its Maritime cologne, and it was released in 2018. While we won’t be reviewing the original version here, we did want to compare the two to give you a better idea of which might be right for you.

The Maritime cologne is relatively lighter and fresher than its successor, which has a deeper and muskier scent. But despite having a heavier aroma, the new version retains that sense of lightness and freshness that popularized the original. Deep Blue features notes of bergamot, cardamom, juniper, rosemary, patchouli, and musk.

Of all the options on this list, we would consider this one to be the perfect cologne for a date, mainly thanks to the patchouli, which makes it evening appropriate. One reviewer had a unique way of describing it, calling the fragrance Christmas at the beach.

Maritime Deep Blue comes in the traditional glass bottle that most of Tommy Bahamas’ scents come in, and it features the same wood and rope elements as the first Maritime fragrance. However, the bottle is a darker hue of blue to reflect the deep blue name.

Very Cool

Tommy Bahama Very Cool

If you’re searching for an aquatic, yet woody scent, Tommy Bahama Very Cool may be right for you. It’s both citrusy and has a warm, spicy quality, with notes of ginger, mandarin orange, bergamot, nutmeg, paprika, and vetiver.

Unlike most of the other fragrances on our list, this one lacks the ocean feel, making it an excellent option for someone who prefers something different. It opens up with a ginger scent, and then you begin to notice the nutmeg and paprika, which give off a pleasant and zesty smell. Once you’ve worn it for longer, the citrus notes start to appear.

The packaging is simple, and Very Cool comes in the signature Tommy Bahama clear bottle. Reviewers note that it’s suitable for a variety of occasions, from hanging out with friends to more formal events. It’s perhaps not the most mind-blowing fragrance you’ll ever find, but we would say that its versatility will serve you well.

We mentioned that the longevity of Tommy Bahamas products is often an issue, which was a common complaint with Very Cool. However, reviewers noted that the cologne does garner lots of compliments.


Tommy Bahama Martinique

Another well-rated and popular Tommy Bahama cologne is Tommy Bahama Martinique, which features an aquatic aroma with lavender, citrus, and musk notes. This fragrance is right at home in warm weather, as it gives you hints of sea breeze, but without being too intense. The musk and pepper help make this scent more well-rounded. 

It will indeed feel like you’re on vacation when you’re wearing it, too, since, after a while, the cologne begins to take on a sort of sunscreen like scent which is undoubtedly not for everybody, so wear at your discretion.

Martinique has decent longevity, and it’s a casual option that can also transition well to evening wear.

Island Life

Tommy Bahama Island Life

While the tropics are the inspiration for most of the Tommy Bahama cologne line, that inspiration is most clear to see in Island Life. It features a light and fresh smell with notes of bergamot, geranium, nutmeg, and patchouli. It also includes cedarwood, vetiver, and ambrox.

But despite how light the fragrance is, it’s not without subtle hints of nutmeg and dry down that keep it intriguing. Like most of the other options on this list, reviewers note that it’s well suited to a variety of situations, so you can get plenty of use out of it. It easily transitions for casual to evening wear, and it’s a solid scent to accompany you on a date.

Tommy Bahama For Him

Tommy Bahama For Him

Lastly, we wanted to mention one of the first products from the Tommy Bahama line: Tommy Bahama for Him. It has a warm and mysterious scent, with notes of juicy watermelon, tangerine, crisp pear, ginger, violet leaf, coriander, Tonka bean, and sandalwood. The bottle features a unique shape and a color reminiscent of your favorite bottle of cognac.

This scent is longer-lasting than some of the others we reviewed, which you’ll be thankful for because of how much users like this fragrance. When thinking about what your perfume says about you when choosing a signature scent, we would say this one screams masculine. It’s perfect for giving off a mysterious vibe on a first date.

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Best Tommy Bahama Cologne For You

Best Tommy Bahama Cologne For You

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