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What’s the Deal with Scentbird? A Comprehensive Review

Scentbird’s innovative subscription boxes connect fragrance lovers with new, luxury perfumes and colognes each month. Let’s dive in and see why they’re said to be revolutionizing the fragrance world in this Scentbird review.

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About the Scentbird Subscription Box

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Intimidated by the rows of bottles at your local fragrance shop? Overwhelmed by perfume peddlers offering spritzes of each scent at the department store? Scentbird modernizes fragrance shopping and makes building your perfect perfume collection easy. 

The monthly subscription box delivers custom-tailored designer fragrances straight to your mailbox. With the help of Scentbird’s expert fragrance team, you can discover new brands and find classic favorites without having to leave your cozy home. 

Plus, with a carefully curated and ever-expanding collection of over 600 fragrances, there are scents for everyone to love. Prefer a certain fragrance family? Perfect. Need something for a special occasion? Got it. Cleaning up your beauty routine? Try Scentbird’s Clean selections. No matter your preferences, this Scentbird review will tell you that they have a collection to fit the bill. 

Here’s How it Works

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  1. Start with a simple, five-question quiz that allows Scentbird to create a fragrance profile perfectly curated to your preferences. 
  2. Review your quiz results and activate your subscription.
  3. Enjoy your first sample of perfume or cologne, selected according to the results of your quiz. It comes with a twist-lock atomizer case and a gold-detailed drawstring dust bag.
  4. If you want, you can rate each perfume from your Scentbird account to fine-tune your fragrance profile. Or, manually add fragrances you’d like to try to your shipment queue by selecting from the best-sellers category. 
  5. Continue to receive curated scents monthly.

Scentbird Review

scentbird reviews

From start to shipment, Scentbird has innovated the way we shop for fragrances. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

The Quiz

If you still have high-school flashbacks when you hear the word “quiz,” let me assure you—you don’t have to worry. The five, simple questions are easy to answer, no matter if you’re already a fragrance fan or if you’re starting your fragrance journey from scratch. 

Select from comparative options such as warm versus fresh, bold or soft, and flirty versus casual. The bright website images help you clearly envision each selection—it almost feels as if you can smell the descriptive scents already. 

The easy quiz refines your perfume profile, so even if you know what types of fragrances you like, it’s helpful to go through and select the options that fit best. And, if you don’t know exactly what types of scents you like, this quiz will help you discover them. 

I generally know what I like when I see it—or, in this case, smell it—but can’t always describe my somewhat picky opinion. So, I was curious to find out if a simple quiz could accurately pinpoint scent preferences that I couldn’t accurately verbalize myself—and it did. 

The Fragrance

I am thoroughly impressed with my personalized scent profile. The first perfume shipment featured Au Naturel by Christian Siriano. It’s luxurious, delicate, and silky, but has a slight sensual feel. The aroma is natural, in a sort of enhancing way—nothing too overwhelming or bold for me, thanks. 

The simple questionnaire really pinpointed my style and helped me to discover a new favorite fragrance. I’m not sure if I could’ve been able to select this scent on my own, either by shopping online or in-person, so I’m thankful and excited by the perfume possibilities on Scentbird. I cannot wait to explore more of Scentbird’s luxury fragrance collection. 


The Packaging

Each enticing fragrance is delivered in a sleek 8 ml vial. The vials contain about 120 sprays of perfume or cologne, which is the perfect amount to thoroughly test out and should last until your next shipment arrives. 

Along with your first sample, you’ll receive a luxurious, gold-detailed dust bag and a similarly branded atomizer case. This innovative spritzer case easily snaps together with magnets, so swapping out your favorite scents is a breeze. 

The twist-to-lock feature on the case ensures that you’ll never spill or accidentally spray your special perfume inside of a purse or bag. Thankfully so, because the sleek size means you’ll want to carry your fragrance with you wherever you go. 

The Extras

In an effort to enhance your fragrance experience, Scentbird includes a help information card along with each fragrance shipment. This card offers details about your perfume or cologne, defining the fragrance in descriptive, illustrative language. 

With each delivery, you can learn more about the fragrances that you enjoy. Find out when each aromatic note peaks in the scent journey, and which elements are most fragrant or subtle. Plus, you can even scan a helpful QR code on your card to learn more, rate the scent, and, if you just cannot get enough of it, order a full-sized bottle. 

More From Scentbird

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Unlike other subscription boxes, Scentbird has so many additional options to elevate your fragrance and self-care routine. Shop additional cases, elegant Scentbird gift sets, full-size perfumes and colognes, candles and home scents, bath accessories, and more. 

Plus, Scentbird boasts a huge collection of beauty and skincare products too. As if it couldn’t get any better, you can even add these makeup items, serums, and creams to your monthly subscription queue. Scentbird truly takes curated, luxury beauty to the next level.

The Best Monthly Fragrance Subscription Box 

Established perfume lovers and new collectors alike are loving the Scentbird fragrance subscription boxes. It’s an exciting way to discover designer fragrances, try-out new niche brands, and stock up on all-time favorites. It’s luxury delivered from your laptop, curated by experts, just for you.  

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What's the Deal with Scentbird? A Comprehensive Review

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