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Burberry Weekend Cologne for Men Review: Casual Citrus Sweetness

In 1997 Burberry launched one of their most impressive releases to date, a fragrance for the casual and easygoing time at the end of the week, and they named it: Burberry Weekend.

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The fragrance was created in France by one of the most accomplished contemporary perfumers, Michel Almairac. To this day it’s one of the most well-known citrus scents used by men everywhere looking to add a subtle boost to their casual and relaxed style.

Burberry Weekend Cologne for Men Review: Casual Citrus Sweetness

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Packaging and Presentation

The Burberry style is represented in each one of its parts, from carton to smell. For its packaging, the fragrance comes in a mellow, dark blue box that is lined with silver text. Out of the box, the small but pleasing bottle is light and smooth.

It’s got a cylindrical body with mostly transparent space to showcase the ever so slightly yellow-tinted liquid in the bottle. In the middle, the bottle showcases its iconic name, Weekend, with the brand name Burberry at the bottom. It’s got a small, silver cap engraved with the brand name and logo design. 

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Once the cap is off, the distribution for the scent is one of its good qualities with a wide and long-reaching spray.

How Does it Smell?

Burberry Weekend for Men might actually be becoming one of, if not the most impressive citrus fragrances I’ve come across. It’s got a wonderful burst of citrus at the beginning of its distribution and as it mellows out and dries on the skin, it becomes a soft and sweet aroma. 

It’s no wonder that Burberry Weekend was made and marketed for the casual and relaxed man. At its best, Weekend is the soul of a good time. Even though the citrus comes off so strong, I never thought it was overpowering.

The powerhouse fruits in the scents are tamed by a thick undertone of amber and honey. It still maintains its sweetness and over time its full burst fruit turns into warm mellow honey.

My favorite about the aroma is that it never quite loses its sweetness from the beginning. A lot of other scents that are top-citrus heavy will always slide into the rugged undertones of hearty wood after some time.

Burberry’s team knew exactly how to prevent that problem in Weekend by adding even more reliable sweetness to its base. That way it never gets boring, it never tires out, and it allows you to keep partying.


Top Notes: Lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot, pineapple, and melon

Heart Notes: Sandalwood, ivy leaves, oak moss

Base Notes: amber, honey, and musk


For a scent that was developed for casual use, it is surprising how long Weekend lasts. Almost an entire weekend. Of course, I’m exaggerating but only by a little. Weekend comfortably lasts a full day and some change.

That’s why this is such an amazing scent for its casual audience. Its sweetness doesn’t fade, it’s aroma doesn’t fade, and it’s (and your) swagger won’t fade. Sure some parties don’t last the whole weekend, but even if they did, you’d be the best smelling one by the end of it.


As I mentioned before, one of Burberry’s strongest points is that it’s never overpowering. It manages to keep a great balance of making sure you smell the best and not scaring anyone off. The citrus in Weekend is no joke, and that’s why it makes such an impact that it has a controlled volume. With the perfect aroma, Weekend will make you smell great in any sized crowd, with just the right amount of power.

When to Wear It

This is when we start getting into Burberry Weekend’s only weak points. Due to its high-powered citrus, it’s more of a spring and summer fragrance.

Specifically, it was made for casual wear: from hanging out with friends to weekend errands. It doesn’t mean it won’t work well in a professional environment or during a romantic setting, especially if it’s a fragrance you prefer. However, it’s sweet nature makes it more of a relaxed vibe.

It might not carry the strong weight of a rugged woody scent in an office or workspace. For date nights, it sure is sweet but isn’t necessarily sensual enough. So, unless Weekend is a preferred scent of yours, keep it for casual outings. That’s where it will do you wonders.

Who Should Buy It

If you’re someone looking to snag a scent that’s great for hangouts with friends, parties, or dinner plans, Burberry Weekend is one of the best on the market. It’s got everything perfect for someone who spends their time out casually.

Even for those who have an extensive collection, but are missing a wonderful specialized casual scent, then this is the pick for you.

Burberry Weekend Cologne for Men Review: Casual Citrus Sweetness

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Burberry Weekend Cologne for Men Review: Casual Citrus Sweetness

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