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Curve Colognes for Men: Which is Best?

The Curve Cologne for Men collection from the Liz Claiborne fashion house offers a selection of interesting fragrances for the modern man.

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Liz Claiborne first became famous for offering women practical and stylish coordinated separates which could be mixed and matched, so that each customer could create her own look. The Liz Claiborne brand, starting in 1976, offered unique flexibility for both the closets and the wallets of career women and men.

Claiborne menswear styles for guys have a definite all-American appeal. They are classical, very wearable, and priced affordably.

The Liz Claiborne brand has evolved with the times. It’s always had a modern edge and an urban vibe. It now features memorable fragrances for guys, which are currently on-trend and truly embody the young professional vibe of this brand.

Sadly, Liz Claiborne herself, who was born in Brussels and raised in the USA, passed away during the summer of 2007. Liz Claiborne fashion house, which underwent a major revamp after Liz passed away, provides young men with some interesting cologne options that are unique and also fit your budget.

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Explore the Curve Collection

First off, you should know that all of them are high-quality fragrances with reasonable price points. In our experience, they offer great staying power and complexity, so they don’t smell cheap even though they are affordably priced.

Best Date Night Cologne:

Curve Connect

Curve Connect: Earthy and Enticing

When you wear Curve Connect, expect some compliments. The scent is composed of Sandalwood, Tobacco Flower, and Tea. It’s a perfect blend of earthy and enticing scents.Its Tonka Bean note adds a touch of spicy sexiness which has a sensual appeal.

Young guys love this scent and perhaps it’s no surprise, that young women seem to do as well. It’s at the top of everyone’s most complimented list and always a popular choice for date nights.

I’d definitely recommend this as a good starter cologne for a guy 15+ who wants to up their dating game. Read my full review here.

Best Casual Cologne:

Curve Wave

Curve Wave: Fresh and Beach-inspired

If you feel at peace while you’re on the beach, gazing out at the cool blue water, check out Curve Wave. It was launched in 2005 and became successful right away.It’s fresh enough to smell super-clean, without being too simple.

This men’s cologne has great balance, thanks to its Juniper, mint, liquid oxygen and musk notes. It’s an ideal scent for casual days when you throw on jeans and a t-shirt or soak up the sun in surf shorts and a tank top.

While this men’s fragrance has a youthful spirit, it’s still versatile and it continues to be a strong seller simply because men of all ages enjoy wearing it.

Sporty, yet subtle, wearing Curve Wave is a chill, clean aquatic that has mass appeal.  

Best Evening Cologne:

Curve Black

Curve Black: Inviting and Warm

If you want a scent with woodsy notes that has a warm vibe and plenty of sensual appeal, then I’d recommend Curve Black.

It’s less sweet and citrusy than the original Curve which makes it feel more accessible to all ages. Curve Black is more of a traditional masculine scent and a perfect choice for after sunset.

Personally, it’s my favorite of the Curve series. Though I’m not sure it would appeal so much to young teens, it’s definitely a good one for men in their early 20s who want a more serious evening fragrance.

Most Versatile Cologne:

Curve Chill

Curve Chill: Fresh and Spicy

Launched in 2006, Curve Chill comes in a white bottle with grey lettering. The bottle looks great and I always appreciate nice packaging, but of course, it’s what’s inside that counts.

This cologne definitely delivers in terms of its exceptional notes, long-lasting performance and reasonable price. It’s redolent of spicy Cardamom, earthy Musk, fresh Violet, warm Sandalwood and tart lime. With smooth Vetiver, Coriander and Green Tea notes.

If you’re a CK One fan but don’t want to splash out for the unisex Calvin Klein scent, go for the Curve Chill. It’s a smart way to access the same type of alluring scent for much less.

This men’s cologne is absolutely perfect for those times you crave a natural feel from your fragrance. Like CK One, it’s a very versatile fragrance that will work for school, work, or evening play.

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Curve Colognes for Men

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