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Signature Perfumes: What Your Fragrance Says About You

These days, there are lots of ways you can create your own unique style. The way you dress, how you wear your hair, even how you walk and talk. But what about how you smell? Finding a signature perfume can be a unique way to tell people about you.

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There’s a very good reason that the perfume industry is so huge: we love to smell good. And now it has becoming more and more popular to have your own unique signature fragrance. After all, there’s plenty to choose from! 

Of course, you probably own more than one bottle of perfume, and you probably enjoy wearing different scents depending on your mood or the occasion. But have you thought about what your perfume really says about you? 


Should You Have a Signature Fragrance?

You may have noticed how a certain perfume or smell reminds you of someone. That’s because our sense of smell is the one most closely linked to memory. 

That’s why a signature scent is a great way to leave a lingering reminder of yourself everywhere you go. It’s a deeply personal fragrance that everyone associates with you. You’ll be remembered for it even when you’re not present.

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The great thing is that you don’t have physically create a ‘signature scent’ from scratch. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money! It’s just a matter of finding and selecting a scent that reflects you and what you represent. 

So, do you have a ‘signature’ fragrance? If not, then this is the guide for you!


How To Choose A Signature Fragrance

There are millions of perfumes out there, which can make choosing the one that represents you quite a task. But when you know what to look for, it can be quite easy. 

By the way — your signature fragrance isn’t necessarily the one you reach for every morning. A true signature fragrance should reflect your personality and sense of style. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when figuring out what perfume is yours…

1. What type of fragrance suits you?

Are you into florals? Spices? Something musky or something citrusy?

A great way to figure out which scents appeal to you is by simply going to a perfume store and trying them out. Which ones appeal to you the most?

Think about your personality and interests. If you love the beach, you might prefer a summery, tropical scent like coconut. If you’re an outdoors person, you may want a more natural woodsy vibe that you can wear anywhere. 

Whether you’re dark and mysterious, flirty and romantic, or simply sporty and earthy, there’s a perfume to suit. 

2. When and where will you wear your signature fragrance?

Do you want a head-turning perfume to wear out on the town? Or do you just want a clean, fresh fragrance to wear in the office every day? Or perhaps one of each?

Even if you’re wearing different perfumes for different occasions, you should still choose each one to match your personality and style. Read up about them online, then test them out in a store or with samples online to see if they suit you. 

3. How long should you wear your signature fragrance?

It can be quite tempting to choose a perfume that’s “in vogue” – but these only last a season or two. A signature fragrance is one that will stand the test of time. 

You should also think about the strength of the perfume. A signature perfume should waft delicately behind you – not leave everyone gagging! Remember, it’s this scent that will make people think of you. 


How to wear your perfume

Once you’ve settled on your signature fragrance (or fragrances), you should know how to wear it properly! 

Rule number one: don’t overdo it! Simply apply a light dab or spray on the areas of your body that radiate heat, such as the insides of your wrists or elbows, on your neck, or the tops of your ears. 

Apply behind your knees so that your fragrance trails behind you. Or, if you’re out on a date, a little perfume in your cleavage can be quite seductive!


How to make your perfume last

The mileage you get out of your fragrance depends on many factors: its composition, your body chemistry, the weather, your environment, and so on.

Make your perfume last as long as possible by storing it away from light and heat. Keep it tightly capped at all times to prevent air affecting the contents. 

And, most importantly – make it yours! Don’t share it with your friends and family. The perfume you choose for yourself is your signature: for you alone.

Signature Perfumes: What Your Fragrance Says About You

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