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5 Fendi Perfumes That Are 100% Chic

Fendi exploded into the fashion world during the 1920s and remains a testament to elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style today. Though Fendi is best known for fashion and accessories, the company made a name in the perfume world with a line of luxurious fragrances.

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5 Fendi Perfumes That Are 100% Chic

Fendi exploded into the fashion world during the 1920s and remains a testament to elegance, craftsmanship, innovation and style today. Though Fendi is best known for fashion and accessories, the company made a name in the perfume world with a line of luxurious fragrances.

Most fashion fans know Fendi by the signature Double F logo. The brand introduced the new Fendi logo in 1965. Since then, the iconic Double F graces everything from the designer handbags (like the iconic baguette bag) to the perfume and Fendi cologne products.

Our Top Picks for Fendi Perfumes

Fan di Fendi

Launched in 2010, Fan di Fendi rose in the ranks as one of the world’s favorite Fendi fragrances for women.

This original floral and fruity perfume features notes of tangerine, pear, and black currant with leather and patchouli base notes. The jasmine, rose, and tuberose middle notes add the floral scent that perfectly complements everything else in Fan di Fendi. 

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While it’s recommended for romantic wear, many ladies wear this Fendi perfume regularly because of its sweet smell. Unfortunately, the scent doesn’t last quite as long as other luxury perfumes, so you’ll find yourself spritzing more often. 

Fan di Fendi was so popular that the company released perfumes created from the original fragrance. The Fan di Fendi fragrance line appeals to many senses, from refreshing citrus to floral bursts. 

Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche

Bergamot is a spicy, citrusy smell that Fendi takes full advantage of for its Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche perfume, which the company launched in 2013. With additional top notes of Italian lemon and Guatemalan cardamom, this fragrance features many floral scents with a citrus twist. 

The green tea and white flower middle notes and woody, leather base notes create an aquatic smell that complements the florals. As its French name suggests, this perfume is subtly refreshing. It’s perfect for warm summer days relaxing by the pool or on a shopping trip. 

This is another Fendi favorite for women that also needs a lot of spritzing throughout the day to make it last. However, many ladies love the citrusy, floral fragrance, especially for everyday use. It feels crisp and cool, but it retains a classy atmosphere for the wearer. 


Fruity florals are a Fendi favorite for women’s fragrances, and Furiosa is no exception. Its name is Italian for feisty and furious, the perfect descriptor of this perfume. 

Pink pepper and bergamot overtake this perfume, while amber, guaiac wood, and incense make up the base to add a deep, warm, and elegant scent. Wallflower, jasmine, and gardenia are the middle notes that add the floral flavor to Furiosa. 

Furious is both sweet and spicy. It is perfect for evenings out when you need something sexy, but many use it for everyday use. Launched in 2014, Fendi created Furiosa as an ideal fragrance for fall or winter.  

Fendi perfume

L’Aquarossa Elixir

In 2015, Fendi released L’Aquarossa Elixir as an Oriental floral with fruity, delicious accents. The first scent you catch from this Fendi perfume is a juicy cherry smell, followed by tuberose and lantana flowers. The base vanilla and wood notes add a warm and elegant touch. 

The cherry scent is strong from the first moment you spray, but the florals overtake the smell as it dries on your skin, creating an excellent combination. When it comes to cherry in perfumes, many people are concerned about the authentic smell. A faux cherry smell is not appealing at all, and fortunately, Fendi perfects an authentic juicy cherry scent in this elixir. 

The deep and warm touches make this the perfect fragrance to wear in the fall and winter or for a night on the town. It has such a unique scent that many ladies use this as their signature perfume, helping to exude their unique personalities. 

Fan di fendi blossom

Fan di Fendi Blossom

The Fan di Fendi Blossom is one of the company’s best-selling floral fragrances for women. Released in 2014, its flavors are very flirty and fruity thanks to its pear, raspberry, and pink pepper top notes. The cherry blossom, magnolia, and jasmine middle notes add bright florals. In contrast, the white musk and vanilla base notes keep the other ingredients from overpowering the nose. 

This fragrance was inspired by the sweet smells of Japanese cherry blossoms, and the scent definitely shines through. You might get a citrus note upon applying, but the flirty flavors shine through as it settles. 

This Fendi perfume is very much a springtime and summer fragrance for those who want a light and dainty smell. It’s very mild and can feel like it doesn’t last long. However, the light scent typically lingers for a while.

Impressions of Fendi Fragrances

As an Italian fashion house, Fendi exudes luxury and glamour with chic, modern undertones. Though Fendi embraces tradition and its fashion roots, the designers, including their fragrance teams, deliver subtle, richness.

Fendi fragrances for women embody femininity laced with power and glamour. Since the original Fendi for Women, the fruity-floral perfumes remain a popular option for women around the world.

The Fan di Fendi line delivers an array of fresh fragrances that tend to blend florals and fruits in clean scents. It’s possible to select a different Fendi perfume for every season.

Fan di Fendi is ideal for shuffling through autumn leaves. It doesn’t fight the scents of fall, like nutmeg and cloves, but leaves you with a long-lasting subtle scent. 

On the other hand, heading into spring and summer, drawing on the citrusy scents of L’Acquarossa by Fendi, you will appreciate the soft hints all day without overpowering a room.


Who Makes Fendi?

Italian Adele Casagrande founded an Italian-based fashion house in 1918. Following her marriage to Edoardo Fendi in 1925, she changed the company name to Fendi. 

Though originally focused on fur and leather products, Adele’s daughters expanded the business with new product ideas and the addition of an exciting Parisian designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

The Fendi daughters steered the fashion house toward the path of innovation the company remains known for today. First, expansion to a ready-to-wear line, then the chic logo, and ultimately perfume, Fendi is a veritable staple of creativity and cutting-edge fashion.

The LVMH Group acquired Fendi in 2000 and became the company’s majority shareholder the following year. A member of the Fendi family remains closely tied to the company’s product lines since Silvia Venturini Fendi stepped into the role of Creative Director in 2019.

Through the years, Fendi collaborated with several perfumers, including Christine Nagel and Delphine Lebeau, to produce signature scents.  

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Where Can I Buy Fendi Perfume?

If you desperately want one of the original Fendi fragrances, you may have some trouble tracking them down. Since many fans lament the loss of Fendi for Women and others from that original set, it’s difficult (and costly) to find them. Try auction sites, estate sales, or even local thrift stores.

Even though Fendi is an Italian fashion house, you can find Fendi fragrances at major retailers, including Amazon. You can even find Fendi perfume, including Fan di Fendi and Furiosa by Fendi at Walmart. 

Don’t discount the minis if you want to sample the goods before investing. Of course, if you can’t swing a true Fendi perfume, you can always find a budget-friendly alternative that still hits all the right notes for you. 

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5 Fendi Perfumes That Are 100% Chic

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