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4 Spring & Summer Scents for Youthful & Mature Men

There are often millions of different perfumes and fragrances being marketed at women daily, making it easy for them to find one that they enjoy. It can prove to be slightly more challenging for men. Some of us may not even realize that spring and summer scents are widely available.

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spring and summer cologne

That’s one of the great benefits about getting into the fragrance world – you can change them up constantly and are never tied to just one. 

If you need some help in discovering the perfect warm weather cologne our shortlist of the best spring or summer scents should give you a few solid ideas. 

The Top Four


Reaction EDT by Kenneth Cole* 

We love a fruity, fresh scent, and this Kenneth Cole line does not disappoint. The scent boasts hints of apple, cantaloupe, watermelon, lime, and lemon on the fresh fruit side, as well as sandalwood for a manlier edge. 

This ripe melon and summer scent is quite youthful and the ideal aroma for spring and summer. The smell itself is not overpowering, allowing anyone to wear it without complaints. It’s excellent for a hotter summer day where someone may need some help freshening up. 

It’s also perfect for younger men mainly due to it’s airy and youthful vibe. 


  • Fruity and fresh scent ideal for summertime 
  • Versatile and not too overpowering 


  • The youthful scent may not be appealing to older men 

gucciblack guilty

Guilty Black EDT by Gucci*

For those looking for a cologne that is musky yet still wearable in the summer, we’ve got you covered. The Gucci Black cologne shies away from the fruitier scents and gravitates towards florals. Lavender and orange flower mix with coriander and patchouli to give a manly yet sweet summer scent. 

The unique scents blend, leaving users with a memorable cologne that can be worn for any occasion. The uniqueness of the Gucci Guilty Black cologne is sure to leave people remembering your name. 


  • Musky yet light 
  • Distinctive 


  • Not ideal for those looking for fruitier scents 

Baldessarini Del Mar Cologne by Hugo Boss Review

Baldessarini Del Mar EDT by Hugo Boss*

Another rougher, muskier scent that still wears well in the summer is the Baldessarini scent from Hugo Boss. The cologne features hints of sweet wood and light citrus. Bergamot and mandarine blend well with black pepper to add a hint of zest in the mix. 

The cinnamon and cedar hints bring the sweet and warm yet light and fresh scents together. This cologne is ideal for summer nights that may require a fresh yet light scent. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

The scent is intended for older men, though anyone can wear it well. 


  • Warm yet light for summer 
  • Complex and unique 


  • Not ideal for younger men

Diesel Only The Brave Review

Only The Brave EDT by Diesel *

To start, the bottle that the Only The Brave cologne comes in makes it stand out amongst the rest. The bottle itself is a fist, making it unique and memorable. The Diesel cologne is another fragrance that blends woody scents with fruits to help create the perfect spring or summer scent. 

Orange and lemon mix with the violet and cedar undertones, making a classically fresh and fruity scent. It can be dressed both up or down, the perfect scent for a night out or a night in. 

The scent is great for younger men. 


  • Versatile 
  • Light and wearable for warmer months


  • Not suitable for older men 

What makes a spring or summer scent? 

A spring or summer scent is much lighter compared to the winter scents and could incorporate fresh fruit or floral scents like honeysuckle as well as light woods. Summer and spring scents are meant to remain airy and inviting – not too intense. 

A “good” one is hard to determine as fragrances can be such personal things. What one man may think of as a wonderful, appealing scent may be unbearable to another. 

In general, a “good” spring or summer scent can add to a guy’s overall look, instead of taking anything away, while remaining light yet refreshing.

spring cologne

Those that are new to the fragrance scene may not realize that different scents wear well at different times. A winter scent, for example, might feature warmer tones like cinnamon and deep wood to give off warm and cozy feelings. Contrast these with lighter notes such as lavender, orange, and sandalwood that are more for the warmer months.

What is the best summer fragrance? 

For summer, in the fruitier realm, scents such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime are ideal. The citrusy scents blend well to extract the other fragrances. Along the same lines, these fruity scents are often mixed with the light woods, sandalwood and cedar, to give the aromas an edgy tone yet still remaining light enough for warmer months. 

Fernweh White Sand Beaches Candle

The best summer fragrance is personal and may change depending on who you ask. You can, however, never go wrong with a lavender scent

Lavender is timeless, and its light and fresh scent are sure to work wonders during the spring and summer months. Colognes like Guity Black by Gucci incorporate lavender and coriander for a light summer scent. 

tropical summer cologne

Which cologne should you get? 

The options can be daunting when it comes to choosing the perfect spring and summer cologne. Before you even begin testing colognes, make a list of the features you’re most interested in having in your fragrance:

  • Floral versus fruity scents
  • What kind of woody scent do you enjoy? 
  • Musky versus lighter scents 

These are a few of the things to keep in mind before beginning your journey. Once you have a base for the kind of scent you may enjoy, you can begin searching and testing out a few different options, starting with those on our list. 

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