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8 Best Versace Colognes For Luxury-Oriented Men

Versace is an indomitable designer brand known for its captivating fashions and colognes. It’s an aspirational name and buying a Versace cologne is an investment in yourself. That is why we’ve brought you this list of the best Versace colognes. 

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Here are our top Versace cologne picks in different categories. They’re among the best cologne for men currently available anywhere. Keep reading to find the best Versace colognes ranked by category. 

Our Shortlist For Best Versace Colognes

Versace Eros EDT For Men

Best Intro to Versace

Versace Eros is the men’s version of the original Eros for women. This men’s version of Eros has a heart of decadence. An expert French perfumer, Aurelien Guichard, createdVersace Eros Eau de Toilette for Men. 

We chose this as best for the evening because of its complex and mesmerizing fragrance, Eros for Men has base notes of Atlas cedar, Virginian cedar, oakmoss, vetiver, and Madagascan vanilla. The heart of the fragrance is ambroxan, geranium, and tonka bean. 

As a user, you’ll immediately notice the top notes include lemon, green apple, and mint. Versace Eros for men has a distinctly masculine atmosphere. As well as the fragrance itself, the bottle is an integral part of the experience. 

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It’s Eros’s intoxicating appeal that sets it apart from its competitors. This is a truly legendary fragrance. 

PROS: Sophisticated, powerful, complex

CONS: Too intoxicating for the office 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Excellent 
  • Longevity: Good 
  • Seasons: Wear any season, but especially appropriate for warmer months 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Evening  
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Launched: 2012 

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Versace Dylan Blue EDT

Best for Daytime

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme is a top choice of daytime scent for men. This cologne combines musk, spice, and citrus and has a subtle yet impressive effect. However, some men find this scent a little too much for office settings. 

Users love every note of this fragrance. The top notes are bergamot, fig, grapefruit, and water. The middle notes include grounding patchouli with ambroxan, black pepper, papyrus, woodsy violet leaf, and other floral notes. 

As appropriate for a Versace fragrance, Dylan Blue comes in an attractive blue glass bottle with gold accents. It’s Dylan Blue’s uniqueness that sets it apart from competitors. 

As a musk, spice, and citrus fragrance, Dylan Blue has a wide-ranging appeal. You can layer your fragrance by adding the Dylan Blue bath and shower gel, deodorant, and shaving lotion to your routine. 

PROS: Perfect for daytime, great signature scent 

CONS: Lacks drama 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Good 
  • Longevity: Excellent 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Every day, depending on your taste 
  • Seasons: Wear any season, but especially good for winter  
  • Price: $$
  • Launched: 2016

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Versace Dreamer EDT

Best for Outdoors & Casual Settings

A classic Versace men’s cologne, Dreamer was launched in the 1990s. It’s an outdoorsy yet universally appealing scent that has sweet top notes. Its middle and base notes are woody. 

We chose this fragrance as best for outdoors and casual settings because of its unique notes. If you love the scent of tobacco, Dreamer is one of the few colognes today where you can find it. Dreamer is a classic fragrance. 

Ever inventive, Versace has reinvented (and reformulated) Dreamer several times. 

Other scents in Dreamer include amber, spice, and flowers such as iris. As such a legendary fragrance, this Versace creation is a go-to for many men. 

As tobacco notes are so rare in today’s fragrances, Dreamer is coveted by enthusiasts. 

PROS: Outdoorsy, versatile 

CONS: Some object to the tobacco notes  

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Good 
  • Longevity: Good 
  • Seasons: Fall and winter 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Casual or at the office  
  • Price: $$  
  • Launched: 1996 

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Versace Pour Homme EDT For Men

Best for Nighttime 

As implied by its name, Versace Pour Homme is the quintessential scent for men. Everything about this cologne is notable, including its stylish bottle. There are a variety of scent notes in Pour Homme. 

We selected Versace Pour Homme as best for nighttime because of its youthful spirit. You can paint the town or just enjoy some time by the campfire with this timeless cologne. 

While we’ve described Pour Homme as being perfect for nighttime, it’s more versatile than you might think. It’s great for daytime and the office in the spring and summer. That is why we deem Pour Homme the best Versace cologne for summer. 

While the floral and fruit notes are most immediately noticeable when you spray Pour Homme, this scent also features musk, amber, and cedar. 

PROS: Youthful, evokes warm weather 

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CONS: Floral and fruit note combination may not appeal to you 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Good 
  • Longevity: Excellent 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Evening, the office  
  • Seasons: Warm weather, especially in the summer 
  • Price: $$$
  • Launched: 2008 

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Versace Blue Jeans EDT

Most Versatile 

Versace Blue Jeans is a classic fragrance for casual settings. It’s been around since 1994, and it’s still a firm favorite. While this fragrance doesn’t have the lasting power that the other colognes on this list do, it’s perfect for laid-back days and everyday settings. 

Blue Jeans is a fresh and breezy fragrance yet it has distinctive woody and oriental notes. This cologne is also known for its hints of citrus.

We chose this fragrance as the best versatile choice because of its universal appeal. No matter where you’re going, it’s acceptable to wear Blue Jeans (the fragrance, that is)! 

As a user, you’ll probably favor Versace Blue Jeans as a daytime fragrance. It’s fresh and lively, and it’s a product you’ll reach for all the time. 

PROS: Casual and versatile 

CONS: Lacks uniqueness 

  • For: Men
  • Sillage: Average 
  • Longevity: Average  
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Casual settings 
  • Seasons: All seasons 
  • Price:
  • Launched: 1994

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Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Best for Young Guys 

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is a cologne with a truly contemporary spirit. While distinctly masculine, it’s optimistic and enlivening.

We chose this scent as the best for youthfulness because of its distinctly energetic tone. Its citrus and fruit elements make it ideal for warm weather, especially the summer.  

We chose Versace Man Eau Fraiche as the pick for youthfulness because of its lively character. Perfumers recommend that young men wear this scent. The top notes are citrus, while there are also woody and fruit scents. The base notes successfully combine freshness with a warm spicy feeling. 

When it comes to fragrances of this genre, Versace Man Eau Fraiche stands apart from the competitors. The quality is unmatched. 

PROS: Fresh, citrus notes 

CONS: Some men don’t favor citrus fragrances 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Moderate 
  • Longevity: Good 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: The office and social 
  • Seasons: Late spring and summer 
  • Price: $$ 
  • Launched: 2003

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Versace Oud Noir EDP

Most Exotic

Versace Oud Noir Pour Homme is an intoxicating oud fragrance. Oud colognes are famous for being seductive, yet you can wear this Versace creation in many different settings. 

We chose this cologne as the best exotic selection because of its warm and spicy base notes. Despite its exotic nature, though, this cologne is surprisingly versatile. You can easily wear it during the daytime as well as at night. 

Many perfumers compare Versace Oud Noir Pour Homme to the much more expensive Oud Wood by Tom Ford. Luckily, this Versace selection is much easier to afford. 

PROS: Oud and patchouli notes  

CONS: Strong for some tastes 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Excellent 
  • Longevity: Excellent 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: The office and social 
  • Seasons: Fall and winter 
  • Price: $$  
  • Launched: 2013 

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Versace Eros Flame EDP

Best Seductive

Versace Eros Flame is one of Versace’s most seductive fragrances for men. It’s formulated to evoke passionate emotions and has a magnetic quality. 

This cologne stands out from the competitors with its unique top notes of lemon, rosemary, orange, and black pepper. The base notes, however, have an intriguing combination of woody and spicy notes with sweet, powdery, and rose notes. 

From a user’s perspective, Versace Eros Flame is a memorable indulgence. It’s a fantastic addition to any men’s fragrance wardrobe.  

PROS: Impossible to ignore, bold scent 

CONS: Too bold for office or everyday contexts 

  • For: Men 
  • Sillage: Good 
  • Longevity: Good 
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: Evening or night 
  • Seasons: Fall and winter are especially appropriate 
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Launched: 2018 

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What Is Versace?

Gianni Versace founded the fashion brand back in 1978 in Milan, Italy. The company manufactures and sells products that range from accessories, jewelry, eyewear, watches, fragrances, and furniture.

Best Versace Cologne - Dreamer

Versace became famous for its extravagant creations and especially for their theatrical costumes. The style combines overt sexuality with luxury. Versace combines exquisite clothes with the breaking of the rules of fashion. 

Although its clothes are only meant for wealthy people, today it is one of the most renowned fashion brands and a symbol of what Italian luxury looks like.

Final Thoughts 

As we’ve seen here, Versace has a wide array of outstanding colognes for men. No matter what you’re looking for in a fragrance, you’ll find it from this designer. 

Which is the Most Popular Versace Cologne?

Eros is the all-time most popular men’s cologne by Versace. That’s one of the reasons it made my list as the best intro to Versace.
The next tier of popularity features Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, and Blue Jeans, all of which made my list of best Versace colognes, too.

What Versace Cologne Lasts the Longest?

Most Versace colognes have pretty good longevity – about six to eight hours in most cases. If you truly want something that will last all day and night, go with Versace Oud Noir Pour Homme. In general, oud scents tend to be long-lasting, and this one will give you up to nine hours.

Which Versace Perfume for Men is the Most Expensive?

Versace is a more affordable brand for men’s fragrance than Dior or Armani – most of their scents are at a pretty accessible price point. Eros is the most expensive, but even that won’t break the bank.
If price is a key consideration, keep an eye out for sales or consider decants and subscription services.

How Much is a Versace Cologne?

Most Versace cologne fits into this site’s first two categories, meaning they’re $80 or under for a full bottle. This makes Versace a great brand when it comes to affordability. If you’re looking to up your game from drugstore fragrance but don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on perfume, Versace is worth a try.

Which is the Most Affordable Versace Cologne?

Of the colognes on the list, Versace Man Eau Fraiche is probably the cheapest. Versace also offers a lot of mini and sample-sized bottles. Those can be a great way to try out a new fragrance cheaply before you spring for the full-sized bottle.

8 Best Versace Colognes For Luxury-Oriented Men

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