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Mercedes-Benz Colognes That Give You An Aura of Luxury

Mercedes-Benz embodies innovation and luxury. Their exquisitely designed automobiles are instantly recognized. The brand’s three-pointed star is a symbol of elegance and tradition, and now the iconic label is gracing the company’s line of men’s and women’s fragrances. Like everything the company touches, the colognes display elegance inside and out.

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Using the best natural ingredients and industry talents, along with exclusive scent molecule technology, Mercedes-Benz has created a series of colognes that promise to live up to the company’s motto of only the best will do.

Best Mercedes-Benz Cologne

Mercedes Benz Private Unisex Cologne

1. Mercedes-Benz Private:

Launched in 2018, Mercedes-Benz Private is a refreshingly simple cologne for men and women. Its sensual, earthy tones highlight nature without being over-powering. The nose behind the spicy, woodsy scent is Oliver Cresp.

Spicy cardamom and patchouli are balanced with cypress, ambrox, and herbal lavender.

Inspired by the scents of the Middle East, Mercedes-Benz Private is a seductive, elegant fragrance with attitude. It’s designed to be worn with confidence, and you will stand out. This Mercedes-Benz cologne is ideal when you want to draw everyone’s attention.

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Mercedes Benz Intense Toilette Cologne

2. Mercedes-Benz Intense:

Intense was introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 2013. It’s a spicy and woody men’s cologne that lives up to its name. The scent is intense but not unpleasant. Think of dark, dry woods and rich spices.

Mercedes-Benz Intense opens with Italian mandarin and Calabrian bergamot. Lemon and violet leaf essence give it a softer note. The middle notes of bourbon pepper, galbanum, nutmeg, and violet give this Mercedes-Benz cologne its spicy fragrance. The strong dark base notes are cedar, patchouli, cetalox, and bourbon vetiver.

It’s a strong fragrance that conveys strength and elegance and ideal for the boardroom or one-on-one meetings. Intense is a warmer weather fragrance that will take you into the fall.

Mercedes Benz Select Toilette Cologne

3. Mercedes-Benz Select:

Created by French master perfumer Oliver Cresp, Select is a warm fragrance with notes of citrus and wood.

Introduced in 2018, the woody chypre scent is a complex fragrance. Black currant and bergamot make up the top notes. Apple and mint give the cologne depth and longevity. Base notes of patchouli, musk, and ambroxan give Mercedes-Benz Select a dark, sensuous tone.

Select is an eau de toilette with surprising longevity. Don’t expect it to last as long as a cologne, but you will get a few hours of scent.

This Mercedes-Benz cologne is for any occasion, though it’s best suited for romantic days and evenings. The combination of bergamot, mint, and patchouli is irresistible. The lighter notes can get lost in crowds.

Mercedes Benz Club Black Cologne

4. Mercedes-Benz Black:

Introduced in 2017, Mercedes-Benz Black is a men’s cologne that speaks of warmth, elegance, and luxury. It is everything the luxury car manufacturer is known for in a complex men’s cologne. Black is not a fragrance that’s easy to forget.

Black is a warm and spicy amber cologne. It’s sensual with Oriental flavors of amber and vanilla. The ingredients are simple, but the scent is rich and exotic.

The top note is bergamot for a spicy, energetic opening. Incense and jasmine add a hint of mystery and a sensual note. Ambroxan, vanilla, benzoin, along with other woodsy notes, comprise the base. This Mercedes-Benz cologne is full-bodied with sensuality and energy, much like one of their sports cars.

Mercedes-Benz cologne

5. Mercedes-Benz Silver:

Master perfumer Oliver Cresp created Mercedes-Benz Silver in 2017. Part of a long-running partnership between the French perfumer and the German luxury car company, Silver epitomizes everything the three-pointed star logo embodies.

This Mercedes-Benz cologne is sexy. It draws attention and gives the wearer a boost of energy and confidence. It’s similar to the feeling you get driving a Mercedes-Benz sports car.

It’s an aromatic, citrusy fragrance with woody and spicy notes, followed by hints of musk and amber.

Opening scents are grapefruit, bitter orange, and rhubarb, followed by spicy pepper and vetiver. Musk, moss, and ambroxan make up the base notes, giving the cologne its sexy appeal.

Silver is better suited for daytime wear. The bright citrus notes can be lost in crowded places. Whether you’re in a meeting or heading on a lunch date, the cologne will convey the impression of luxury, style, and sex appeal.

Mercedes-Benz cologne

6. Mercedes-Benz Man Intense:

Reintroducing a classic, Mercedes-Benz Man Intense has captured the essence of luxury. It’s a warm, musky, amber scent with floral, spicy, and green highlights. It’s what you expect when asked what is the smell of luxury.

The woodsy and spicy men’s cologne was introduced in 2020. Like the original, Man Intense was created by Master French perfumer Oliver Cresp as part of his partnership with Mercedes-Benz. It’s a strong, sensual scent that still manages to be light and fruity. It’s as complex as the man who wears the cologne.

Pear leaf and musk mallow make up the top notes. It’s a subtly sweet scent without being overpowering. The body is oakmoss and geranium, giving this Mercedes-Benz cologne a spicy kick. Amber, patchouli, and ambroxan comprise the base, giving it depth.

Unlike the original, Man Intense has a less citrusy scent. Instead, it concentrates on musk and amber notes.

Man Intense is a fragrance created for men that want to display confidence, elegance, and luxury. It’s a cologne that lives up to the brand name.

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Mercedes Benz Best Colognes for Men
Mercedes-Benz Colognes That Give You An Aura of Luxury

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