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Versace Dreamer Cologne Review: Perfect For Outdoors

With perfume, it’s challenging to achieve the correct balance between smelling rich and overspending. There are many expensive colognes on the market that smell great, but the price tags are daunting.

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Versace is an affordable way to smell like a million dollars without going overboard. In our Versace Dreamer cologne review, we’ll look at one of the most popular fragrances of the ’90s that is still going strong today.

Versace The Dream EDP

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This unique fragrance is nostalgic to many and is considered one of the best fragrances of the 90s. Our full Versace Dreamer cologne review includes everything you need to know before purchasing a bottle of this beautiful fragrance.

Who Makes It?

Made by the legendary design house Versace, The Dreamer was first Launched in 1996  and is one of the last perfumes done for Versace by the late Gianni Versace, who died in 1997.

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Largely seen as Versace’s answer to Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, Jean Pierre Bethouart formulated this scent. Jean Pierre Bethouart is known for Homme, Burberry Touch for men, and many others.

What Does Dreamer Eau De Toilette Smell Like?

The Versace Dreamer smell begins sweet but gradually hits a masculine woody smell.  Reformulated many times, the dreamer of today’s scent profile consists of Juniper, Tarragon, and Artemisia. Iris, Lily, and Flax make up the heart. 

Tobacco, which seems to be the most controversial part of the blend, makes up the base notes alongside amber. The tobacco notes in this signature smell more fresh-picked and crisp than you would expect.

Adding flowers, iris, and tobacco to the mix creates an incredible scent. Versace Dreamer is one of the most stunning tobacco-inspired perfumes ever created.

With its pleasant scent, you can’t tell whether you’re at an exotic spice bazaar or your favorite Italian bakery thanks to its dry, spicy aroma that is wonderfully balanced with the savor of amber and floral sweetness in the middle notes.

The original formula for Versace Dreamer Eau De Toilette had tobacco, a floral note, mandarin orange, cedar, and tonka bean that made it into a fantastic scent.

tonka beans

Considered a romantic fragrance,  The Dreamer is one of the best-selling fragrances in the world, even after 25 years, for a reason. 

Scent Notes

The top Versace the Dreamer notes are Juniper, Tarragon, and Artemisia; middle notes are iris, Lily and Flax; base notes are Tobacco blossom and Amber. 

PROS: Its masculine scent is considered a classic and is one of the must-have cologne collections. 

CONS: Though considered by many the pinnacle of tobacco-inspired perfumes, the tobacco overtones are offputting to some. 

  • Sillage: Good. The perfume won’t overpower an entire room, but you may turn a few heads and hearts.
  • Longevity: It has very good longevity, lasting for about 5-6 hours. 
  • Scent potency: Appropriate for offices or casual wear.
  • Price: $$

Who Would Like It?

It’s a no-brainer to pick up Versace The Dreamer if you’re looking for something you can wear to the office that won’t be too distracting.

man in office

The Dreamer is perfect for the collector who wants something sweet but strong to wear. 

But a big factor when choosing if this fragrance will make sense for you is the fact that The Dreamer has been around for over two decades.

There will be a strong chance that someone at the party or get-together will be wearing this classic.

When & Where to Wear It

As a tobacco-based scent, Versace The Dreamer 100ml is best worn at night.  It’s great for nightclubs and other gatherings and will hold its own amid a sea of different fragrances. 

night club

In terms of season, autumn and spring are considered the best times to wear it. You may wear it in the summer, but the sweetness may become “too much” in the heat of the day.

During the winter or on colder days, we don’t recommend wearing The Dreamer since it won’t be allowed to open and dry nicely. It won’t be able to express all of its wonderful chords.

There is, of course, the matter of personal preference! We strongly recommend trying it out and finding what works for you. 

Packaging and Presentation

The box comes in midnight blue, with a spattering of stars to remind you of the galaxy. Depending on the formula, you may see 83 or 79 on the box.  

The Medusa logo is prominently displayed on this bottle, as it is on the rest of the Versace fragrance collection.

This bottle has a lighter gold and silver color scheme than many of their other designs. Because the scent is so strong, just one to two squirts should be necessary.

Personal Impressions

The Dreamer by Versace is a scent that we adore. It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of floral and tobacco fragrances that sets it apart from the others.

This fragrance has complexity far beyond its price point. The scent of wildflowers is prominent, as are hints of wood and a heavy tobacco presence.

It’s an excellent all-year-rounder because of the combination of the two distinct smells. Though considered a men’s fragrance, women love it because of the floral scents. 

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Azzaro Wanted by Night is an excellent alternative if you like something a little less sweet and a little more macho.

Another recommendation is Prada L’Homme, Prada L’Homme light, elegant woody chypre fragrance that layers citrus and subtly spicy florals over a soft, powdery base is frequently bought by people who enjoy The dreamer.

Versace The Dreamer Cologne Review

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The Dreamer has a distinctive smell. It will turn heads and get you many compliments. 


The Dreamer makes a lasting impression but doesn’t overpower room. Lasting around 6 hours on an average day, the fragrance’s performance is excellent.

Sillage and Longevity

Versace’s The Dreamer lasts pretty much forever and has strong projections. Projection is the strongest for the first 1-2h; after that, it doesn’t project at all. It just lingers on your skin until it fades. If you’re looking for something that lasts all evening, this fragrance is a great bet.

However, if the place is hot, spray again in 4 hours. 

The Original Dreamer 

Let’s take a look at the original to compare the changes:

Versace Dreamer Cologne Review – Original Edition

Launched in 1996,  the Versace the Dreamer original edition still holds a candle to the newer variations. If you take a poll for Versace the Dreamer old vs new, you’d likely still get a few good votes in for the old.

The top notes are Lavender, Sage, and Mandarin Orange; the middle notes are Tobacco, Rose, Carnation, and Geranium; the base notes are Tonka Bean, Fir, Vetiver, and Cedar.


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