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6 Valentino Uomo Colognes: Office Friendly to Hypnotizing

Valentino Uomo is a series of leather-based colognes for men that can be used for business or pleasure.

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You pride yourself on being a professional man and, as such, you invest in some time-honored personal care products. And a good cologne is right at the top of that list.

But with so many options available, which brand is the best one to try? 

valentino uno cologne for men

Valentino Uomo is certainly a good choice. The fragrances come from the vaunted house of Valentino and provide several options, from more woodsy alternatives to more fruity ones.

Whether you use them for the office or the club, you can be sure they’ll convey the image you’re seeking.

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So, spray on some Valentino Uomo, and start living La Dolce Vita!

Below are six Valentino Uomo colognes for men you can choose from.  

Our Top 6 Valentino Uomo Colognes

Valentino Uomo by Valentino for Men

Valentino Uomo Eau de Toilette

Celebrate your masculinity with this intensely European scent. Only the best ingredients, specifically selected, are melded into each Valentino bottle. Expect the unexpected boldness that comes when you spritz. 

If you are a man about town, single and worry-free, this is your scent. It’s seductive, exotic, mysterious, and enticing. Or, if you already have someone on your arm, use this spray to bring them even closer.

Scent Notes

This scent is concocted with cedar oil and the root of Indian grass. It’s then blended with a hint of pure vanilla and iris to induce a smoky flavor that adds depth and maturity. 

Where You Should Wear It

This fall fragrance is great on date night, especially when it’s up close and personal time.

Valentino Uomo Acqua By Valentino for Men

Acqua by Valentino Eau de Toilette

This take is a refreshing, summery scent that reminds one of lounging along Lake Como wearing a thick blue and white-striped shirt, shorts, a pair of well-worn loafers, and a pair of Bottega Veneta sunglasses.

This is the scent for a sophisticated family man, one who still knows how to have fun, but also with responsibilities. Whether it’s a Saturday afternoon barbecue with the kids or a trip to the F1 race at Monza, this fragrance will fit right in.

Scent Notes

This leather-based product comes with top notes of mandarin orange and tomato. Finally, breathe in a hint of sage and patchouli.  

Where You Should Wear It

This summertime scent works well in almost any casual and carefree environment. Apply before going with your family and friends to a La Liga match or when you stay home to watch TV.

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino EDP for Men

Intense Eau de Parfum

Perfumers tried to fuse the ideas of magnetism and conquest to form a masculine vibe.

Think a mid-30s marketing executive wearing a Giorgio Armani suit, Visconti watch, and Ferragamo loafers. With or without a tie, this scent will exude a powerful aroma that means you’re all business. 

Then, when the workday concludes, exchange the suit for a leather jacket, hop in your Alfa Romeo convertible and live a little.

Scent Notes

Patchouli and iris are mixed with tonka bean and black leather to form a voluptuous, charming scent that leaves a lasting impression.

Where You Should Wear It: 

Use it for business or pleasure. This fall and winter scent has the rustic feel of a warm fire in a log cabin. 

Valentino Uomo Regenerating After Shave Balm

Regenerating After-Shave Balm

This refreshing combination lingers to make a great scent for day or night. 

Anyone who shaves should enjoy this product. Its mellow fragrance soothes your skin immediately upon application. Expect your tired skin to be refreshed and moisturized.

Scent Notes

The traditional Valentino Uomo scent. Woodsy and nutty. Its top tier contains roasted coffee beans, bergamot, chocolate, and myrtle. The base notes include white leather and cedar.

Where You Should Wear It

Apply to your face and neck. If you manscape, you can apply this balm to those locations as well. Just be careful.

Born in Roma Yellow Dream Eau de Toilette

Born in Roma Yellow Dream Eau de Toilette

Think three Cs when trying this manly cologne: Color, Cool, and Couture. Combined, you get a tropical blend that rouses the senses, creates allure, and projects an animal magnetism that remains long after you put it on. 

This scent reeks of the irreverent Renaissance man: a schizophrenic in the best sense of the word. One who takes life seriously, but not himself. 

Rome combines thousands of years-worth of architecture, history, and culture with a techno club mentality. So does this fragrance. 

It’s for someone who’s right-brained during the day and left-brained at night.

Scent Notes 

It begins with mandarin orange and pineapple. Then, add in a hint of gingerbread. Finally, adopt the familiar Valentino notes of cedar and vanilla. 

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Where You Should Wear It 

This scent is designed mostly for spring and summer. So apply it from a short distance away to each place you can feel your pulse: carotid artery, wrist, femoral artery. Enjoy. 

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma for Men

Born in Roma Eau de Toilette

It’s almost like the coolness of stainless steel appliances or a shiny new robot.

Italians crave sugary sweets, like Amaretto, Limoncello, and Gelato. This scent, with its sweet and salty mix, could be added right next to those. If you are someone whose tongue is likewise tickled by sweets, then this fragrance may be what you’re looking for.  

Scent Notes

The top note of this classic is violet, with middle notes of sage and vetiver (Indian grass) with base notes that include salt and ginger. They combine to provide a burst of flavor, an aromatic smokiness, and a modern approach.

Where You Should Wear It

This is perfect for clubbing. You want to stand out, don’t you? Apply it to your chest and undo a button or two on your shirt. Relax and have fun.

About Valentino Uomo

The elite fashion house of Valentino Garavani opened in 1960 in Rome and interestingly its first famous client was former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. 

Since then, Valentino has dressed numerous Academy Award winners, including Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, and Elizabeth Taylor. The house of Valentino also created a special wedding dress for Jennifer Lopez.

In the late 1970s, Valentino branched out into the luxury perfume business for women and in 2014 it added the Valentino Uomo line for men.

Who Makes the Cologne?

Olivier Polge is the brain – and nose – behind the Valentino Uomo line. He intended to create a classical fragrance pyramid with a base, middle (or heart), and top notes. The base of all Valentino Uomo is rich leather.


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