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What Does Jasmine Smell Like? Plus 10 Jasmine Perfumes to Try

What Does Jasmine Smell Like? Plus 10 Jasmine Perfumes to Try

The scent of jasmine is a giant in perfumery and aromatherapy and has been for centuries, which isn’t hard to understand why. With only a small amount of the flower oil, base perfumes and aromatherapy blends can be greatly amplified. And although floral, its fragrance is suited to all genders. 

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What is jasmine?

Jasmine Jasminum grandiflorum (Oleaceae) is a flowering vine or shrub from the olive family. It is best known for its aromatic flowers which are used heavily in perfumery (under the category: white flowers) and aromatherapy.

There are many varieties of jasmine each with a slightly different scent (or sometimes no scent at all). Jasmine’s perfume comes from its small yellow or white flowers.


How does jasmine smell?

The scent of jasmine is incredibly sensual, rich and sweet. More poetically, jasmine could be described as intoxicating, exotic and intense. While it’s a floral scent, there’s an animalic element to it which might also explain why it’s long been considered an aphrodisiac.

In Hindu and Muslim traditions, it’s considered the perfume of love. In aromatherapy, it’s used to relax the body, lower emotional borders, and for intimacy.

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jasmine perfume

10 Jasmine Perfumes to Try


Bold Jasmine: Mugler Alien

Perfect for anyone looking to experience the full power of jasmine. Mugler Alien is a unique jasmine perfume that’s bold, slightly boozy, creamy and luxurious. Great longevity.


Montale Jasmine Full

Montale Jasmine Full is a big, bold celebration of white florals. A soft cloud of jasmine bliss with supporting notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle. It starts slightly green and soapy but warms as the orange blossom develops.


Best Youthful: Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom is like holding a lush bouquet of flowers. Feminine, floral, and powdery. A combination of white florals takes center stage with strong tuberose, honeysuckle, and jasmine notes. A crisp and youthful take on jasmine.


Best Sexy Jasmine: Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge

Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge is a cool and sexy pairing of ylang-ylang and jasmine perfume. It’s a softer and subtler scent than the usual Tom Ford fragrances but still has moderate sillage and longevity. Very classy and versatile.


Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum

If you love the smell of jasmine tea, Michael Kors Glam Jasmine is for you. It’s a relatively straightforward jasmine perfume with notes of white flowers, cassis, and sandalwood. It’s a romantic and pretty scent with good projection and longevity.


Best for Summer: Floris Night Scented Jasmine

Floris Night Scented Jasmine by Floris is a softly feminine, creamy jasmine but not cloying. It starts out with crisp green and citrus top notes before the jasmine and violet leaf develop. Sweet and delicate, it smells like walking past a jasmine bush on a warm summer night.


 Serge Lutens La Religieuse


L`Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons


Annick Goutal Songes

Bulgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum

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