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Armani Code EDP Reviewed: Magnetism at its Best

The Armani Code EDP is a great option for a year-round perfume you can wear on any occasion. This scent is a great option if you want a new signature scent. It is strong enough that people will start to correlate you with a great scent. 

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The Armani Code EDP for him is a sexy, alluring perfume that you can wear whenever and wherever. It is not too strong that you cannot wear it in casual settings. But it is strong enough to use in a romantic setting, and the perfume will attract everyone to you. 

Armani Code EDP

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In this Armani Code EDP review, you will find everything you need to know about the perfume, including who makes it, the pros and cons, and when and where you should wear it. 

Who Makes It? 

Giorgio Armani Beauty makes the Armani Code EDP in partnership with L’oréal Paris. It is one of their best-selling perfumes, and it has been on the market for years, as they first made it in 2006. 

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The Armani Code Parfum 2022 is the same sexy scent that people have loved for over a decade and a half. 

This perfume falls in the category of a classic, popular scent, along with the Chopard Fragrances. 

Scent Notes

The Armani Code EDP is made of various orange scents. The blossoms of the Tunisian orange, the sweet Italian orange, and the African orange are the most prominent scents you will smell in the perfume. 

oranges in a net basket

Then, you will also get hints of honey, ginger, sandalwood, jasmine sambac, and vanilla. These are the Armani Code EDP base notes that you will smell throughout the day as you wear the perfume.

EDP is a simple scent, but its sillage and longevity make it worth the price. That said, if you prefer a deeper, more manly scent, we recommend you opt for a musk fragrance.

Here are some quick facts about Armani Code EDP –


  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Very good
  • Scent potency/Appropriate for: The office; any romantic occasion; everyday wear
  • Price: $$$$ ($120+)


  • Not too light, not too heavy
  • Long-lasting
  • Good for any occasion


  • Expensive
  • Works for all occasions, so it can be hard to add variety to your scents

Who Would Like It

If you are willing to spend more money on a good perfume, you should splurge on the Armani Code EDP. 

You can make this your signature scent, as you can wear it for nearly any occasion. The scent is a good option if you want people to be more attracted to you and admire you more. 

It works well in a romantic setting, and the perfume will entice your partner or lover even more than usual. 

An alternative to the Armani Code is the Versace Crystal Noir EDT, another sexy fruity scent.

When To Wear It

You can wear the Armani Code EDP in any season. It does not have a scent specific to any season, so you can wear it all year long, helping make it your signature scent. 

You can also wear it during the daytime or nighttime. From work to a night out, the scent lasts long and will fit your activities throughout the day, no matter what you may be doing. 

Where To Wear It

You can truly wear Armani Code EDP anywhere. It is strong enough for people to smell when you pass by them, but it is not too heavy that it will overwhelm you or the people around you.

The Armani Code EDP is a good scent if you need something transitional for days when you go to an event right after work.

man getting ready for an event

The perfect balance between light and heavy is why it works for everyone. And, it is why you can wear it on any occasion, which is convenient to avoid having to get multiple scents or change scents depending on the day. 

But, if you want something for a more specific occasion, check out some of the other popular Armani Colognes

Packaging and Presentation

The Armani Code EDP comes in a classy bottle. The bottle is black with an elegant gold top. 

The perfume comes in various sizes, so the packaging can vary slightly. The gold top is the same size on every bottle, no matter what size it is, but the height of the bottle varies. 

For example, the Armani Code EDP 110ml size is much taller than the 50 ml bottle. 

Personal Impressions

The Armani Code EDP is a sensual perfume. If you are the one wearing it, you will notice more people complimenting you and wanting to be around you. 

And, I know if you smell it on someone else, you will be attracted to them. It brings people together in a tantalizing way. 

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Armani Code EDP

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And, even in a casual situation, it is a good scent that people will recognize as yours. Even in a position where intimacy is unwarranted, it is an excellent scent to have to boost your confidence and make others like you.


The positive part of the Armani Code EDP is that it is long-lasting. You can put it on in the morning, go about your day, and you will still be able to smell it at the end of the day. 

Even if you have a date at night and want this sultry perfume to help you set the mood, you can count on it to be just as strong as it was when you put it on. 

And it even lingers in the air after you walk away. It stays just long enough that people can notice the delightful smell. But, it does not stay long enough that it is too strong, and people are overwhelmed by the small.

But, the sillage is not as high as other perfumes. While the scent is categorized as having good sillage, it could be improved and is one of the small things we would change about it. 

Armani Code EDP Reviewed: Magnetism at its Best

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