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How To Apply Perfume To Make it Last Longer and Smell Beautiful

How To Apply Perfume To Make it Last Longer and Smell Beautiful

Do you really know how to apply perfume so that you get the most out of it every single day? You might not and that could be making a big difference in how long your scent lasts and what it really smells like on you. However, with a few helpful hints on the art of layering your fragrance, you will find that you smell fantastic all day long and never have to reapply your scent.

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Perfume interacts with your chemistry

You might know that perfume interacts with your own body chemistry to give you that unique smell that everyone notices. Many people miss out on this because they tend to spray their fragrances on their clothing and ignore where the perfume is supposed to go, which is on the body. If you spray your perfume onto your clothing, the only thing you’re really getting is scented clothes and that’s almost a waste of valuable perfume.

You might also be interested to know that since perfume is made partly of oils, as it warms with contact to the skin, it will help to give you the essential “fragrance halo” which you seek. So, the first thing that you should know is that proper perfume application begins with making contact with the skin.

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You should also know that your perfume won’t last very long if you apply it to dry skin, so if you are working to apply your perfume the right way, but it’s going onto dry skin, you’ll find that it doesn’t last very long at all. Consider making sure that your skin is properly moisturized and if you need additional moisture, you may want to rub some petroleum jelly or high moisturizing lotion into your skin in order to give your fragrance the added boost you are looking for.

How to apply perfume

You might think that it’s easy to know how or where to apply your perfume, but you should know that you don’t have to spray as much as you think or you might be able to get away with much less than you think. Some people like to spray their clothing, such as coats, but if you wear a bit behind the ears, it’s likely that you will get fragrance there anyway, so save the expense.

Instead, when you’re applying your perfume, consider how you will be wearing it and what type of clothing you’re wearing for the day. For instance, dresses, skirts and shorts? Give the back of each knee a squirt so that you can have the fragrance gently trailing behind you. Plus, this is great for daytime use, since it’s further from the nose.

Wearing a v-neck, or scoop neck and a delicate or subtle fragrance? Add some to the cleavage for your own pleasure and a little added boost of fragrance. Plus, if you’re out on a date or at the club, this can be nice if that special someone has to lean in to talk to you a little bit.

How To Apply Perfume To Make it Last Longer and Smell Beautiful

When you spray on your wrists, don’t rub them together, because this can cause the fragrance to get “crushed”. If you choose to spray the wrists, consider a spritz at the hollow of the base of your neck if it’s a light fragrance, otherwise, apply a small amount behind the ears, but always make sure not to overdo your scent, as this will make it overbearing and unpleasant.

Properly applying your fragrance might seem easy, but if you aren’t sure, you’re better off to use less for starters. You would be surprised at how far a little fragrance really goes.