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Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume Reviewed: Bright & Exciting Scent For Your Next Nightout

With a little over a decade of experience in producing perfumes, fashion design powerhouse Jimmy Choo has produced a signature scent for young women. 

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Blossom perfume by Jimmy Choo was created in 2013 with the intention to appeal to young women who love to party. Everything about this perfume, from the packaging to the scent, conveys youth and vibrancy. 

Blossom was thoughtfully created to convey three layers of scents that mirror the emotions you experience during a night out.

The first layer represents the anticipation of the evening, the second layer embodies the delicate power of femininity, and the third is a gentle layer that brings to mind prowess and seduction. 

Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume 1

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Keep reading to learn more about what Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume smells like and how it’s managed to become one of Jimmy Choo’s top-selling scents over the past nine years. 

Who Makes It?  

Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume was created by Perfumer Louise Turner. Turner is from Kent, UK, which is where her love for delicate scents began. She was inspired by the smells of the flowers that grew wild every spring throughout her childhood. 

In 1996, Turner began her career in fragrance production by working with the perfume production company Quest. Quest was later acquired by Givaudan, which is where Turner still works today.

Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume 2

Working under Givaudan, Turner created Blossom for Jimmy Choo, which was successfully launched in 2013, and remains in production today. 

Louise Turner approaches her perfume creations with a “less is more” attitude, and has crafted scents for many luxury brands including, Chloé, Dior, and Hugo Boss. 

Scent Notes

Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume notes consist of three layers of distinct scents. Let’s take a look at the notes that make up each of those layers. 

Strongest Note 

The most present scent in Blossom is the fruit note. There is a bright and strong scent of berries infused with citrus. Raspberry is the most intense part of this scent, giving it a tart but still sweet feeling.

Middle Note

The middle layer of Blossom perfume is where the floral notes come through. There is the sweet and delicate scent of sweetpea that feels young and vibrant.

Base Note

The base note of Blossom is a heady and intoxicating scent of white musk. This note lingers longer than the others and enhances the brightness of the fruity and floral tones present in the other layers. 

Who Would Like It?

The Jimmy Choo Blossom fragrance is perfect for young, socially active women.

It’s purposefully marketed to women as a scent that was created specifically for a night out on the town. Everything about the scent is meant to represent energy and femininity.

Jimmy Choo Perfume 3

If you’re a young woman who likes to mingle, dance, and party, then this scent was made for you. 

When to Wear It?

There’s a time and a place for everything, and the fragrance you choose is no exception to that rule. Blossom is best worn during spring or summer.

Its scent compliments the warmer seasons and would feel a bit out of place in the dead of winter or the cool crisp setting of autumn. 

As for the time of day, this scent is perfect for a day or night perfume. During a spring or summer day, Blossom will complement the feelings of life and newness in the air, while at night it brings a tone of excitement to the party. 

Where to Wear It? 

Blossom is best worn in any cheerful social setting. From a night out dancing with your friends to a calm brunch, this perfume suits any happy gathering.

Because this scent is bright and seductive, it’s also a perfect choice for a date night with your beaux. 

If you’re heading into a more serious setting like an office or meeting, you may want to choose a less playful scent that won’t clash with the mood. 

Packaging and Presentation

Jimmy Choo’s Blossom scent comes in a variety of sizes. Two of the more popular purchase options are the Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume 40mL (1.3oz) or the Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume 3.3oz sizes.

Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume 4

This perfume comes packaged in a hot pink box that is wrapped in an enticing black border. The outer package gives the impression that this perfume is made for a party girl.

Inside of the eye-catching outer box is a delicate yet bold glass bottle. The bottle has a hot pink ombre effect which starts with an opaque pink at the bottom and fades into the glass as it rises. The bottle is topped with an opulent cap that brings to mind the effect of a glass chandelier. 

Personal Impressions

Jimmy Choo Blossom is the ideal perfume for an outgoing woman looking to elevate her night.

Louis Turner’s simple approach when designing this perfume has created a scent that is not overwhelming but also demands to be noticed. It’s simple and exciting all at the same time. 

Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP

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The tart tones in the more fruity notes keep you awake and bright even late into the night. The floral scent makes you feel confident and bright, while the muskiness of the base can inspire you to feel like you’re on the prowl. 


Since this is a Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume review, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how well this perfume performs. Because it was crafted as a scent for a night out, longevity is important. 

Overall we found that this fragrance will last you through at least 12 hours of wear. It’s not necessary to keep applying throughout your day or night. In fact, we found that an over-application can be a little overwhelming on the senses. 

If this fragrance is properly applied at your pressure points, its longevity will impress you. 

Pros and Cons


  • Long-lasting wear
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Simple, but unforgettable scent


  • Not an appropriate scent for all events
  • It’s not a year-round perfume

Overall Thoughts

Overall we found that Jimmy Choo Blossom perfume is a scent that’s worth adding to your fragrance line-up. It elevates the mood for a night out, the scent is pleasing without being overwhelming, and the longevity holds up regardless of whether you’re mingling or dancing all night. 

Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume Reviewed: Bright & Exciting Scent For Your Next Nightout

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.