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8 Best and Most Elegant Valentino Perfumes

8 Best and Most Elegant Valentino Perfumes

Valentino is a brand that most associate with top qualities such as grace, elegance, class, and classic looks in the fashion world. Valentino’s perfume line is a perfect embodiment of the image that the name has created worldwide.

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Many women choose Valentino fragrances because they expect perfection and quality, and that is precisely what they get with this line of perfumes.

Valentino Perfume Favorites

Before we get into more about the Valentino fragrance brand, let’s begin by looking at the eight best perfumes Valentino produces. Below we will discuss some of the top Valentino perfumes and what makes them stand out from the rest. 

valentino ete

Valentino V Ete*

Valentino V Ete perfume is a Valentino fragrance that features a more woody and powdery tone with fruity-floral hints mixed in that originally hit shelves as a limited-edition scent in 2006. The scent is characteristic to women of classic preferences because it has mentionable notes of violet, sweet litchi, bamboo leaf, and Bulgarian rose with floral hints of peony, jasmine, and geranium. It is easily an ideal fragrance for a day on the town or an evening with friends.

rock n rose valentino

Rock’n Rose*

Just as the name suggests, Rock’n Rose by Valentino, inspired by the ever-favorite flower, the rose, is an enticing and alluring scent from the brand. It was launched by Valentino in 2008 and has been popular ever since. The defining tone in this fragrance is the rose, which makes it ideal for women of all ages and fantastic for all occasions. You will feel like you are in a rose garden in paradise wearing this perfume. 

valentina blush

Valentina Blush*

Valentina Blush is a breath of fresh air with its sweet and fruity scents. Produced in 2017 by Valentino, this is an excellent addition to your cosmetic collection either for a day out with friends, or a tropical vacation! The fragrance has dark cherry, pink pepper, and lemon notes to open with a kick with undertones of citrus peel and orange blossom for a springy feel. If you are looking for something different from the Valentino brand, Valentina Blush is sure to please. 

rock n dreams

Rock’n Dreams*

Young, playful women will fall for this light and springy fragrance from the Valentino brand. It is a floral perfume from the line of Rock fragrances from Valentino. Rock’n Dreams features heavily packed notes of iris, vanilla, cinnamon, myrrh, and wood, making it a great choice for the younger crowd as they spend the day on the town with friends and loved ones. 

valentino perfume verde

Valentino Donna Rose Verde*

Valentino perfume Donna Rose Verde was launched by the Valentino brand in 2018 as a floral fragrance for women. It is an excellent fragrance for women of any age and demographic who want to emphasize subtlety and sensuality at the same time. Donna Rose Verde features notes of bergamot, ginger, and petitgrain Paraguay with undertones of rose, osmanthus, and magnolia.  

Valentino Donna Acqua

Valentino Donna Acqua*

A beautiful collision of frosted pear and tender green almond makes Valentino Donna Acqua a famous fragrance choice for women. It is an oriental floral fragrance that hit the shelves in 2017 from the Valentino brand. The lower notes of the fragrance are jasmine, sandalwood, frangipani, and Hawthorne to really bring the tender sweetness of this Valentino perfume to life.  

valentino valentina

Valentino Valentina* 

The It girls from Italian culture has inspired Valentino Valentina perfume such that it embodies the attitudes of rebellious Italian heiresses. This fragrance is light and careless, with a bit of attitude mixed in to create a youthful scent. The top tones are white alba truffle and Calabrian bergamot with undertones of orange blossom, strawberry, jasmine, and tuberose, making Valentina a perfect fragrance for a day out.  

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donna born in roma

Donna Born In Roma*

The Valentino perfume Born in Roma is a mixture of oriental and floral scents inspired by the architecture of Rome. Donna Born in Roma is an embodiment of luxury, femininity, and classic women. This Valentino Roma perfume was born in Rome, just like the brand. It features tones of bergamot essence and blackcurrant accord with hints of jasmine tea, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, and jasmine sambac absolute. 

About The Brand

Valentino brand is the fashion house that was founded by Italian designer Valentino Garavani. Since the inception of the brand, Valentino has been a successful embodiment of Italian couture and Italian culture. Valentino sold the company in 1998, and Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccoli have run it since 2008. 

perfume valentino2

The Valentino brand began offering fragrances with Proctor and Gamble, and Puig as of 2010. There are 39 perfumes in the fragrance collections. The earliest Valentino perfume was created in 1978 and has seen nothing but success since then. 

Who Makes Valentino Perfumes?

Over the years, Valentino perfumes have been manufactured by Proctor and Gamble and Puig. In 2018, a partnership with L’Oreal Paris created even more depth for the well-known fragrance line.

Valentino perfumes are distributed across the entire world and resonate with every woman from a variety of demographics. Though they are manufactured in multiple places, the Valentino fragrance line stays true to the goal of portraying the lifestyle of high-class Italian women. 

perfume valentino


Valentino perfumes come from one of the biggest and most recognizable names in fashion. Like everything else from Valentino, the fragrance brand embodies grace, class, and elegance while emphasizing women’s classic looks. Women who expect high-quality and consistency choose Valentino fragrances without fail. Though we only talked about the top eight choices, there are 39 to choose from, so you are sure to find your ideal fragrance. 

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