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YSL Black Opium Neon vs Black Opium: Ultimate Women’s Perfume Comparison

Black Opium is one of the signature scents from Yves Saint Laurent. As beloved as it is, Black Opium has spawned several offshoots, including Black Opium Neon.

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Thanks to their unique coffee base, both scents are beloved by fans, but what sets them apart? Keep reading to learn more about Black Opium and Black Opium Neon, and find out which scent is best for you.  

The Perfumes in a Nutshell

Let’s take a look at the main details of each of these fragrances:

YSL Black Opium Neon EDP

Best For Summer

YSL Black Opium Neon

Pros: It has a lightly sweet and floral scent that still stands out, but it is more versatile than Black Opium. 

Cons: It does not have as much staying power as Black Opium. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

For: Daring woman looking for a feminine yet striking scent. 
Seasons: All seasons.
Wear It: This is a versatile scent that works in most settings. 
Launched: 2019

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YSL Black Opium

Best For Winter

YSL Black Opium

Pros: The flagship Black Opium has become a staple in so many collections. It has unique, daring sent and plenty of staying power. 

Cons: It doesn’t work well for Spring or Summer as the scent can be a bit heavy. Some users don’t think it works every day. Not a very complex scent. 

For: Women
Seasons: Fall and Winter
Wear it: It is designed for every day and works well for special occasions. 
Launched: 2014

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YSL Black Opium Neon
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Scent: Citrus & white florals
  • Launched: 2019
YSL Black Opium
  • Sillage: Powerful
  • Scent: Sweet vanilla & coffee
  • Launched: 2014

The Makers

Yves Saint Laurent is the creator of both of these scents.

They design all their colognes & perfumes with Parisian beauty in mind. For this reason, they strike for scents that are daring, modern, and elegant. 

YSL black opium neon vs black opium

YSL fragrance works with various talented perfumers to make their signature scents. They have not only a line of perfumes for women but also men’s fragrances

The Difference in Scent Notes

Black Opium has a warm, seductive scent that awakens the senses. 

The leading note of this perfume is of strong coffee that works to make you and others feel alert and alive.

Under that is the sweetness of vanilla and floral notes of white flowers. The entire combination has been described as entirely unique with its warm and spicy notes and gentle sweetness. 

Daring women inspired this perfume. The choice of coffee for the leading scent was meant to represent a modern and edgy woman who isn’t afraid to stand apart.

Coffee beans

Black Opium Neon has been described as the younger sister to Black Opium, with brighter, fresh scents that still pair lovely with the coffee base. 

Like the Black Opium, this perfume starts with the strong scent of coffee to awaken the senses. Where this perfume changes, however, is by adding fresh notes of orange blossom and delicious dragon fruit.

Where Black Opium was floral and sweet, Black Opium Neon is bright and fruity under the warmth of coffee. The fragrance has been deprived of spellbinding and adrenaline-filled.

Thanks to the inclusion of orange blossom, Black Opium Neon may work as a YSL Libre dupe. 

Who are These Scents Made For? 

Both of these scents are designed primarily with women in mind. Black Opium is the more powerful of the two, offering an incense that both stands out and allures.

It is excellent for women who set themselves apart and want to make a statement. 

Black Opium Neon, on the other hand, is a lighter, sweeter option. The coffee base still makes this option stand out in a crowd, but this works for women who want something more feminine and light. 

Where Should You Wear Them? 

Both scents are rather versatile. Black Opium Neon is the more versatile of the two. With the lighter scent, it works better for everyday wear. 

Some Black Opium Parfume Femme reviews found it strong for everyday use and opted to use it only for special occasions

Packaging and Presentation

The bottle of Black Opium follows the theme perfectly. The label is found on a pale pink circle at the heart of the bottle, representing vanilla and floral notes. Surrounding that, the rest of the bottle has a textured black coating.

This could convey the edginess that Yves Saint Laurent was trying to portray with their scent. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

Black Opium comes available in three sizes (depending on the retailer). You can find it in 1.6 oz, 3 oz, a 5 oz bottles. 

If you enjoy the scent of Black Opium and want it in other products, Yves Saint Laurent also offers it in a shimmering body lotion formula and a hair mist.


The bottle of YSL Neon Perfume is slightly more elongated than the Black Opium bottle. The pink window at the center now radiates in vibrant neon pink. The same neon pink shows up in detail on the box.

The rest of the bottle is the same, with the textured black coating and general design. Black Opium Neon currently comes in one available size, 2.5 oz.

Personal Impression of Each

The Black Opium and Black Opium Neon offer tantalizing, warm, alluring scents and awakening. Both have their strengths and weaknesses given certain situations. 

Black Opium is better for wear in winter and autumn. It has a rich, decadent scent that is perhaps a bit too dark for the lighter seasons of spring and summer. 

The only downside to Black Opium is that it is not a very complex scent. You will get your coffee and vanilla, but you won’t find many other notes layered in beyond that. 

Black Opium Neon, however, has a light, fruity scent that pairs with the darker coffee notes. The overall effect is a scent that is more delicate than Black Opium while still holding to the edgy and modern standard created by the Black Opium line. 

Thanks to the lighter scent, Black Opium Neon is a great perfume to wear. Where Black Opium works better in winter and fall, the bright florals and sweet fruits allow Black Opium Neon to shine in fall and winter and through spring and summer.

The verdict comes down to your personal preferences and habits. If you want something that will last all day without reapplying, then Black Opium is your perfume.

On the other hand, if you find Black Opium a little too deep and rich for your tastes, opt for the lighter and sweeter Black Opium Neon.

You may need to reapply Black Opium Neon for all-day wear, so perhaps find yourself a pocket-sized refillable perfume dispenser. 


Black Opium is also amazing for those who need a long-lasting perfume, as it has been shown to last up to 7 hours of continuous wear. 

With the sweetness of Black Opium Neon, it wears down into a scent that resembles a latte. That being said, it does not have as much staying power as Black Opium, as it tends to only last about 4 hours.

YSL Black Opium Neon vs Black Opium: Ultimate Women's Perfume Comparison

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