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Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Perfume Review: An Ageless Classic?

If you find yourself in the perfume market either for your pleasure or as a gift for a loved one, look no further. Here, we go over Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door perfume and determine who it would be a good fit for, its origins, its scent, the way it’s displayed, and where it’s available for purchase. 

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If you enjoy a floral yet slightly woody scent that works well across many atmospheres, the Red Door perfume* may be something to consider. 


Who Makes it?

Elizabeth Arden is a well-known, renowned brand that produces skincare products as well as Elizabeth Arden fragrances. The Red Door Eau de Parfum and Toilette is one of those classic beauty enhancers, first circulating in the late 1980s. 

The perfume gets its name from the “Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas,” an ode to the red doors featured in her spas. The Arden brand made the fragrance to honor the late Elizabeth Arden herself, who passed in the 1960s. 

Scent Notes

The Red Door perfume is a floral one – opening with rose, wild violet, orange blossom plus fruits such as plum and peach. Middle notes boast honey, more rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley, and orchid.

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Wearing either the eau de toilette spray or parfum will lead you to the earthy base notes of sandalwood, amber, cedar and musk. Because the smell is slightly sweet yet woody this perfume is ageless – perfect for any woman (or man!) that loves a flowery, fresh scent

Packaging and Presentation

The design and packaging of the product has changed since its conception in 1989. Initially, the perfume came in a dome-lidded design that resembled lipstick. The lid was a bright red while the body remained nude. 

Nowadays, the updated packing boasts an entirely red and rectangular sleek bottle. While the original packaging was sufficient, the newer design looks classy yet fierce and sells the product. The front of the bottle features six small panels, similar to that of a door. 


The inclusion of the name into the packaging is a genius marketing idea and elevates the perfume itself. The lid now either has an entirely transparent and sleek top or a matching red cap, depending on where you purchase your perfume. 

Personal Impressions

The packaging of the product is the most appealing aspect. The Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume design is enticing and alluring. When looking at the packaging, the perfume gives off a sexy and fierce vibe, yet the aroma is more elegant and poised. 

It is, however, is genuinely ageless. It works well with anyone – women, regardless of age, can pull off this fragrance. It doesn’t fall heavily into one category yet flows into quite a few. 


The Red Door perfume lasts long and lingers for a significant amount of time, ensuring you get your money’s worth. It can be aggravating to buy a fragrance that seems to lose its scent after 10 minutes, resulting in you using it quicker due to reapplication.

The Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume* appears to last long enough to let others know you’ve used it but isn’t overpowering enough to turn anyone away. This excellent longevity is also paired with great sillage.

red door perfume

Who Would Like it? 

Like mentioned, the Red Door perfume does feel ageless. It is versatile in that for many it is a favorite, and it still feels like it “fits.” The floral yet slightly woody fragrance is excellent for a multitude of locations and works with many outfits.  

The scent would work well for anyone who loves the way the floral compliments the woody. If you find you like a more musky or “dulled” smells, this may not be for you. However, if you prefer a floral and fresh aroma, this could very quickly be your favorite perfume.

Where Should You Wear it?

Wearing Red Door* is great for a date night or going out on the town during warmer months. You should wear this perfume to a nice dinner or when meeting someone new for the first time, i.e., the first date. It is welcoming and attractive and wearing perfume of this ilk will have people asking about your scent. 

On your body, apply it to your wrists, behind ears, between the chest, and behind elbows/knees. Applying to these areas elongates the life of your perfume and ensures you’re getting the most for your money

red door deodorant

Where Can You Buy It? 

You can shop for this Elizabeth Arden spray at a multitude of stores both online and in person. 

There’s also a Red Door set that comes with the the EDT, body lotion, and the replica. This is an excellent option for those who love to shop when they have found great deal. 

red door 3 piece set

If You Want to Try It 

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden is the perfect option for a woman looking to invest in herself. One of the benefits is that it is so well-known that you can compare prices and purchase from somewhere that best suits your needs. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in yourself or get a gift for a friend, Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a great contender as a versatile and elegant fragrance that can very quickly become a signature scent.

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Elizabeth Ardens Red Door Perfume
Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Perfume Review: An Ageless Classic?

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