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Burberry for Men Reviewed: A Classic, Iconic & Timeless Scent

Classic, refined, and elegant luxury brand Burberry represents tailored masculinity. Aside from their impeccable dress shirts and scarves, they also make a spectacular perfume. 

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Burberry for Men is one of the most popular (and beloved) male fragrances available. The manly-but-not-overpowering scent represents the modern man and his complexities by blending wood and citrus notes.

Burberry for Men EDT

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Read on for a full Burberry for Men cologne review.

Who Makes It?

Burberry launched in 1856 in the bustling neighborhood of Basingstoke. The genius behind it all was Thomas Burberry. Initially, he sought to create a clothing line specializing in trench coats.

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Shortly after that, Thomas designed the world-renowned Burberry color story – a red, tan, black, and white plaid checker pattern that took the world by storm.

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Burberry decided to enter the fragrance world in 1981. Burberry for Men (or Burberry Classic) was the first venture by Thomas into the realm of luxury scents.

He partnered with Michel Almairac, a perfumer from Grasse, France, to design the now-legendary cologne. Blending hints of femininity with the masculine scent of wood, Burberry Classic for Men turned into an instant hit. 

Although the fragrance has several formulations, the crisp, modern scent maintains relevancy over generations of wearers.

Scent Notes

Known for its complex scent pattern and longevity, Burberry for Men primarily had base notes of musk, vanilla, and amber. The base notes give the fragrance a spicy, sexy, but slightly sweet vibe to keep it daytime friendly. 

The middle notes of Burberry for Men are cedar, sandalwood, geranium, jasmine, and oakmoss. These floral scents add depth to the musky base layer and lighten up an otherwise rich, dark fragrance.


Burberry for Men further complicates its scent story with its top notes – mint, lavender, bergamot, and thyme. The herbal layer blends with the spicy, woodsy notes of its counterparts, toning down the strength of the musk and amber.

Who Would Like It?

Burberry for Men is an excellent fit for anyone seeking a subtle, woody aromatic cologne with herb and floral undertones. Its mature and laid-back characteristics make it suitable for a variety of settings.

We think Burberry for Men is a classy scent that young professional men in their thirties and forties will especially gravitate towards – but it will work for all ages! Burberry for Men is the ideal everyday fragrance, but it suits special events, too.  

Burberry For Men EDT

Stylish, modern men will love this cologne. The silky scent and elegant packaging make anyone feel like a fashion icon. 

When to Wear It

Burberry for Men is a versatile cologne. Its woody aroma makes it appropriate for the fall and winter, while its citrus components mean it will not be out of place during the spring and summer.

This fragrance can also take you to date night, drinks, and beyond. The musk has just enough sexiness, while the delicate herbal notes give you approachability. 

We love this cologne as a summer fragrance for those who may not enjoy the tropical aromas of summer. Burberry for Men somehow avoids the fruity, sultry stereotype but provides that fresh summer feeling.

If you want a more relaxed, spring/summer vibe, try Burberry Weekend for Men. It has robust citrus notes and less spicy undertones. 

Where to Wear It 

Burberry for Men is a versatile fragrance that works for almost any event. Weddings, coffee dates, errands, vacations – you can take this cologne anywhere. 

We also love that Burberry for Men is workplace-appropriate. Your colleagues will be able to smell you, but not in an overwhelming way. Plus, the confidence-boosting scent will add a spring in your step for your future job interview or board meeting (and matches well with a suit).

Do not think this fragrance is all work and no play, though! Burberry for Men makes a perfect first date cologne as it smells sexy but not so spicy it becomes off-putting. Your date will think you smell mature, stylish, and put-together. 

Packaging and Presentation

Similar to the aesthetic of Burberry overall, Burberry for Men comes in minimalist-but-stunning packaging that will look great on your bathroom counter. 

The bottle is clear glass, allowing the color of the fragrance (a pale, pastel yellow) to show through. All text on the bottle is black lettering, with Burberry for Men in a bold, masculine font. 

If you want to give Burberry for Men as a gift or crave more of the scent, there are sets available. Most include a full-size bottle of Burberry for Men, body wash, and lotion. However, some may come with a travel-sized bottle or brand-related keepsake. 

You can even pick up Burberry for Women, the feminine counterpart to Burberry for Men. 

Personal Impressions

Burberry for Men gives us manly-but-not-overwhelming vibes. Far from the cheap fragrances in the men’s aisle of your local drugstore, Burberry for Men exudes high quality without being inaccessible. 

While Burberry for Men cologne does smell expensive, it still suits everyone. All ages, demographics, styles, and tastes enjoy this fragrance – another reason we cannot get enough. We think this cologne would make an excellent gift! 

Additionally, Burberry for Men appeals to all levels of fragrance enthusiasts. Whether you are just getting into the perfume world or you have experience with luxury scents, Burberry for Men is a staple for any modern man’s collection.

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Burberry for Men EDT

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This fragrance embodies everything the Burberry brand represents. Classic English sophistication, complex patterns, and timeless aesthetics reveal themselves after a single spray.

Performance (Longevity, Sillage) 

Burberry for Men has a relatively long-lasting wear time. Most people say it endures a typical workday perfectly fine but may wear off a few hours after. Sillage is moderate, ideal for daily wear. It lingers when you leave the room but won’t cause any headaches.

If you have after-work plans, we suggest bringing a mini-size bottle to refresh at the end of the workday. 


  • Wide range of aromas, from woodsy to spices and citrus 
  • Subtle 
  • Versatile – works day and night
  • Accommodates all four seasons
  • Affordable 


  • It may be too subtle for some 
  • Not the longest-lasting cologne 

The most common complaint about Burberry for Men perfume is that the smell is not strong enough with just a few spritzes. Therefore, you use the product excessively and need to repurchase it sooner than other fragrances. 

Burberry for Men Reviewed: A Classic, Iconic & Timeless Scent

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