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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Reviewed: Playful, Intensely Sensual & Genderless

Tom Ford launched Lost Cherry, a winking, playful scent, in 2018. Lost Cherry is a unisex fragrance with a naughty streak. The name is a double entendre: an acknowledgment of both the top note of the scent and a mischievous nod towards losing one’s virginity.

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Tom Ford Lost Cherry strives to reconcile the space between youthful playfulness and a more adult sexuality; the name “Lost Cherry” acknowledges the accepted vernacular of a popped or lost cherry, meaning stolen virginity.

Lost Cherry banks on nostalgia. The sweet cherry evokes memories of candy and cocktails.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP

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However, the scent quickly fades and gives way to something more mature and earthy. Lost Cherry contains multitudes, which we will discuss in-depth in this article.

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Who Makes It?

Celebrated perfumer Louise Turner produced Tom Ford Lost Cherry. Hailing from Kent in the south of England, Turner initially pursued dentistry before following her nose to a prolific career in perfume. 

Before crafting Lost Cherry for multi-hyphenate Tom Ford, she created scents for many esteemed brands, including Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, Maison Martin Margiela, Dior, and Gucci.

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Turner is incredibly prolific, creating 90 scents since she became a perfumer in 1996. The Tom Ford brand is synonymous with luxury.

Tom Ford, the individual, is a true multi-hyphenate. Beyond his fashion brands, Ford has written and directed Academy Award-nominated films such as A Serious Man and Nocturnal Animals.

Scent Notes

Lost Cherry immediately immerses you in the aroma of forbidden fruit. The perfume has top notes of black cherry and cherry liquor. However, the strongest of the top notes is bitter almond, which provides a certain sweetness when mixed with the cherry scents. 

The heart notes continue the cherry assault by featuring griotte syrup, a sweet cherry syrup often used in cocktails. 

black cherry

Next, the Turkish rose provides a delicate, floral undercurrent to the whole affair while adding a touch of femininity. Finally, Jasmine sambac evens the playing field, offering a more masculine, lingering musk element.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry notes focus on warmer, more indulgent scents. Peru balsam provides a precious, sweet vanilla earthiness to the perfume, while roasted tonka beans supply a smooth, tobacco finish with a pleasant hint of vanilla and almond. 

Sandalwood, popular in many masculine fragrances, evokes memories of a peaceful forest, and vetiver contributes its grassy scent to the outdoorsy aroma.

The smell of cedar rounds out the base notes, working with the lingering Turkish rose and Jasmine sambac to create a textured and nuanced floral experience.

  • Pros: Lost Cherry is a unique scent made from elusive ingredients. Even after the cherry fades, the scent is pleasing.
  • Cons: While the scent remains for a considerable time, the top-notes fade quickly. Lost Cherry is relatively pricey, so if you are hoping to hold onto the playful, fruity elements of the scent, you will be disappointed. 
  • Sillage: Good. Out of 875 ratings on Parfumo, Lost Cherry earned a 7.4 average. 
  • Longevity: Excellent. Lasts between 7 and 10 hours
  • Scent Potency/Appropriate for: Lost Cherry lasts for between seven and ten hours, but the cherry scents quickly fade. Fortunately, this means Lost Cherry is appropriate for a variety of settings. The scent can transition from the workday to a dinner date.
  • Price: $$$$. Lost Cherry is expensive by anyone’s metric. However, the ingredients are rare and difficult to attain, and you are paying for exclusivity. 

Who Would Like it

The better question might be who wouldn’t like it. Lost Cherry is a mischievous, playful scent designed for men, women, and non-binary folks. Though the initial blush of the fragrance is almost candy-like, it mellows to something woodier and earthier. 

Lost Cherry suits anyone who welcomes a wave of playful nostalgia while still valuing maturity and experience.

The perfume is well suited to folks who are youthful but not juvenile. It is an adult approach to a young idea, like a candy-flavored cocktail that gives you the best of both worlds-sweet and adult.  

When To Wear it

There’s no wrong time to wear Tom Ford Lost Cherry. However, the scent is particularly conducive to date night. 

The sweet, playful notes come in fast and intense and gradually mellow into something warmer and more familiar. The perfume mirrors a date, starting intensely and turning into something pleasant and earthy. 

That said, there is no inappropriate scenario for Lost Cherry. It doesn’t overwhelm and can undoubtedly be worn to the office or a family reunion. 

Where To Wear it

Wear Tom Ford Lost Cherry to parties and events or wherever you want to. The scent is universally acceptable. While you certainly can wear the perfume to the office, it is a fun and playful aroma, well suited to parties and dates or events. 

Packaging and Presentation

This perfume comes in a few sizes: Tom Ford Lost Cherry Mini, Tom Ford Lost Cherry 10ml, Tom Ford Lost Cherry 30ml, and Tom Ford Lost Cherry 50ml. 

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP

Lost Cherry’s bottle is as stylish and fun as the scent itself. The container is geometric, a rectangular vessel with sharp, clean edges, lacquered as red as the fruit for which it’s named. 

Lost Cherry’s bottle is functional and striking; perfumes are best maintained in darker locations-light, breaking down the scent and diminishing the perfume’s potency. This bottle is built in its light protection; the cherry red is absolutely opaque. 

Personal Impressions

Lost Cherry is playful. The scent is tongue-in-cheek, the carefully layered notes as cheeky as the name itself.

Yes, Lost Cherry starts off smelling like candy, but its more sophisticated base notes make it an excellent option for nostalgic adults who aren’t quite ready to abandon youthful impishness-at whatever age that means.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry EDP

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Tom Ford Lost Cherry lasts for a medium amount of time. The top notes fade relatively quickly, but the overall scent lasts from seven to ten hours. After that, the intensity fades; the titular cherry components don’t last incredibly long, but they are effective while they stay. 

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That said, the base notes are warm and enticing. The scent lingers longer on a sweater than on the skin, so spray it onto your clothes for maximum endurance and performance. The aroma lingers for hours in the fibers, maturing beyond the initial candy cherry top notes.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Reviewed: Playful, Intensely Sensual & Genderless

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