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Best Thierry Mugler Cologne: A Shortlist of Unisex and Masculine Scents

If you’re searching for a unique and distinct cologne, Thierry Mugler cologne has been delighting noses since he first launched Angel for women in 1992. 

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Muscular man wearing Thierry Mugler

We’ve rounded a variety of Thierry Mugler colognes that work for day or night, summer or winter, and a variety of settings. Several are unisex scents, while others are distinctly masculine.

The 5 Best Thierry Mugler Cologne

Thierry Mugler Angel Men Edt

1. A*Men EDT

In 1996, Thierry Mugler launched Angel for Men, or A*Men, on the coattails of his wildly popular women’s perfume, Angel. He took the chocolate patchouli heart of Angel and made it beat in a coffee shop with lavender. Distinctly masculine, it’s served up in a whiskey flask with a superhero star.

A*Men has become a timeless masterpiece, unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled. 

Scent Notes

  • A*Men is complicated and sweetly gourmet. The smell is like being in a coffee and tea shop near a jungle spice market in India.
  • The top notes are a tea of bergamot, coriander, lavender, and mint.
  • The heart notes are exotic, sweet, and floral: honey, caramel, patchouli, cedarwood, jasmine, and lily of the valley.
  • The base notes are all coffee shop and wood: coffee, vanilla, sandalwood, amber, benzoin, styrax, and musk.

Who Would Like It

A*Men is marketed specifically to men. If you like sweet, calm, and mildly spicy colognes, you’ll probably like A*Men. 

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Where You Should Wear It

A*Men is a winter scent. Wear it when you want to feel cozy or go out to eat or drink.

Best Thierry Mugler Cologne: A Shortlist of Unisex and Masculine Scents

2. Alien Man EDT

The first time I smelled Alien, I was mesmerized. So, of course I had to experience Alien Man.

When I wear Alien Man, women are magnetized, struck by the carnal electric freshness of my alien manhood. Well, at least they ask what I’m wearing. 

Scent Notes

  • With wood and leather the dominant scents, Alien Man, turns me into a leather-clad woodland warrior. 
  • The “alien” ingredients are sweet and buttery Osmanthus flower, white amber, dill, spicy aniseed, apricot, and a smokey beech bark and Cashmeran wood base. 

Who Would Like It

Alien Man isn’t for everyone. But If you want to stand out from the crowd with a scent that’s strange, mysterious, and elegant, you’ll like Alien Man.

Where You Should Wear It

I wear Alien Man when the mood strikes. I’ve worn this to the office, on dates, and just about anywhere. I like to wear it more on cooler days because heat intensifies it. 


3. A*Men Pure Energy EDT

A*Men Pure Energy smells different than the original. While I detect some of the ancient woodsy magic from A*Men, Pure Energy is more crisp and clean without florals or citrus.

The first time I smelled A*Men Pure Energy on someone, it smelled more like pepper and resinous wood, which I liked.

Scent Notes

  • A*Men Pure Energy’s top notes are the comforting smells of tobacco leaves and white honey. You can also catch traces of juniper berries and even mint.
  • The heart notes add warmth and spice with bourbon, vanilla, bitter cacao, white pepper, and cardamom.
  • At the base, you’ll find more earthiness and oriental spice.

Who Would Like It

A*Men Pure Energy is divertingly masculine. It’s for a man who wants a fresh scent that’s unique and enigmatic. 

Where You Should Wear It

Pure Energy isn’t a cologne you’d wear for a date or a night on the town. It’s less a signature scent than an inoffensive scent to wear when you want to smell good in everyday life. It’s a casual spring or summer daytime scent. 

A*Men Ultimate by Thierry Mugler 100 ml 3.4 oz

4. A*Men Ultimate EDT

A*Men Ultimate calls back to the spicy, woodsy, coffee, and citrus scents I like most in the original A*Men. It’s less complex, but in a good way. The first time I smelled it, I wanted to drink it (or maybe even eat it). 

Scent Notes

I’m outdoors at a coffee shop on a crisp autumn evening with a frothy cappuccino and eating a danish. Beside me is a forest that smells of balsam firs, cedars, and pines. No, wait. It’s just my. imagination, spurred by the scent of A*Men Ultimate.

Who Would Like It

If you like the original A*Men but want a scent without the floral and patchouli notes, you might like A*Men Ultimate better than A*Men. It’s more of a unisex scent than the original A*Men.

Where You Should Wear It

A*Men Ultimate is a good scent for day or night, indoors or outdoors, summer or winter. Without the extra spices, it’s office-friendly. You can wear it to the gym, on a date, or wherever you want.

Come Together by Thierry Mugler

5. Mugler Cologne Come Together EDT

Thierry Mugler cologne is the only cologne Thierry Mugler created for himself. In a shower on a sweltering day in Morocco, he noticed how much he liked the unsettling carnal freshness of his soap on his skin and set out to recreate it. 

Mugler Cologne isn’t discontinued. It’s just been rebranded in the Thierry Mugler collection as Come Together.

Scent Notes

  • What does Mugler cologne smell like? Mugler cologne has a fresh, clean smell that sizzles with sensuality. 
  • The citrus notes dominate, smelling green without being too sharp. You’ll also catch some white floral and spicy top notes from Neroli, Bergamot, and Petitgrain. The middle note is African Orange. As it fades, a sensual musky and powdery scent lingers.

Who Would Like It

If you like drowning yourself in cologne without being offensive to yourself or others, you’re going to enjoy Mugler. Mugler works for both women and men. 

Where You Should Wear It

You can wear Mugler anywhere a clean human is welcome. I like Mugler in spring and summer as a day scent. It doesn’t become overpowering in the heat. 

orange cologne

About Thierry Mugler Cologne

Thierry Mugler has done it all: ballet, fashion design, photography, film directing, and fragrances. 

Monsieur Mugler’s first perfume, Angel, debuted in 1992. He followed Angel up with a male version, A*Men in 1996. His second major fragrance, Alien, debuted in 2005. 

What is the best Thierry Mugler cologne? While he has created several colognes and perfumes, Angel and Alien are the best. Together, they do $280 million in yearly sales. 

Who Makes the Colognes?

The perfume genius Jacques Huclier is responsible for the A*Men scent line. Jean-Christophe Herault is the olfactory wonder behind Alien Men. Meanwhile, the Thierry Mugler line is attributable to the Alberto Morillas scent mastery.

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