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Miss Dior Perfume: The Modern and Airy Fragrance Reviewed

As many fragrance lovers know, classic perfumes see reformulations now and then to keep their DNA fresh and their compositions inviting and modern to a current audience.

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Miss Dior from Christian Dior fragrances is one of those fragrances that has undergone many reformulations over the years. This has made the scent a little controversial. Everyone has a favorite reformulation, and many question the need to keep changing the scent.

The scent was most recently reformulated this year. The 2021 version, to many noses, is a big departure from its last reformulation, released in 2017. 

Miss Dior

If you haven’t gotten your nose on the latest version of Miss Dior yet, here’s our Miss Dior perfume review to help you get to know the newest version of the iconic perfume.

Who Makes It?

For those unfamiliar with the scent’s history, it comes from the Christian Dior fashion house. Founded in 1964, the brand has been synonymous with classy French couture and made its name in women’s clothing and shoes.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Although the brand has several popular fragrances for women, Miss Dior was its first, with the original version launching in 1947. 

house of dior

Because of the naming of the brand’s perfumes, some people can get slightly confused between Miss Dior Cherie and Miss Dior. Is Miss Dior Cherie now Miss Dior? The short answer is, yes!

The original 1947 version of Miss Dior was rebranded as Miss Dior Original, while Miss Dior Cherie, launched in 2011, was absorbed, so to speak, into the Miss Dior label. Now, the most current reimagining of Miss Dior rely on the Miss Dior Cherie DNA.

Scent Notes

The Miss Dior perfume 2021 version has top notes of peony and lily-of-the-valley.

At its heart are the middle notes of rose, peach, and apricot. On the dry-down, you’ll detect the base notes of musk, benzoin, tonka bean, vanilla, and sandalwood.

lily of the valley

So what does Miss Dior smell like in real life? The Miss Dior perfume Fragrantica profile classifies it as a very vanillic, powdery scent profile with a sweet, fruity-floral freshness that melts very easily into an ambery, musky scent on the skin.

Who Would Like It?

Miss Dior is an iconic, classic scent for a confident, refined, and put-together woman. Thanks to the creamy and peppery effect of the rose, this scent exudes a sort of hopeful romance that is at once flirty with its fruitiness and sensual with its velvety amber.

Because this perfume keeps modernizing itself, it’s an excellent choice for a feminine, modern, youthful woman (perfect for those young at heart as well) who wants to appear bright, fresh, and modern yet still classic and inoffensive.

Where Should You Wear It?

Whereas the previous version of Miss Dior had a gourmand tinge that gave it some deeper accords, this version is predominantly a fresh, creamy, smooth, fruity floral perfect for everyday wear.

Unlike the 2017 version, the 2021 Miss Dior is suited well to bright spring days and can bring some refreshment to the heat of summer. It’s also a softer, less aggressive reformulation that is suitable to work wear.

Its creamy quality also makes it easy to wear for cooler weather, although it may not be everyone’s top pick for the coldest winter months. However, it’s a highly versatile perfume that can go from day to night for women who don’t want an overly dark or deep scent.

Packaging and Presentation

The 2021 version of Miss Dior keeps up with the tradition of her predecessors in presentation. The bottle retains its classic, almost minimalist look: rectangle-shaped with slightly beveled, clear glass and the simple label with the iconic Miss Dior script.

miss dior perfume

Each reformulation differs on the bow attached to the cap. While the 2017 and 2012 versions had a hard, metallic-colored bow, the 2021 version has a silvery fabric bow with tiny flecks of color. It stands apart as modern and airy, a perfect representation of its departure from previous versions.

Personal Impressions

On the first sniff, this perfume has a similar DNA to the previous versions if you know what you’re looking for. However, it is enough of a departure that many would describe it as being more appropriate as a flanker scent than a reformulation.

However, the overall feeling, if not the exact scent, of the previous versions remain in that Miss Dior perfume still exudes modern femininity with a nod to tradition and classic style. 

The opening bursts with a fruitiness that is sweet but not cloying. With a noticeable lack of patchouli, the dry down is softer, lighter, and fresher but still musky and extremely pleasant on the skin.

Miss Dior


This reformulation still projects, but it does so in a softer manner than the 2017 version. It’s not a loud perfume given the musk and benzoin in the dry down, but it does become a lovely skin scent after hours and hours of wear.

If you like a decent sillage and scent trail, then you’ll be pleased with this perfume for multiple hours before it dries down and wears closer to the skin.

Where Can You Buy It?

If you look at the Miss Dior perfume price from their website, you might wonder, why is Miss Dior so expensive? Because the scent keeps changing with reformulations, the most recent version is always new, fresh, and sought after, keeping the price for the 2021 version high. 

However, previous versions are a little more challenging to find. For the original Miss Dior Cherie,  the Miss Dior perfume original version, and other past reformulations, many online discount retailers still have stock available at a great price.

You can also find Miss Dior perfume gift sets that include multiple sizes of the 2021 reformulation, including the .34 oz. travel size and the 3.4 oz full-size bottle. There are also gift sets available for many of the popular Miss Dior flanker scents, like Miss Dior Rose N’Roses.

Final Thoughts

Dior’s Miss Dior perfume is a classic designer fragrance that we will hopefully have for decades to come. With each new reformulation, the vision of this iconic fragrance changes slightly, but the popular DNA remains thanks to the foundation of Miss Dior Cherie.


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