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Burberry For Her Review: A Joyful, Fresh & Fruity Scent

Burberry For Her perfume is distinctive among other Burberry fragrances due to its enduring signature. To enjoy its scent, you’ll need a complete accord and a story that conveys your vision through smell.

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The combination of vivid sunburst berries, British spirit, and a musky amber undertone create this one-of-a-kind trademark.

Burberry Her EDP

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You can immediately identify a person when you see it on them since its odor is quite distinctive. Here is a thorough Burberry Her perfume review.

Who Makes It?

Burberry For Her is a floral, fruity, gourmand smell for ladies produced by Burberry in 2018 by Francis Kurkdjian.

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Outlet of Burberry

The top notes include strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry, black currant, mandarin orange, and lemon. Musk, vanilla, cashmeran, woody notes, oakmoss, amber, and patchouli are base notes. Violet and jasmine serve as the middle notes.

Burberry For Her aims to encapsulate the spirit of London, a city known for its creativity and multicultural population. It is designed for women who identify as Londoners at their core. 

Francis Kurkdjian signed the artwork as his interpretation of a floral-fruity theme with savory overtones. Crushed berry fruit top notes are blended with violet and Jasmine middle notes based on woods and amber.

Scent Notes

PROS: Available in 30, 50, and 100 ml bottles; It will take 3 to 5 days for the delivery to arrive, and shipping is free; It is produced in France.

CONS: It could be costly since the brand is luxurious; It’s not the best perfume to wear when it’s cold or evening.

  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Excellent
  • Scent potency/ Appropriate for: the Office
  • Price: $

Who Would Like It 

Burberry For Her has a powerful perfume that lingers for a while. The perfume is intense and sensual, with vanilla and violets.

Anyone who enjoys the fruits of the forest should try it because it smells like strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry, and blackcurrant.

a bowl full of strawberries and raspberries

Burberry For Her doesn’t have a standout note. It has a scent of crystallized petals and fruits coated in sugar.

If you like a powerful perfume, we suggest it because it lasts very long. You’ll enjoy Her if you enjoy sweet and feminine-smelling fragrances such as Burberry Perfume For Women.

When To Wear It

Burberry For Her is my favorite summertime, and I wear it especially in spring and summer. It would be better in colder weather, but it should also be pleasant in the brisk autumn air because of the overpowering fruity aromas.

The Burberry For Her scent is fresh and young. It works well for teenagers, but fruity-scented adults can also use it.

It’s a simple, crowd-pleasing design that is neither stuffy nor tacky or cheap. It’s ideal for wearing at work, especially during the day.

Where To Wear It

There are numerous occasions to wear Burberry For Her. It is suitable for usage as a daily fragrance. It’s not overpowering for the workplace but ideal for situations where a powerful scent is required.

You should consider wearing Burberry For Her when heading on a special occasion. It is a tremendous first-date perfume and can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

The perfume is perfect for romantic occasions because it is flowery and pretty with a mature edge.

Packaging and Presentation

This unique perfume by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian starts with a lush burst of berries. black currant, blueberry, and raspberry linger in a robust fruity-floral sweetness that deftly weaves the House’s tailoring tradition with unexpected turns. 

A bottle of Burberry Her

Delicate Jasmine and violet spread their petals in a white woody accord for a powerful Burberry For Her fragrance, emitting a dazzling light that becomes darker at the base with dry amber and powdered musk.

The Burberry For Her bottle is both opulent and subtle. The double-walled glass flacon’s elegant pink design, adapted from an old Burberry scent design, appears timeless.

On the face of the perfume is Cara Delavigne, who represents her hometown as a model. Burberry Her 100ml is the most popular and widely purchased Burberry For Her perfume packaging.

Personal Impressions

Strictly as implied, you can locate the blooms if you look hard enough though they don’t stand out. Burberry For Her is neither an antique fruity blossom antique nor an antique gourmand. It’s the berries’ scent that you’ll remember. 

It only briefly smells like fruit salad because the berries are coated in an airy, gauze-like, clean amber-like musk before the sweetness is kept under control.

Burberry Her EDP

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First, it smells like a dry undertone with intermittent bursts of bitterness. After 30 minutes, it has a gentle, fruity musk scent that is clean, faintly vanilla-scented, and powder-dusted. Overly, it is a young, fresh scent with a blush pink aroma.


Burberry For Her is a joyful, sweet, and vibrant smell that begins with a trio of berries: blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry combine to create a fresh fruity scent.

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Jasmine and powdery violet make up the perfume’s heady floral heart, which it swells into before warming the skin with a calming yet sensual base of white woods, musk, and dry amber.

Since it’s an Eau de Parfum, you’d anticipate it to last for at least four to six hours, but it lingered a little longer for me. Apply Her Body Lotion before spritzing this perfume on newly hydrated skin to make the fragrance longer and more robust.

Wrap Up

When I say that Brits have a lot of attitudes, I don’t negatively mean this. They are exceptional because they have a strong sense of self, are self-assured, and are even daring.

Urbane ladies should have the self-assurance to display their attitudes and the cheek to smell as retro-modern women should.

Burberry is proud of its heritage, and the scent of its perfume is reminiscent of today’s nearly rebellious London streets.

Do you want to smell a self-assured, bold, flirtatious, seductive woman who doesn’t give a damn what other people think? Burberry For Her is an ideal choice. Hopefully, you have learned much about the fragrance in our Burberry For Her review.

Burberry For Her Review: A Joyful, Fresh & Fruity Scent

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