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Guess Seductive Noir for Women: A Deep Exotic Scent Reviewed

For the fragrance-savvy with a perfume lover in their life, there are few things better than hitting the jackpot with a great scent to gift. Guess Seductive Noir for Women is a crowd-pleasing fragrance sure to satisfy your discerning loved one’s tastes.

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Before scooping up a bottle to make the next holiday or birthday extra special, here’s our Guess Seductive Noir review with everything you need to know about this tantalizing scent.

Who Makes It?

This scent comes from the designer house of Guess. Established by two French brothers in 1981, it built its foundation on well-designed denim. From there, the house quickly grew into a globally recognized brand.

Today, the brand stands for class and adventure, style and individuality, all wrapped up in a Southern Californian aesthetic that embodies an iconic, cool style.

Guess Seductive Noir for Women is a much more recent addition to the house’s offerings. Launched in 2019 from the nose of Laurent Le Guernec, it’s the counterpart to Guess Seductive Noir Pour Homme and a flanker of the original Seductive fragrance.

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Scent Notes

The Seductive Noir notes might not stand out individually, but together, they create a simultaneously exotic and comforting scent. 


Top notes are sage, peony, and bergamot. Middle notes consist of iris, lily-of-the-valley, and jasmine sambac, while the drydown releases base notes of Haitian vetiver, vanilla, and velvet.

The combination of all these notes gives an oriental, floral, and aromatic effect that some people describe as ambery and pleasingly powdery. 

Who Would Like It?

This scent is a perfect fit for a sophisticated woman who knows what she likes. The quintessential Seductive Noir woman doesn’t have to assault the senses of those around her with strange or challenging scents to feel noticed or appreciated.

Instead, she oozes confidence and femininity that should be reflected in her scent. Guess Seductive Noir pulls slightly mature and yet still flirty, juicy, and dark. 

The deep components of this scent, such as the vetiver, sage, and velvet, make this an ideal scent for cooler weather. However, it’s not so deep or cloying that it can’t be worn during warmer weather if desired.

In fact, the peony, bergamot, and iris keep this scent fresh and uplifting, balancing out the musky nature of the fragrance with youthful, aromatic florals.

Although this scent is elevated, well-blended, and smells expensive, it’s perfect as an everyday signature scent. Warm and intricate, this scent is comforting and also makes a great first impression.

Packaging and Presentation

Guess keeps it simple and sophisticated with the packaging and presentation for its Seductive Noir fragrance. There’s something of old Hollywood glamor about the shiny black, slightly trapezoidal bottle.

The label consists of a simple, golden rendering of the Guess triangle with the brand’s name inside. The cap replicates the elegant simplicity of the bottle with black angles and gold trim.


The box itself is much the same; what you see is what you get. The material is slightly matte and the fragrance information is emblazoned in embossed gold. Just like the ideal wearer of this Guess perfume, its presentation doesn’t have to try too hard for you to notice its virtues.

Personal Impressions

When it comes to this recent Guess launch, it’s easy to see that it’s formulated to be a crowd-pleaser. Although there’s nothing intensely groundbreaking or novel about this fragrance, it’s familiar, comforting, and attractive.


You don’t have to work too hard to get your nose around it. And although the scent profile consists of lots of notes, it’s expertly blended into a smooth experience that transitions well to an equally smooth drydown. Nothing screechy or out of line here.

This scent is for the ultimate, put-together woman. It might not be the wildest or most adventurous perfume she owns, but she will appreciate it for its elegance, its high quality, and its versatility.


While this scent makes a big splash initially, you will likely find that it starts to dry down and sit much closer to the skin within the initial two to three hours. 

Like with the majority of fragrances, Seductive Noir for Women takes you on a scent journey that continues and morphs as the initial, brighter notes start to wear off and give way to the deeper, darker components of the scent.

For Guess Seductive Noir, this means that the floral components tend to evaporate quickly, leaving you with a deep, rich, vanilla-tinged, smooth, and woody scent.

Copies Worth Mentioning

Although this scent might have no exact dead ringers, there are quite a few that inspire comparison. The main one is the ever-popular and timeless Mon Guerlain, the quintessential Guerlain fragrance with bergamot, floral notes, vanilla, benzoin, and patchouli.

The main comparison comes in the marriage of floral and oriental, or floriental, that still reads as soft and elegantly feminine. The main difference is the opening, in which Seductive Noir is much darker and spicier thanks to its inclusion of sage.

If you’re looking for something with much similar DNA, then try the original Seductive fragrance. Seductive Noir is a flanker to this original version, launched in 2010. 

When it comes to Guess Seductive vs. Guess Seductive Noir, the names say it all. The original Seductive is a much lighter, fruitier floral with pear, black currant, and jasmine. Seductive Noir is the deeper, darker, spicier version that’s more suited to cooler weather.

Still, both have deep, woody, vanillic dry downs that are extremely similar.

Final Thoughts

For the lover of high-quality, fine things, Guess Seductive Noir makes a great signature scent that elevates the everyday. If your loved one is put-together, elegant, and loves deep and straightforward fragrances, Seductive Noir would be a great fit.

Although a low wear time can pose a problem, the Guess Seductive Noir gift set comes with matching scented body lotion, the full-sized fragrance itself, as well as a travel spray to enhance the staying power.

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