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Ari by Ariana Grande Review: Playfully Surprising

With an iconic ponytail, a larger-than-life personality, and impeccable falsetto, Ariana Grande gives off a vibe of confidence, power, and divine femininity. 

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What woman doesn’t want to embody such an essence? 

Through her debut perfume, Ari by Ariana Grande, which is an intriguing mix of innocent and sultry, Grande allows you to do just that. 

Ari by Ariana Grande 1

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Headed out for a first date? A job interview? A solo vacation? With one spritz of Ari by Ariana Grande, you’ll be channeling Grande’s aura. Heads will turn. 

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Who Makes it?

LUXE Brands and Ariana Grande released Ari by Ariana Grande in September 2015, to immediate popularity. 

LUXE Brands’ first celebrity perfume collaborator, Ariana Grande a Grammy Award Winning American singer, songwriter, and actress.

Though praised for her four-octave vocal range and success (including dominating the Guinness World Records), Grande is also known for her sweet demeanor and genuine kindness. 

With an award-winning status of its own, LUXE Brands produces prestigious beauty products to the global market. 

When partnering with celebrities, LUXE approaches development with “a thoughtful and thorough approach to understanding the DNA of each celebrity” – so if you’re looking to channel Ari, you can be sure a perfume developed by LUXE is the place to start.

Scent Notes

Inspired and created by Grande, the Ari by Ariana Grande notes are a fragrant profile of the singer herself.


In fact, in her own words, Grande has described the Ari by Ariana Grande scent as “…so fun and true to me.  The scent is sweet, yet sexy, with some surprises underneath.”

The Ari by Ariana Grande perfume is a floral fragrance with a gourmand scent.

Top Notes

Uplifting, refreshing, and summery, composed of:

  • Crispy Pear 
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Raspberry

Middle Notes

Velvet, feminine, and heady, composed of:

  • Soft Muguet (otherwise known as Lily of the Valley)
  • Rose Buds
  • Vanilla Orchid

Bottom Notes

Intoxicating, mouthwatering, and sultry, composed of:

  • Musk
  • Blonde Woods
  • Marshmallow

We think it’s also important to note that while the top and middle notes receive flawless reviews, users provided feedback that the bottom notes, or the dry down, can give off hints of chemicals similar to hairspray. 

Who Would Like it

If you luxuriate in the power of your femininity and live as your authentic self, the pear and marshmallow layers of this perfume suggest Ari by Ariana Grande is the scent for you.

Ari by Ariana Grande 2

At the same time, musk and grapefruit create the perfect energizing blend for the adventure seeker. 

When to Wear It 

With a scent profile that is refreshingly clean with winks of sensuality, Ari by Ariana Grande is best worn…anytime, any day. You can’t put a time limit around feeling like a goddess. 

Where to Wear It

If your personality leans towards playful, bubbly, and sweet – like Ari herself – this perfume could easily become your signature fragrance.

From the sweet notes of raspberry upon first spray to hints of velvety sweet rose, and finally, to the delectable lingering marshmallow scent, Ari by Ariana Grande will match your essence. 

More of a spicy personality? Grande’s perfume is fitting for those special occasions or romantic evenings when you’re looking to add a surprising and mysterious allure to your aura.  

Packaging and Presentation

A visual representation of the singer’s personality and style, the Ari by Ariana Grande set is ultra-feminine, flirty, and pink.

Ari by Ariana Grande 3

The bottle evokes pure elegance with its blush pink hues and classic round shape, with the texture of a gem. Not to mention the bonus design element: a removeable plush white puff.

With a similar timeless aesthetic, the box is lavender purple and includes black-and-white photos of Grande herself, framed by gold trim. As a finishing touch, the box includes the singer’s signature. 


Unlike its namesake, the fragrance is reportedly short-lived, requiring re-application every few hours if you’re looking to give off a consistent waft of playful sweetness.

Personal Impressions

For transparency, we collected reviews and testimonials from past purchasers of Ari by Ariana Grande. We hope these resonate with you and help you to make the best purchasing decision for you. 

  • “Lovely scent. The grapefruit really shows up for me at the beginning, and eventually mellows out into a warm soft pretty vanilla. It doesn’t last very long for me, maybe two hours, but I’m happy to reapply since it’s not a super expensive perfume.”
  • “Smells like hairspray…”
  • “I’m really impressed with this perfume…initially a blind buy and I’m on my second bottle now…definitely more of a gourmand scent…wish the longevity was better but for the price point I’m not too bothered…very sweet and quite sugary so if you’re not into that I’d stay away…I don’t get much of the florals in this, I’d say it’s more on the fruity side.”
  • “The opening of this is pleasant and pretty; but after about 30 minutes though the dry down made me extremely nauseous. It was very synthetic and musky and made me feel self-conscious of others being around me. Smells like a young sweet scent at first; I’m sure people would enjoy it but I think it’s overhyped for sure as its performance is very less than ideal.”
Ari by Ariana Grande 4

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Pros & Cons

To sum it all up, we have compiled a quick Pros & Cons list for you to use when considering whether Ari by Aria Grande is the perfume for you. 


  • A fragrance with a true personality 
  • Known for drawing compliments
  • Aesthetics of packaging
  • Available in 4 different sizes, as well as lotion and body scrub


  • Short-lived scent leading to the need for frequent reapplication and additional purchases
  • Overwhelmingly sweet
  • Chemical undertone
Ari by Ariana Grande Review: Playfully Surprising

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.