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Best Dior Poison Perfumes To Flaunt Feminine Sexuality

Poison perfumes rank at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular perfume series women purchase.

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Women who use Poison perfumes embody power, sophistication, style, and fashion while simultaneously flaunting their femininity and sexuality.

The brand is owned and created by French fashion house Dior, making it high quality and desirable. 

Poison Perfume Favorites

Before we get into more about the Poison Perfume brand, let’s take a look at some of the best Poison perfume fragrances on the market. Below we will discuss the top five Poison perfume scents and what makes them the cream of the crop. 

Dior Poison Girl EDT

Poison Girl

Poison Girl is a scent that the Poison brand launched in 2016 and has been a favorite ever since. It features a bitter orange note immediately that blends smoothly with featured notes of Grasse Rose and Damask. Those notes blend beautifully with the more subtle scents of vanilla, almond, sandalwood, tofu balm, and Venezuelan Tonka Bean. Poison Girl is a sensual and toxic scent that many women love to flaunt. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Poison Girl is a scent that many women can use for date nights or evenings on the town. It is excellent for daily use and does not overpower the wearer. Vanilla and sandalwood are more subtle scents that make this perfume ideal for workplace environments as well. 



The first perfume in the house launched in 1985 is Poison Dior. It started the revolution in the realm of women’s perfumes.

Christian Dior Poison has since become the signature scent for sophisticated, high-class women in the modern world. The perfume features notes of amber, berries, honey, and orange and is the ideal perfume for those romantic evenings. 

The original Poison perfume is not only a romantic scent, but with the fruity tones mixed in it can be used day-to-day as well. Orange and berries are both very strong fragrances, so Poison Dior is great for outside occasions as well. 

Dior Pure Poison EDP

Pure Poison

The Pure Poison perfume from the Christian Dior design house was first introduced in 2004. Pure Poison blends jasmine, orange, and gardenia with subtle hints of amber, sandalwood, and musk for women who enjoy a more subtle, sweet scent. Whether you are going out with friends or for a romantic evening, Pure Poison will leave every woman feeling sexy and luxurious. 

This fragrance is multifunctional like many of the Poison perfume’s brand. The fruity hints with sandalwood make it a subtle scent that you can enjoy for any occasion. 

hypnotic poison

Hypnotic Poison

Hypnotic Poison is a scent that every woman must have in her repertoire. It is seductive and enticing, making it perfect for romance and fun. This alluring scent features notes of almond, jasmine, and caraway making Hypnotic Poison perfume a scent to die for. 

Almond and jasmine blend together to make Hypnotic Poison a wonderful evening fragrance. They are heavier scents that tend to stick to you longer, making it great for dates and nights out. 

Best Dior Poison Perfumes To Flaunt Feminine Sexuality

Dior Poison Girl Unexpected

Poison Girl Unexpected was released in 2018 as the flanker fragrance to the original Poison Girl. It is a feminine amber-vanilla scent. With the addition of vanilla and musk notes, the fragrance maintains its enveloping characteristic of Venezuelan Tonka Bean, which continues to dominate.

Due to the inclusion of ginger and citrus components, it is suitable for year-round wear. It is highly versatile, making it suitable for daily wear, the workplace, as well as a sexy date night.

About The Brand

Around 1980, the design house of Christian Dior was thriving with high sales in Europe as one of the top two fragrance and cosmetic suppliers in the region. However, the American market proved to be a bit harder to break into as Dior was ranked at twentieth among cosmetic brands.  

dior perfume

In order to attempt to bring the gap to a close across the world, Dior’s president, Maurice Roger, decided to create a new fragrance that would take over the American market of cosmetics. After heavy research and development, the company began to see great success. 

Dior began with a marketing strategy that was based off of Yves Saint Larent’s Opium fragrance. Dior wanted a name that would speak to the public and generate high sales volumes, so in 1983 they licensed the name Poison.

After testing nearly 800 different scents, Dior selected a perfume fragrance that was created by Edouard Flechier. This scent featured notes of sandalwood, wild berries, orange, jasmine, vanilla, rosewood, musk and many others to create the 1985 classic, Poison Dior. 

wild berries poison

Who Makes Dior Poison Perfumes?

The Poison Perfume brand was introduced for women in 1985 with the launch of the original Poison Dior perfume.

Over the years, this brand has grown and skyrocketed in popularity, paving the way for it to become its own successful brand in the French design house of Christian Dior. The Dior Factory produces all of the fragrances in the Poison perfumes collection in Saint Jean de Braye, France. 


If you are looking for class and luxury from your fragrance, the Poison brand from Christian Dior is right up your alley. You cannot go wrong with choosing any of these luxurious, feminine scents to accent your uniqueness and create an essence of romance. 

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Best Dior Poison Perfumes To Flaunt Feminine Sexuality

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