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Byredo Mojave Ghost Perfume Reviewed: Subtle & Genderless

Mojave Ghost is a rustic, wooded scent inspired by the Mojave Desert. Both lightweight and crisp, the Mojave Ghost is subtle and warm, a perfect scent for both women and men.

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By taking luxury to the next level, Byredo has created a fragrance that is graceful and luxurious, ignoring all gender expectations. Read on for a full review of the Mojave Ghost perfume.

Byredo Mojave Ghost EDP

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Who Makes It?

Byredo launched Mojave Ghost in 2014. The newer brand, established in 2006 by Ben Gorham, aimed to design a perfume line that transformed scents into emotions and memories.

The Byredo name translates to Redolence, used in Shakespearean times, meaning sweet-smelling perfume, perfectly describing the Mojave Ghost.

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Scent Notes

The Byredo Mojave Ghost is a woody mix of wilderness and sweet-smelling plants that can be found deep in the Mojave Desert.

mojave desert

The rustic overtone features warm, minimally floral undertones with musky Amber and Jamaican Nesberry. The middle layer is made up of floral mixes, like Magnolia and Violet. The base Mojave Ghost notes are more rustic and include Ambergris and Cedar.

The scent closely resembles the Mojave Ghost flower, which is native to Southern California and Northwest Mexico.

Who Would Like It?

People who enjoy a subtle scent that works with their own body are likely to enjoy Mojave Ghost.

The fragrance can be worn by men and women, giving off a floral, yet wooded Amber scent. The combination of a flowery smell with wooded accents easily transitions between genders.

The Mojave Ghost fragrance is affordable and more subtle than similar brands like Marc Jacobs. It best suits men and women who have grown up and no longer prefer intense smells that enter a room before you do.

With an 84% natural smell and a medium intensity, those who look forward to the rustic smells of the outdoors will like Mojave Ghost.

When to Wear It

Choosing your scent based on the time of day ensures a good fit. One of the best features of the Mojave Ghost fragrance is that you can wear it from morning to night. Because it offers a mild outdoorsy scent, it’s light enough to wear during the day to work.

The floral undertones also make it appropriate for date night. The smell is light enough, meaning your date will have to get close to smell it, but that’s even more of a reason to splash it on before a date.

date night

The woodsy smell paired with floral accents also makes it a great way to attract the others without appearing like you’re trying too hard.

Men will appreciate the recognizable smells of the outdoors, and women will feel safe when smelling the appealing flowers. The Mojave Ghost can also give off an elegant feel, making it suitable for a fancy night out on the town.

Whether you’re going to a play on Broadway or a dinner party, it’s almost always a good fit.

Where to Wear It

The Mojave Ghost perfume gives off the impression of subtlety and casualness. This means it’s a great scent to wear when going for a laid-back impression. Wear it to work when you don’t have time to plan your outfit or style your hair.

Splash a dab of it on before a gym session. The Mojave Ghost perfume is also suitable for a last-minute concert or business meeting with a coworker.

The subtleness and medium intensity of the Mojave Ghost scent may not be ideal for people who prefer to have their smell enter the room before them. Others may not even notice the scent unless you get close.

Packaging and Presentation

The simplicity of the packaging and presentation of Mojave Ghost is careful not to indicate a gender preference. The clear bottle has a bright white label with generic font and coloring on the front. The Byredo name is listed front and center, without a logo present. 

Byredo Mojave Ghost Perfume Bottle
Kirov Russia 15 November 2020 Bottle of Byredo Mojave ghost niche luxury perfumery against the backdrop of sand Dunes and sunset in the desert. Last rays of the sun and harmony.

The perfume box has a similar design, including a pure white coloring with a blank center and the name Mojave Ghost across it.

Some would agree this design is consistent with the luxuriousness of the brand. The real value of the Mojave Ghost scent is the smell inside the bottle, and not the box or bottle itself. The black twist cap is easy to remove for a scent update on the go.

Personal Impressions

Our Mojave Ghost review is that it may be expensive, but the product is worth the versatility and variety it offers. The Mojave Ghost perfume is ideal as a daily scent while easily transitioning to an upscale event.

The combination of floral and wooded fragrances means both men and women can wear it, making it an even better value for the purchase.

The expensive packaging and bottle the Mojave Ghost scent comes in are consistent with the price and smell of what’s inside.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Perfume

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The Mojave Ghost perfume may be more expensive than Marc Jacobs, but people who prefer a high-quality smell without the pungent scent may find the increase in the Mojave Ghost price worth it.


Perhaps the best thing about the performance of the Mojave Ghost perfume is that it easily transitions between environments. Worn lightly, it’s appropriate in a professional setting. 

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By adding a little more after work hours, it can be transformed into an inviting, refreshing scent enjoyed by many. The scent lasts all day long and offers an impressive balance of traditional men’s and women’s scents.

Pros and Cons

The Mojave Ghost scent is subtle and genderless, making it a top choice for couples who want to spend a little more on perfume without going overboard.

The combination of muskiness with floral accents is excellent for daily wear. The longer silage means you can use less when applying the Mojave Ghost.

The scent can be pricer than comparable options, especially Mojave Ghost dupes, but this can easily be justified with the long wear time and genderless scents. It also tends to have a lighter smell than other similar products. Try a Mojave Ghost sample to find out if it’s the right scent for you.


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