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Creed Silver Mountain Water Reviewed: Modern, Elegant & Classy

In this review of The House of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water fragrance we break down the varied customer experiences and discuss the scents impact on the wearer and those around him or her.

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Creed Mountain Silver For Men

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Who Makes It?

Silver Mountain Water was launched in 1995 by The House of Creed, a company that started in London in 1760. This family-owned and operated business has been perfecting the art of fragrance formulation for over two and a half centuries. 

House of Creed

The House of Creed is known for originating as the fragrance-makers for the royal family of England and later the royal family of France. Now, their headquarters are based in Paris, the city of love.

Scent Notes

Silver Mountain Water by Creed is meant to remind people of snow-covered slopes and it achieves its intent.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

When newly purchased it presents a musky base and refreshing notes of bergamot, citrus, spicy green tea, and black currant. This Eau de Parfum hits the nail on the head. 

As the bottle ages, the scent seems to turn sour a little faster than most other fragrances on the market. This makes the scent die out faster. Its citrus turns into diesel and its bergamot becomes metallic. 

Who Would Like it?

So who wears Creed Silver Mountain Water? Any contemporary person that wants to bring a rugged sense of adventure to his daily life.

Although this fragrance was designed for men, it is enjoyed by anyone who seeks a thrilling lifestyle. Class and adventure are unisex and this scent serves as a reminder.

man who loves adventure

The House of Creed also created Aventus, one of the top-ranking perfumes for women. Both perfumes are well-rounded and alluring but Aventus is generally considered more feminine and floral than Silver Mountain Water.

When to Wear it

This House of Creed perfume is likely better to be worn during the day because of its bright citrus tones that pair well with a high-energy day.

Since this scent is inspired by snowy mountains, I recommend you wear this in the winter where it’ll best compliment the world around you. 

Where to Wear it

Wear this perfume for any formal events. Its bright citrus tones balance with the rich musk resulting in an energetic scent ideal for dates, work events, and a fun night out.

Since the scent lasts around 12 hours, it’s great to wear when there’s a long day ahead.


Planning on having plenty of meetings and a possible date after? Wear this scent to smell both professional and romantic. Invest in olfactory luxury and bring class and sex appeal to everyday adventure.

Packaging and Presentation

The presentation is reminiscent of many other men’s perfumes by this brand. Their iconic silhouette can be seen in most of their products.

Creed Silver Mountain Water

The packaging it comes with is simple and white with golden detailing. It features a white square with a golden outline and the Creed logo. 

The Creed Silver Mountain Water 100ml bottle itself is a classy all white with a silver cap.

Personal Impressions

Eau de Cartier and Versace’s EDP are Creed Silver Mountain Water clones. When you first purchase the bottle the scent lasts 12 hours, but as it ages it tends to lose its longevity and the scent turns more metallic and sour.

However, the bottle in itself is beautifully elegant and it reflects the class that the fresh smell exudes. 

As stated previously, Silver Mountain Water was designed for men but it actually smells rather universal. The days of women’s perfumes being exclusively fresh and floral and men’s perfumes being exclusively musky and woodsy are far behind us. 

This scent presents class as something beyond gender, starting as a floral scent and transforming into something muskier.

In a sense, it combines the traditional feminine perfumes and the traditional masculine perfumes and creates a wonderful modern luxurious scent.

House of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water made me come off ass outdoorsy to those around me. I also found that I became more alluring and that the classy sensual scent did not simply seem like a scent I put on me but a reflection of who I am.

Creed Mountain Silver For Men

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In wearing this Eau de Parfum, I became the formal yet adventurous person the Creeds envisioned when designing this scent.


Like all good fragrances, Creed Silver Mountain Water transforms as the day goes on. It lasts over 12 hours and the specific scents vary depending on your own body’s chemistry.

For some, it begins as a metallic bergamot scent and slowly becomes darker and darker reaching its deep musk. 

For others, it smells fresh and flowery before it settles into a diesel-y smell. When the bottle is fresh, the scent begins as a fresh bergamot and settles into a wonderful musk and black currant.

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The sillage depends on how old the specific bottle is but tends to be moderate. Newer bottles have higher sillage but it drops noticeably as it ages.

Pros & Cons

People who have worn this fragrance in the past tend to either hate it or love it. Those who enjoy it feel that the scent is alluring, sensual, and outdoorsy. Since it lasts over 12 hours it is incredibly practical for busy people who have long days of work and play. 

Silver Mountain Water by House of Creed is considered a very musky and floral scent and, although it seems to change during its wear and as it ages, some feel that it remains elegant.

Although this scent is incredible when the bottle is fresh, it seems to turn sour quickly. Many users of this fragrance complain about the inconsistency of wear making the perfume unreliable in the long run. 

Some users also noted that near the end of the wear the perfume begins to smell like gasoline. Users with sensitive skin found themselves breaking out in a rash when they applied Creed Silver Mountain Water.

Creed Silver Mountain Water Reviewed: Modern, Elegant & Classy

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