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8 Best Versace Perfumes to Choose Your Signature Scent

8 Best Versace Perfumes to Choose Your Signature Scent

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The name Versace conjures up images of high-fashion, elegance, and luxury. However, the Italian brand has also dabbled in fragrances since the 1980s.

Today, we share the facts on eight unique fragrances in our review of the best Versace perfumes for women. Whether you’re looking for a Versace perfume to make your signature scent or for special occasions, you have options to choose from.

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1. Versace Yellow Diamond*

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas 

Released in 2011, this opulent fragrance is worthy of the precious stone it’s named for. Yellow Diamond offers an inviting, citrusy aroma that’s on the mellower end. 

The top notes lead with the citron of Diamante, also known as the diamond citron of Santa Maria. Following that, pear sorbet and Meroli make a strong-yet-sweet impression.

At its heart, Versace Yellow Diamond is all about fresh florals with velvety jasmine, orange blossom, and freesia. The base is amber wood, fragrant Palo Santo, and a musk accent.

versace dylan blue

2. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue*

Perfumer: Calice Becker

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue is a strong, statement fragrance launched in 2017. This alluring scent is sharp and fruity at first sniff, although the middle and base notes are milderthe initial scent might not make an impression for as long as you’d like.

Opening notes are tangy apple sorbet, blackcurrant, and enticing wild blooms. It progresses to lighter middle notes that include classic scents of jasmine, peach, rose, petalia, and rosyfolia. You’re left with lingering base notes of mature musk, Styrax, and Patchouli heart.

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versace bright crystal

3. Bright Crystal By Versace Eau De Toilette*

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas 

Versace Bright Crystal is a delicate fragrance that made its debut in 2006. It offers a sweet, redolent floral scent that conjures up wildly blooming springs and sultry summer days. Bright Crystal is bold in its own way, although it’s far from more imposing, muskier aromas. 

Juicy pomegranate and ambrosial Yuzu flower make an intensely floral first impression. The heart of Versace Bright Crystal is flowers: Magnolia, peony, and fresh lotus. Supporting it all is a mild base of amber. 

versace crystal noir

4. Versace Crystal Noir Perfume*

Perfumer: Antoine Lie

Although it comes in a similar bottle, Crystal Noir is the seasonal opposite to Bright Crystal’s spring-and-summer charm. This heated, spicy fragrance launched in 2004 makes a powerful statement. 

Opening notes of piquant ginger, pepper, and cardamom are reminiscent of autumn. Versace Crystal Noir deepens into heady, sweeter notes of gardenia, orange blossom, coconut, and peony. As you might anticipate from such a bold perfume, musk, amber, and sandalwood make up the base.


5. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise

Perfumer: Sophie Labbe 

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise is the newest Versace perfume from the brand, launched in 2020 and inspired by celebrities Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid. This delightfully youthful blend is a glamorously fresh scent to appeal to the young and young-at-heart.

The top notes are a balanced combination of pert Mandarin orange, zesty lemon, and pink pepper. As with other, lighter Versace fragrances, the heart is almost wholly floral: Freesia, cassis, jasmine, and guava. A woody base of cedar, clearwood, and musk make it a well-rounded perfume.

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versace erso

6. Versace Eros By Versace Eau De Parfum*

Perfumer: Aurelien Guichard

Launched in 2014, Versace Eros is inspired by the Greek god of love. It’s an elegant, alluringly sensual fragrance that’s brisk and inviting, exuding luscious floral and captivating citrus. 

Introductory notes are a mix of lively Sicilian lemon, white currant, raspberry, Mandarin orange, and calone. The heart is Versace’s favorite mix of sultry jasmine, freesia, magnolia, and orange blossom. Patchouli, woody notes, and musk are the base of this whimsical scent.

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7. Vanitas By Versace Eau De Parfum*

Perfumer: Dora Baghriche-Arnaud 

Vanitas came onto the scene in 2011. This confident scent is a refreshing blend of florals and citrusy notes that can appeal to various olfactory tastes. It’s an all-purpose fragrance that can work equally well for business occasions as for a night out. 

The prominent top note begins with breezy lime and freesia but transforms into a distinctly floral bouquet as it hits the heart notes. Charming Tahitian tiare with freesia and osmanthus leave a lingering flowery aroma, which turns to subdued cedar and tea at the base.

versace jasmine

8. Jasmin Au Soleil By Versace Eau De Parfum*

Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson

Jasmine Au Soleil is one of the newer perfumes from the Versace collection, released in 2019. The name translates from French to “jasmine in the sunshine,” an accurate preview of this intriguingly sensual Versace perfume.

Although sultry Indian jasmine flowers play a central role in this scent, it also contains other notes that add depth and complexity. Refreshing lemon top notes lighten the scent’s headiness slightly, and heftier base notes of tobacco and cedar make it more than classically floral.


About the Brand

Where it concerns exclusive brands, Versace is a relative newcomer to the scene: It was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy. Founder Gianni Versace built his namesake company into a force to be reckoned with, selling everything from haute couture to jewelry and home furnishings. 

The first Versace perfume was released in 1981Gianni Versace for Women. Versace L’Homme for men made its debut three years later in 1984. 

After Gianni’s tragic passing in 1997, sister Donatella managed the luxury brand and guided it into the 21st century. Today, Versace stores exist at more than 200 boutiques across major cities and boast over 1,500 wholesale locations worldwide. 

Who Makes Versace Perfumes?

Different types of perfume Versace are created by professional perfumers, such as master Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillo and French innovator Antoine Lie.


Versace perfume women can be versatile and multifaceted, just like the fragrances in our review. From flirty and light to bold and sensuous, the wide range of scents this collection offers makes it worth considering for any woman in the market for a striking new scent. 

Bear in mind that Versace does adore its floral heart notes. Aside from Versace Crystal Noir, most of the perfumes on the list are flowery in some way or another.

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Best Versace Perfumes

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