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Best Perfumes by Creed for Women With a Reputation for Luxury

From Aventus and Green Irish Tweed to Viking and Bois du Portugal, Creed’s male releases get lots of attention. However, their female fragrances tend to be overlooked amid all the hype. This is a pity, as we think there are quite a few that are worthy of your attention and hard-earned cash (Creed fragrances don’t come cheap, after all). Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed in London, the brand started out as a tailoring company. After its move to Paris in 1854, the focus shifted to Creed for women. 

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Creed Fleurissimo EDP
  • Romantic par excellence
  • Elegant, luxurious and classic
  • Launched in 1956
Creed Tubéreuse Indiana
  • Big, bold and beautiful
  • Released in 1980
  • Streamlined but superbly sensual
Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie EDP
  • Inspired by the French Empress Eugenie
  • Memorable and musky
  • Great for sophisticated women
creed for women

Until BlackRock’s Long Term Private Capital private equity fund acquired a majority stake in 2020, the house was renowned for passing from father to son through seven generations. Currently, Olivier Creed works with his son Erwin to maintain the brand’s reputation for luxurious perfumes made from the best ingredients. 

With such an illustrious heritage, there’s no shortage of Creed for women. Most of them are riffs on the floral theme in a timeless style. Where known, the name of the perfumer is listed in brackets after the name of the perfume. 

Our Top-Rated Perfumes by Creed for Women


Best Everday

Creed Aventus for Her Spray was launched in 2016, the opening of the female version makes a suitably expensive fruity-citrus statement, with big notes of juicy apple and zesty Italian bergamot. The earthy Indonesian patchouli just adds to the extravagant ambiance.

We all know the original Creed Aventus. Launched in 2010, it went on to become one of the most successful/hyped/debated/imitated niche fragrances of the last decade.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Fruit-filled Bulgarian and Turkish roses mingle with the creaminess of sandalwood in the heart, while musk amplifies the sensuality of the EDP. 

There’s more fruit in the drydown, with contrasts between sweet peach and sour blackcurrant. We’re going to be controversial: this one’s even better than its male counterpart.  


Most Sensual

Released in 1980, Creed Tubéreuse Indiana EDP (Olivier Creed) has all the BBB (big, bold, beautiful) characteristics of that decade. It couldn’t be any other way with tuberose at the fore.

The opening features the citrus tones of bergamot – crisp, fresh and green. When the tuberose from Italy takes centre stage, it’s everything we want this notorious white floral to be: intense, animalic and in charge.

The drydown features a combo of smooth, slightly sweet vanilla and musky, powdery ambergris. It’s a streamlined but superbly sensual affair.  


Classic Elegance

We never thought we would want to smell like an old queen, but then this Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie EDP (Olivier Creed) 1989 release is not just any ol’ perfume. Apparently inspired by the French Empress Eugenie way back in the 19th century, this EDP is every bit as grand as it sounds.

It opens with the brief citrus sharpness of bergamot and then gives way to a magnificently intense and indolic treatment of jasmine. Bulgarian rose adds to the lush floral mood.

An opulently creamy mix of sandalwood and vanilla rules in the drydown. Ambergris brings a heavy dose of animalic muskiness to the composition.


Flower Power

Creed Spring Flower EDP (Olivier Creed)

Thanks to one too many screechy fruity-floral, we tend to approach the ever-popular genre with caution. Fortunately, this Creed Spring Flower EDP (Olivier Creed) 1996 release is an altogether different proposition.

There’s a bit of a fruit salad going on in the opening, thanks to juicy notes of apple, melon and peach. Crisp bergamot keeps it on the right side of sweetness.

The floral component sees fresh jasmine and powdery rose doing their thing, while there’s clean white musk aplenty in the drydown. This straightforward but refined Creed for women scent epitomises the timeless vibe common to many of the releases from the Paris-based niche house.

Love in White by Creed

Fresh Citrus

Fancy driving through the blossoming tree-lined streets of Provence, France, on a spring day? Creed Love In White EDP (Olivier Creed & Erwin Creed) 2005 release should do the trick. The tangy freshness of orange zest is partnered with the fruitiness of notes of apricot and apple in the intro.

With a bouquet that includes Florentine iris, narcissus, magnolia and jasmine, the effect is fabulously floral and powdery. But what really makes this Creed for women scent unusual is its earthy rice note. 

The drydown of sandalwood, musk and vanilla builds on its warmth. We also love the display-worthy bottle.  


Most Chic

Apparently inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Creed Love In Black EDP (Olivier Creed & Erwin Creed) 2008 release opens with the floral powder of violet. Its freshness is amplified and given body with a note of Virginia cedar.

There’s more powder from Florentine iris and white musk. Their cool elegance is spiced with cloves, without dominating the composition. The drydown features a combo of blackcurrant and rose, all fruity tartness.

Devastatingly chic, this EDP has an air of impenetrability about it. Think of it as Creed for women armour when you want to feel as inscrutable as the lady who inspired it.

Creed Fleurs De Gardenia

Most Romantic

Inspiration – a stroll through British meadows in spring – becomes a delightful olfactory reality in this evocative Creed Fleurs De Gardenia EDP (Olivier Creed) 2012 release. It’s gorgeously green from the get-go, thanks to notes of galbanum and blackcurrant. A note of pink pepper introduces a floral accent. 

Heady and fresh, the title note builds on the greenery of the opening and is supported by notes of rose, lily-of-the-valley and peony.

Featuring notes of cedar, musk and patchouli, the drydown maintains the illusion of walking through the English countryside. This Creed for women scent is as pretty and romantic as it gets. 


Best Oud

Creed’s contribution to the ubiquitous oud genre is a rather good, albeit toned-down, one. Creed Royal Princess Oud EDP (Olivier Creed) 2015 release is inspired by the house’s origins when it created tailoring for the English royal court.   

The opening is all about the fresh citrus spiciness of bergamot. Floral notes of violet, rose and iris lay on the powderiness. It gathers earthy depth, with notes of iris and orris butter (produced from the roots of the iris plant) leading to an understated take on oud. The precious ingredient is accentuated by the sweetly musky tones of patchouli and benzoin.

Despite its name, it’s probably the most unisex of scents by Creed for women.


Special Occasions

Legend has it that cinematic icon Marlene Dietrich was partial to the 1933 original. While we can’t verify that claim, we can confirm that this Creed Angelique Encens EDP (Olivier Creed & Erwin Creed) 2019 update is spectacularly hedonistic in an old-school kind of way. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

The opening is all about floral powderiness, thanks to notes of violet and Bulgarian rose. Russian coriander brings sweet spiciness to the mix. A generous dose of milky sandalwood and powdery cinnamon mingles with the musky smoke of incense and vetiver.  

Not many people seem to know about this oriental beauty (it snuck on the market without much fanfare). We can’t get enough of it when a special, statement-making occasion presents itself.


Perfect Wedding Scent

What would you expect a fragrance that was originally created for Grace Kelly’s wedding to smell like? Elegant? Luxurious? Classic? Creed Fleurissimo EDP (James Henry Creed) launched in 1956, is all of the above.

The opening is beautifully fresh, with notes of bergamot and violet leaves, in particular, in play. The bouquet of florals that follows features big and heady wafts of tuberose, Bulgarian rose and ylang-ylang. 

Powdery Florentine iris and musky ambergris are perfectly balanced in the drydown. As to be expected, this EDP is romantic par excellence. We love its old-school sophistication.

Best Perfumes by Creed for Women With a Reputation for Luxury

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