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Gucci Bloom Review: Classic Yet Unique White Floral Scent

Picture this: you’re in a garden full of the most beautiful yet diverse flowers you can imagine. While they may not seem like they belong together, they somehow create the most colorful, wild, and unique bouquet – this is what Gucci Bloom smells like.

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The Gucci Bloom fragrance was created for young, diverse, authentic women blossoming into themselves.

This classic yet unique floral scent represents the freedom of being who you want to be and not just who society tells you to be. Gucci Bloom is about being expressive, colorful, and completely individual.

Gucci Bloom Perfume

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And while this is a lot of meaning to pack into one scent, that is precisely how Italian fashion designer and former Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, wanted it.

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Who Makes it?

Guccio Gucci established the iconic Gucci brand in 1920 in Florence, Italy. Initially specialising in the famous Gucci leather goods, it wasn’t until 1974 that Gucci’s first fragrance was introduced, under the name Gucci no. 1.

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This classic women’s fragrance would pave the way for many men’s and women’s Gucci fragrances to come, with Gucci launching their first men’s scent, Gucci Pour Homme, in 1976.

Gucci Bloom was launched in 2017 as Italian designer Alessandro Michele’s first fragrance. Blended by Alberto Morillas, a master perfumer, this Gucci fragrance truly lives up to the Gucci brand’s reputation.

Gucci Bloom captures the scent of a diverse, thriving garden full of rich perfume, greenery, and just a touch of sweet citrus.

Scent Notes

The primary Gucci Bloom notes are highly-concentrated, natural ingredients, including:

Rangoon Creeper: Originating in South India, this vine with flower clusters changes from white, to pink, to red when it blooms.

Natural Tuberose: Tuberose harvested from India.

Jasmine Bud: Jasmine bud abstract is obtained through a method of co-extraction, blending natural jasmine and captive molecules for a fresh flower petal and green scent.


  • Ultra-feminine, white floral fragrance
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Timeless and classic


  • Expensive perfume
  • Not cruelty-free or vegan
  • Some may not like the vintage-style floral scent


  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Good (4+ hours)
  • Scent potency/ Appropriate for: Daytime or evening outings
  • Price: $$$$ ($120+)

Who Would Like it 

The Gucci Bloom perfume is best suited for those looking for the ultimate floral fragrance – if you do not like a floral fragrance, this Gucci scent is definitely not for you! 

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum For Women

Some of the characteristics of someone who will prefer this ultra-feminine scent include:

Confident, wild, vibrant women: Gucci Bloom is a bold floral scent that is as unique as the women who wear it. This Gucci scent is for women who are confident in their point of view and do not limit themselves to conventional views and opinions.

Ultra-feminine women: This floral perfume is perfect for those looking for an ultra-feminine signature scent.

Floral scent lovers: Gucci Bloom is a complex white floral scent that captures the rich scent of a diverse, thriving garden. 

Appreciative of luxury products: Those who appreciate designer perfumes and the highest quality will want to invest in this high-end scent.

When to Wear it 

Gucci Bloom is best suited for spring and summer.

Young Woman Standing Near Cherry Blossom Trees

This perfume can be worn in the daytime and the nighttime but will likely need to be reapplied throughout the day if worn from morning until night.

Where to Wear it 

Gucci Bloom is a powerful white floral scent best suited to occasions, events, and dates. Most specifically, fancy daytime events!

We would reach for this perfume when going to a garden party, a daytime wedding reception, or an outdoor day date.

A beautiful shot of Gucci Bloom Perfume Bottle

While complex, Gucci Bloom is considered a classic floral scent that can also be worn on a daily basis.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of this fragrance is classic Gucci but with a beautiful, classic, artistic spin. The framed black packaging with the Gucci label, and covered with a red and white Herbarium print that includes flowers, cherry branches, and leaves. 

The bottle is square-shaped, a vintage powder pink, and porcelain, as opposed to the more typical transparent glass. The retro yet soft and timeless feel of the Gucci Bloom packaging makes it truly stand out as a perfume that will stand the test of time.

Gucci Bloom Perfume Bottle

Wondering how you can spot a fake Gucci Bloom perfume? The packaging will immediately give it away. Here are some tips on how to spot a fake Gucci Bloom fragrance:

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  • The background of authentic Gucci Bloom packaging will be a vibrant white, while counterfeit packaging will appear off-white or slightly yellow.
  • The red and white Herbarium print will not be printed exactly the same on fake packaging as on the original.
  • An authentic bottle of Gucci Bloom is made in Germany, whereas a fake bottle will state that it is made in the UK or another country.
  • The lid of the authentic perfume bottle will be embossed with “Gucci,” while the fake bottle will not be.


This perfume will last four hours or more at optimum sillage, making it most suitable for daytime or evening events.

Those looking for a stronger, longer-wearing fragrance will prefer the Eau de Parfum, while those who prefer a scent with less longevity should opt for the Eau de Toilette.

Gucci Bloom Perfume

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How To Use

How you should use your Gucci Bloom perfume depends entirely on your preference. However, we recommend spritzing it onto your neck/decollete and wrists.

You can also spritz it on your hair, scarf, or clothing. 

Final Thoughts

Gucci Bloom has become a classic in Gucci’s perfume lineup since its release in 2017. It needs to be stated that a complex floral scent is not for everyone.

Some perfume lovers cannot stand the smell of floral perfume or prefer a more suitable perfume for year-round wear. Whatever your preferences, it cannot be denied that Gucci Bloom is a game changer when it comes to the white floral scent. 

While Gucci Bloom is most definitely an ultra-feminine scent, men do not need to feel left out when it comes to Gucci fragrances. While there are many Gucci perfumes that are perfect for both men and women, there are some that are distinctly masculine.

The woody Gucci by Gucci for men is a woody chypre made for men who enjoy the smell of the outdoors – they will literally smell like they have taken a walk through nature!


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.