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7 Best Ariana Grande Perfumes Reviewed

If you love Ariana Grande and love having a perfectly scented perfume for any and every occasion throughout the year, this Ariana Grande perfume list is for you!

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Thank U Next
  • Seductive and playful notes
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Great for outdoors
Ariana Grande Moonlight Perfume
  • Launched in 2017
  • Perfect for romantic occasions
  • Sensual and ultra-feminine
Ari Perfume
  • Fresh and light fragrance
  • Good for daily use
  • Released in 2015

At Everfumed, we have a myriad of perfume lists and reviews. It only made sense to include this global popstar’s famous line of perfumes into the “blend.” 

Selecting your best Ariana Grande perfume for women will make you feel like a dangerous woman in no time. 

Our Shortlist for Ariana Grande Perfumes

Below, we describe and review seven Ariana Grande perfume options for women. 

Thank U Next Ariana Grande Perfume

Best Long Lasting

The Ariana Grande perfume Thank U Next has seductive, playful, sweet, fun, and sexy scented notes. 

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Thank U Next is the perfect choice for women who like fruity, juicy smells, as it includes top notes of wild raspberry and sparkling white pear. 

It also has middle notes of creamy coconut and fresh pink rose petals, mixed with bold base notes of velvet musk and macaroon sugar. Yum!

The result is a perfume that’s as complex as Ari is — both sweet and sassy, bold and bright, outspoken but still cool as a white cucumber pear!

This long-lasting scent is great for outdoors and casual settings. We’re thinking of a beach date or a ladies lounging day, in either the summer or spring.

Moonlight Ariana Grande Perfume

Best for Colder Weather

The Ariana Grande perfume Moonlight is a seductive, sensual, and ultra-feminine perfume.

The top notes of rich black currant and juicy plum catch your attention, and the mid notes of fluffy marshmallow and fresh peony reel you in. 

Finally, the base notes of creamy sandalwood, black amber, and sensual vanilla leave an intriguing and mysterious finish that keeps you wanting more. 

Thus, Moonlight has an overall addictive scent, which is excellent for a date night or a sexy night out when you want to catch that special someone’s attention. 

It is also an excellent perfume choice for a unique, romantic occasion such as an anniversary or a honeymoon. 

We don’t think this perfume is great for the daytime or in the summer. It goes well in the fall or winter seasons; otherwise, it is an acceptable choice for a dark, moody night year-round. 

Although this feminine perfume is made for women, men will surely love the smell on you too!

Ari Ariana Grande Perfume

Best for Daytime

The self-titled Ariana Grande perfume Ari came out in 2015 as her very first perfume. True Ari fans may already own this one, but it’s not too late to get on board!

Ari is a great everyday perfume, so it’s perfect for women looking for a fresh, light fragrance for daily use that won’t overwhelm the senses. 

With fruity and floral notes, this perfume has a great daytime scent and is an attractive choice for the spring and summer months. 

Sweet Like Candy Ariana Grande Perfume

Best Vanilla Scent

The Ariana Grande perfume Sweet Like Candy has floral and fruity notes, similar to the Ari perfume. It’s not surprising that they are slightly similar, as this perfume came out in 2016, only a year after her first fragrance release. 

However, Sweet Like Candy stands out with a more complex blend. Yes, it is fruity and floral, but it is also filled with a lot of sweetness, as you might expect from its name!

The sweetness comes from a blend of marshmallow, whipped cream, and vanilla. Delicious. These scents are coupled with the fruitiness of:

  • Blackberry 
  • Black currant 
  • Pear
  • Bergamot 

It also includes the floral notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, and frangipani. Ultimately, this blend created a delightful and cute perfume, which is great for fun events involving food. 

These events could include but are not at all limited to family dinners, picnics at the park, friend potlucks, and holiday events.

Cloud Perfume by Ariana Grande

Best for Formal Events

The Ariana Grande perfume Cloud is her perfume line’s most high-class scent. 

This fragrance is luxurious yet welcoming, rich yet soft, and uplifting yet dreamy. (Honestly, when we think about it, this description is not so different from Ari’s voice!)

The fruity scent is derived from fresh bergamot orange and juicy pear notes, while bright lavender notes are floral. 

There is sweetness in this fragrance, but it has intense depth, as it includes whipped crème de coconut, sweet praliné, and vanilla. 

We recommend spraying Cloud on before special, upscale, or formal events, such as a red carpet, fine dining experience, or meeting up with someone you genuinely wish to impress. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

Although this is definitely an evening and late-night perfume, it is a wonderful choice year-round. 

REM Ariana Grande Perfume

Best for the Office

The Ariana Grande Perfume R.E.M. has an aromatic, powdery, and woody nature that will boldly reconnect you with your feminine power. 

This perfume holds an uplifting blend of juicy fig and warm salted caramel, as well as quince as a complimentary top note. 

The floral and bright blends of lavender and pear blossom come into play for the middle notes. 

Finally, the empowering ending notes of sandalwood – complimented by musk and tonka bean – make for a genuinely dreamy finishing touch. 

R.E.M. is a fragrance that has a complex smell that might not be everyone’s favorite. 

However, its scent is not overpowering and lasts all day. Thus, it may be a great everyday choice for bold, daring, and hard-working women. Wear it to the office and let it constantly remind you of all the power you hold. 

7 Best Ariana Grande Perfumes Reviewed

Ariana Grande Body Mist Gift Set

This Ariana Grande body mist gift set is not a different perfume in itself. However, we wanted to include it on this list because it is a perfect way to layer all Ari scents.

It includes four of the perfumes we’ve written about in this article.

It includes florals:

  • Thank U Next 
  • Ari perfumes 
  • Sweet Like Candy  
  • Cloud perfumes 

This set is a valuable gift for someone you know who loves Ari and her perfumes but has yet to purchase them all. Otherwise, get it for yourself! We support self-care and treating yourself, forever and always. 

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More About Ariana Grande Perfumes

Ariana created Ariana Grande fragrances in collaboration with perfumers Jerome Epinette and Clement Gavarry.

Luxe Brands, a global prestige beauty company, is the company that manufactures Ariana Grande’s delightful and popular fragrances. 

Ariana Grande began the partnership with Luxe brands in 2015, with her earliest perfume release, “Ari,” and the association has continued into 2021. 

As you might have guessed, Ariana’s fanbase is global. Fortunately, her fragrances are distributed worldwide as well, so everyone who loves Ari can get in on these wonderfully scented perfumes. 


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