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Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Perfume Reviewed: Cool Yet Playful

Named after her hit single, the Thank U Next fragrance by Ariana Grande represents femininity, moving forward, and freedom.

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The perfume features an expert blend of sweet yet spicy, sophisticated but youthful, and unique yet accessible scents, making it a must-have for any perfume collection.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next Perfume 2

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Ariana designed the fragrance to represent the duality of women and empowerment. This perfume makes every wearer feel comfortable (and glamorous) in their skin. Read on for a full Thank U Next perfume review.

Who Makes It?

Ariana Grande is a renowned singer and songwriter known for her impressive vocal range and distinct personal style. The hit single Thank U Next is an ode to moving on after a failed relationship.

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Released in November 2018, the song raced to the top of the charts. Grande wanted to harness the message of empowerment by creating a complementary scent.

Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Perfume 3

The Thank U Next perfume release date was in August 2019. It first launched through Ulta Beauty but has since appeared in stores worldwide. Grande partnered with Luxe Brands to distribute her fragrances worldwide.

The Ariana Grande perfumes are under the Designer Parfums umbrella. Based in the United Kingdom, this brand also collaborates with Nicki Minaj, Naomi Campbell, and Jennifer Lopez to create signature scents. 

Scent Notes

Thank U Next incorporates sweet, floral, and musky scents to form a full-bodied, provocative fragrance. The base notes encompass Macarons and musk for sweetness and a hint of French sophistication.

The middle notes layer flawlessly, revealing the delicate fragrances of rose and coconut. While the coconut could give this perfume a tropical smell, it somehow does not – instead, it adds depth to the base notes and creaminess.


Thank U Next also has wonderfully layered top notes. Hints of raspberry and pear blend with the coconut and musk for a delicate-yet-robust fragrance. The overall result is a refined and youthful scent that reflects the complexities of the wearer.

Who Would Like it

One of the benefits of the Thank U Next fragrance is that it suits nearly everyone. The perfume has notes of almost every fragrance category on the market (musk, floral, sweet, gourmand), so most people find they enjoy the smell.

You will particularly enjoy this fragrance if you like musk, but not in excess. The hint of masculinity is sexy but not overwhelming. Fans of fruity bouquets will love it, too, as the raspberry and pear linger on the skin and blend well with skin oils.

If you’re looking for a sweeter perfume, you’ll love Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy. It still has a light fruitiness due to bergamot, blackberry, and pear, but there’s more of a sugar scent with marshmallow, whipped cream, and vanilla essence.

Where to Wear it

The fruit and tropical coconut make it the ideal scent for spring and summer. Ariana Grande said she wanted to make a summery version of Ari, her first fragrance

This perfume is a great everyday fragrance. The lightness of the fruit and coconut make it an ideal daytime and work-appropriate scent. However, as this fragrance represents duality, it can take you straight to cocktail hour or accompany you on date night after a long day at work.

If you want a versatile, adaptable fragrance, Thank U Next is an excellent option – summer vacations, evening soirees, and nights out all suit the Thank U Next perfume notes. However, you can also wear it at school, work, and casual events as it is not overpowering or overly spicy.

Packaging and Presentation

Like all of her fragrances, Thank U Next by Ariana Grande has shelfie-worthy packaging and will look chic on your vanity. 

Thank U Next looks like a broken heart with a glass heart peeking throughout. The color story is monochrome millennial pink contrasted by simple black writing.

Grande said this design represents moving forward after experiencing a broken heart. The bottle design embodies the perfume’s tagline of moving on and looking up.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next Perfume 1

A Thank U Next perfume set is a practical idea if you cannot get enough of the scent. Most of these include a bottle of perfume, lotion, and a mini-bottle or body mist. 

Personal Impressions

Finding an adult fragrance with hints of coconut and fruit is a challenge, but somehow, Thank U Next brings these typically immature scents to another level. Even the packaging (despite being millennial pink) is sophisticated and feminine without taking itself too seriously. 

Thank U Next also works well for all ages. Whether you want to put a youthful spring in your step or reflect your current age, this perfume never feels forced. We noticed that musk and coconut are particularly helpful in giving the scent an all-ages appeal. 

Additionally, the Thank U Next price is accessible to all incomes, something you rarely see in high-end fragrance launches. Ariana wanted everyone to have the chance to purchase this fragrance.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next Perfume 4

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We love how long this lasts on the skin as well. You never have to worry about bringing a bottle with you to your desk or smuggling it in your glove compartment – it lasts all day. 


The Thank U Next perfume lasts anywhere from 6 to 10 hours on your skin – and you can spray a bit in your hair to ensure it lasts even longer.

We noticed you can smell most of the notes until the ten-hour mark. After that, the remaining scents are coconut and fruity layers. 

The diverse scent notes present a robust sillage that leaves an impression on anyone nearby. The sillage is not so long-lasting that it becomes overwhelming or irritating. Thank U Next has a moderate, balanced sillage appropriate for errands or a night out.

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Pros and Cons

Overall, Thank U Next is a delicious perfume that suits almost everyone. However, like all fragrances, it has its pros and cons. 



  • Some people think it smells too artificial

The number one complaint from buyers is that this fragrance is too sweet. Those that enjoy musky or spicy scents may not like this perfume as much as others. Remember, you can always get a Thank U, Next perfume sample at your local retailer to try before buying.

Final Thoughts

Thank U Next is a fragrance with depth and a positive message. Representing moving forward and the intricacies of femininity, this scent leaves wearers loving themselves and embracing the future.

Ariana Grande Thank U, Next Perfume Reviewed: Cool Yet Playful

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.