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Best TokyoMilk Perfumes Are All Decadent Sensuality

Best TokyoMilk Perfumes Are All Decadent Sensuality

The scents and sights of TokyoMilk perfumes by Margot Elena seem to have the power to transport the wearer to a world of decadent sensuality, romance, and sophistication.

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Best TokyoMilk Perfumes

We embark on a journey to explore these intoxicating perfumes with adorable packaging that’s pretty enough to display. The brand isn’t limited to perfumes only; they also boast fragrant TokyoMilk candles, luxurious hand creams, and kissable lip balm. 

We’ve chosen a selection of the brand’s best assets for our “Seven Sinful Pleasures” of TokyoMilk’s list. With names like “Dead Sexy” who could resist? Join us in our adventures with the sumptuous scents of TokyoMilk. 

About TokyoMilk Perfumes

TokyoMilk is one of the “fragrance libraries” by visionary indie beauty brand founder and designer Margot Elena. Elena is also responsible for other delightful collections, including Lollia, The Cottage Greenhouse, Love & Toast, and Library of Flowers. “Responsible” is an excellent term to define Elena; the beauty revolutionary created her sensational brands her way.

margot elena tokyomilk.
Margot Elena. Image sourced from Instagram @margotelena

Elena lovingly developed her fragrance and beauty brands over 20 years. Each brand’s visuals are as pleasing to look at as they are to wear.

The collections invite you into a magical world personally curated by Elena with intricate details and thoughtful formulations. The intention is to offer customers an artful experience with their fragrance and beauty purchases. 

Seven Sinful Pleasures of TokyoMilk Perfumes

The TokyoMilk brand’s fragrances are as unique as the artwork that adorns the packaging. But with so many sensual experiences to discover, which ones stand out in the crowd above the rest? 

Here are our top seven sinfully delightful selections:

TokyoMilk Eau de Parfum A Decadently Different, Sophisticated, & Mysterious Perfume

1. Honey & the Moon EDP*

The confection in a bottle is subtly sweet with a combination of honey, candied violet, jasmine, and sensual sandalwood that’s friendly and approachable.

Unlike some sugary-sweet scents, the blend of candied violets and sandalwood balances out the summery scents of honey and jasmine, offering an old-fashioned feel that provokes happy memories and dreams. It’s fitting for a heroine from a Jane Austen novel (or her modern counterpart). 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Spritz this uplifting perfume when you’re out for an afternoon tea or latte with a good book or for a gossip session over drinks with your best girlfriends.

TokyoMilk Light Eau de Parfum A Transcendent, Delicate Perfume

2. Light And Soul EDP*

TokyoMilk’s perfume, Light And Soul, blends the warmth of oolong tea with sensual white musk, crisp bamboo reed, delicate orchid, and air. 

Bleeding-heart romantics will swoon for this ethereal and sumptuous scent. It’s feminine but still evokes an air of mystery.

Light And Soul is airy enough to be worn as a daily fragrance that wouldn’t be off-putting at an office, but it also works for nights out when you’re feeling particularly pretty.

TOKYOMILK Eau De Parfum, Flowers Under The Sea, 1 Fl Oz

3. Neptune & the Mermaid: 20,000 Flowers Under the Sea EDP*

Bouquets bloom under the sea with TokyoMilk’s perfume Neptune & the Mermaid series. The heady concoction 20,000 Flowers Under the Sea contains a treasure chest of soft white lilies with rich mineral salt, sun-kissed coral, and exotic ylang-ylang

A lot is going on in this sea-inspired scent, which means there’s a lot to like. Those who prefer fresh smells will appreciate the mineral salt, while the lily offers a delicate, feminine charm with a hint of danger from the oriental notes.

This fragrance is ideal for a sexy summer getaway, a Caribbean cruise, a day at the beach, or brunch al fresco sipping mimosas. 

TOKYOMILK Eau De Parfum, Song Of The Siren, 1 Fl Oz

4. Neptune & the Mermaid: Song of the Siren EDP*

With mandarin, pressed petals, rosewater, aqua, and marine, Song of the Siren carries scents of land and sea.

In myths, Sirens lured seafarers to their watery demise. This fragrance is equally alluring and enchanting, but it is more likely to inspire living your best life and captivating an attractive stranger. Wear it when you want to feel like a magical being, unique and extraordinary.

Fernweh White Sand Beaches Candle

Ignite spring and summer romance by the waterside, be it a lake, river, or ocean. Take the Song of the Siren on vacation and see what kind of good trouble you get into.

TOKYOMILK Eau De Parfum, Anthemoessa, 1.6 Fl Oz

5. Neptune & the Mermaid: Anthemoessa EDP*

Imagine a floral paradise on the ocean floor. This underwater garden contains notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, salted grapefruit, and sandalwood. 

There’s a lot of girlish charm to this playful perfume, though the bittersweetness of salted grapefruit and exotic sandalwood add balance, so you don’t feel like a walking flower market. Still, the fragrance is youthful and best suited for the young or young at heart.

The heady floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle immediately evoke summer love because that’s when those flowers are in full bloom. It’s a great daytime scent for warmer months.

TokyoMilk Dark Eau de Parfum Daring, Provocative Perfume

6. Dark: Everything & Nothing EDP*

The TokyoMilk’s perfumes in their Dark series is bold and provocative. Everything and Nothing contains notes of sweet orange, pressed flowers, earthy moss, and cozy tea leaves.

For those who like their daringness to be tempered with charm, this is the fragrance for you. It’s noticeable without being overpowering. Fans of the TokyoMilk discontinued Dark No. 21 should give this scent a try.

Wear Everything and Nothing on late summer and early autumn evenings when the air is filled with optimism and joy.

TokyoMilk Dead Sexy Eau de Parfum Romantic Perfume

7. Dead Sexy EDP*

Dead Sexy lives up to its title with an intoxicating blend of intense vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony. The smell of vanilla is a known aphrodisiac; the other notes add mystique.

A woman who exudes confidence should douse herself in this decadently sexy concoction when she wants to turn a few heads. Those who love TokyoMilk’s perfume, Bittersweet, should include this spicy addition in their collection.


Dead Sexy is meant to put you in the mood for excitement, so wear it on a date night. If you’re keen on making the experience linger, further dazzle your darling by lighting scented Dead Sexy TokyoMilk candles.

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