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John Varvatos Cologne Review: A Masculine & Timeless Scent

John Varvatos is a designer fragrance that contains wood and forest notes. Created in 2004, this high-end perfume is perfect for both everyday use and formal events.

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Featuring fruity, sweet, leather, and woody accents, this masculine fragrance adds an air of elegance to any outfit. 

John Varvatos EDT

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For those who enjoy wearing fragrances, have worn sprays or perfumes in the past, or want to try new things, this fragrance will leave you feeling confident as you take on your world. Keep reading John Varvatos cologne review to learn more about this iconic masterpiece.

Who Makes It? About the John Varvatos Brand

John Varvatos and Rodrigo Flores-Roux worked together to create this one-of-a-kind perfume. The dynamic duo has created over 15 classic scents and is a powerhouse in the perfume world.

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John Varvatos
John Varvatos

They are known for their focus on storytelling through scent, as well as their simple, sleek packaging.

Varvatos’ guiding philosophy is “Let’s find the path to make it happen,” and with this aroma, the image of your path to success will spread before you easily.

Scent Notes

Knowing what perfume will smell like before you use it can help when it comes to purchasing a spray online or in person.

We love wearing this scent during nights out on the town, to shows during the fall season, and to enhance dull winter meetings.

With its rugged, rich top notes and woody oriental and leather base notes, this scent will let your heart live outdoors, even if you’re stuck inside.

The herbs and spices in the dry-down of the perfume provide a rich, flavorful air for your favorite suit or business attire.

man wearing stylish suit

Luckily, this perfume has been around for nearly two decades, so you know that it’s a charmer!


  • Features a deep scent of leaves, wood, herbs, spice, and leather 
  • Perfect for pairing with a designer outfit for a luxurious evening 
  • Bottled in black glass with metal details for a sleek, modern design


  • Might be too heavy for use during the summer and springtime
  • Doesn’t last long on the skin
  • Subtle

Sillage: Good 

The sillage of this scent is very good for those who want a strong smell without having it overpower the room.

John Varvatos is a timeless masculine perfume, and its charm has not diminished since it was first released in 2004.

Many customers have said that the smell doesn’t last for a long time, but the first spritz does not leave you disappointed.

For those who want a strong-smelling perfume that will last a long time, check out these options.

If you want a lightweight and fresh body spray that can last all day long, these will be sure to fit your lifestyle. 

Longevity: Very Good 

This eau de toilette has been a classic since the early 2000s, and that may be due to its longevity.

Once you break open your bottle, you don’t have to worry about it becoming stale or losing its spice over time.

This spray can live in your bathroom cabinet for months and still smell as fresh as the first time you used it.

Along with its extended shelf life, this scent is also a classic and has remained so for its nearly twenty-year life span.

Even if you only use this spray on special occasions, it will serve you well for many of life’s moments, big and small.

Scent Potency

John Varvatos is wonderful for use during the daytime in winter, in the office, and during cool nights out.

This artisan option is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions to help spice up any outfit.

If you want those around you to be impressed at first glance, this scent will display a businesslike, confident individual.

We love pairing this product with form-fitting tuxedos, nice suits, and sleek, high-end masculine fashion.


If you love nighttime perfumes, like the Versace Pour Homme, you will love this tamarind-and-pepper-infused smell. 

Price: $$

Even though many celebrities wear John Varvatos’ artisan collections—we’ve all seen the Nick Jonas collaboration—it is still affordable for anyone and everyone.

It is in the mid-range of the price market, but for a scent that will last you a long, long time, we think that the price tag is worth it.

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Who Would Like It

This is the perfect choice for a young professional dressing to impress or someone who is more established in their career and wants a chance to demonstrate their passion for life.

It puts out a confident, masculine aura, allowing you to lead the room without being domineering.

Those who like the finer things in life and stick to the tried-and-true, this is the scent for you!

When To Wear It

One of the best things about this product is that you can wear it both day and night!

The sweet, fruity, and summary notes allow you to wear this perfume during mild summer afternoons, but the woody and forest undertones make this a perfect evening fragrance. 

If you are seeking a daily summertime scent, a citrus perfume will leave you with a refreshing and uplifting aura during even the hottest months.

Where To Wear It

We highly recommend wearing this option for black tie events, formal occasions, and nighttime wear.

Whether you’re going to a formal birthday party, an executive dinner party with important clients, or a casual dinner for date night, this is the perfect option for you. 

executive dinner party

This perfume permeates class and sophistication into any atmosphere, and your confidence and ease will be sure to impress everyone around you.

Packaging and Presentation

We love the sleek, rugged look of this bottle. Like Varvatos’ Dark Rebel, the dark black coloring, paired with leather and wooden accents, give this perfume a unique, masculine look. 

If you’re looking for a subtle, classy product to bring your vanity together, look no further!

Personal Impressions

Personally, this is one of our favorite fragrances for winter!

Because of its unique combination of heavier notes, like wood and leather, and lighter, sweet scents, we like the versatility of this fragrance.

John Varvatos EDT

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If you’re looking to draw attention wherever you go, John Varvatos is the perfume for you.


We like how this spray is very long-lasting in all areas.

Although it does not have a very long sillage, it is still aromatic enough to leave you and your company wanting more! 


We love the dry down of this smell. Its woody and aromatic notes will leave you feeling suave and confident for hours on end.

The combination of sweetness and woody notes in this eau de toilette makes it ideal for fancy and formal occasions.

If you don’t enjoy shopping for perfumes, the timelessness of John Varvatos will ensure that you don’t have to do so very often.

Look no further than this classic for your new favorite fragrance!

John Varvatos Cologne Review: A Masculine & Timeless Scent

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