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Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Perfume Review: A Sensual & Wild Scent

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is a popular fragrance that has been around for a few years now. With its unique packaging, this sweet and citrusy perfume is sure to draw your eye when you’re out shopping for a new scent.

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Before you purchase any perfume, it is worth doing your research to make sure it’s the right fragrance for you.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP

Perfumes can vary significantly in scent, longevity, and style, so we’ve put together a comprehensive review of Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier to help our readers make an informed decision.

Read on for our complete Scandal perfume review.

Who Makes It?

Now you may be asking yourself, “Is there a perfume called Scandal?” given the sexuality and forwardness of the name. Yes, Scandal perfume has indeed been on the market since 2017.

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Scandal is a collaborative effort put together by fashion and fragrance label Jean Paul Gaultier (named for the designer) and PUIG, the family-owned fashion and fragrance company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Yet, that’s just an answer to the brand selling the fragrance. The real important question when it comes to perfume is who is the perfumer behind the scent’s creation. Like many big-name perfumes, Scandal was a collaborative effort by several perfumers at the industry’s top. 

This sensual perfume came to fruition from the minds of Fabrice Pellegrin, Daphne Bugey, and Christophe Raynaud. The partner perfume, Scandal by Night, was also developed by Daphne Bugey.

Scent Notes: What Does Scandal Perfume Smell Like?

The Scandal perfume original has some charming floral and fruity notes. Some of the critical scent notes include blood orange and mandarin orange. A delightful array of floral and fruit notes supports these overt citrus scents, such as:

  • Honey 
  • Gardenia 
  • Jasmine 
  • Peach
  • Orange blossom

Rounding out the fragrance are hints of caramel, patchouli, licorice, and beeswax. 


Scandal Perfume by Night is an even more sensual and wild scent while still maintaining the signature essence of the original Scandal perfume. Some reviewers even call it the best Scandal perfume. 

Dominating notes include honey, bitter orange, and citruses. Other essential scents are fruity and robust, such as:

  • Cherry 
  • Tuberose 
  • Orange blossom 
  • Pear
  • Nard Himalayan 
  • Earthy hints of tonka bean
  • Vanilla
  • Patchouli 
  • Sandalwood 
  • Amber wood
  • White musk

Who Would Like It?

Scandal perfume is the perfect match for a sexy and bold woman looking for a creative and unique fragrance that will stand out. Scandal is a powerful scent that features unexpected and distinct pairings and is intended for a chic wearer who enjoys experimentation.

Additionally, Scandal has a luxurious sophistication that makes it appropriate for a mature wearer who is particular in their taste and choices. This is no wallflower’s perfume, and an appreciation for decadence is necessary for enjoying this fragrance.

Like the original, Scandal by Night is meant for a sensual wearer who wants to stand out from the crowd during their evening out on the town. Both Scandal and Scandal by Night should be worn by the sexy and creative women in your life.

Where Should You Wear It?

Scandal perfume can work well as a daytime or evening perfume, depending on the setting and the wearer’s preference. It is solid and unique in its scent, so keep that in mind when deciding whether it would be appropriate to wear it. 

jean paul gaultier

As a general rule, a creative and sexy perfume should be worn in settings where you would feel comfortable wearing equally creative and sexy clothing.

The same concept is genuine for Scandal by Night. It is a sensual and wild scent that should be worn when you want to let loose a little, like at a nightclub or party, but perhaps not the best for your child’s music recital. 

In addition, many wearers find that Scandal is ideal for a winter perfume. The strong scent can break through the cold air of the season, and the honey and woody smell evokes a warmth that will feel cozy and comforting against chilly weather. 

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging for Scandal perfume is sassy but straightforward. The bottle will arrive in a sweet pink cylindrical package. Printed on the cylinder is “SCANDAL” in big block letters. Generally, the vibe of the packaging is very retro and classy, with a bit of a wink.

The bottle itself is sexy but not too overdone. A slightly rounded glass container is topped off with a metallic lid, and—this is the most recognizable part—a set of feminine legs in high heels waving out towards the sky.

jean paul gaultier scandal perfume bottle

This bottle design is fun and flirty but certainly not trashy. The packaging is mature, and the lighthearted sensual touch is indicative of the creative and the untethered, raw sexuality of the Scandal fragrance.

Personal Impressions

This fragrance is decadent and sophisticated, filled with a sensual warmth that will make you want to throw on a mink coat and go downtown to dine at a fancy restaurant with a handsome someone. 

The citrus is subtle—the notes that stand out the most are the honey and the gardenia, which make for a sexy and mature scent profile. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this unique fragrance has an almost dessert-like essence to it. The hint of caramel combined with the patchouli creates a sensual sweetness and luxurious femininity. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal EDP


So, is Scandal a good perfume? Overall, we would have to say yes. The scent is certainly original and unique, so the wearer will need to be confident and have a strong sense of fashion to pull it off. 

In terms of quality, it is undoubtedly strong and long-lasting. Most wearers will only need to dab a little on, which should last well into the night. Scandal Perfume is warm and sophisticated and should be seen as a top pick for a sensual winter perfume. 

Where Can You Buy It?

Scandal perfume is widely available at many stores, including department stores, Amazon, and other online perfume stores, such as Aromi or Fragrance Net. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Perfume Review: A Sensual & Wild Scent

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.

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